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September 28, 2005


There will be no sitting!

(Thanks first to sct72)


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--- "they gave her a ticket that could bring a one thousand dollar fine and 90 days in jail" ---
Seems excessivly harsh .... I mean, you'd thing a simple $800 fine and 60 days in jail would get the point across!

This just in - Debbie Lawson also works for the NYPD! I wonder how she commutes such a distance...

They should have shot her.

Next thing you know she'll be going down the slide or swinging because it looks "fun".

What Sandra needed was a dummy Preston prop

Key quote: "The spokesman told the paper that ticketing a woman in the park in the middle of the day is not the way you want to enforce the rule."

Yeah, the way they want to enforce it is Rodney King-style! Throw her down to the ground, kick at her and hit her with billy clubs, make sure she understands the authority she mocks by 'not knowing the law'! That'll teach her!

I liked the part about the park spokeswoman saying she 'hoped the police would use common sense when enforcing the rule'. Hey man, a rule's a rule. Throw her in jail! There is no sitting here Herr Fuhrer!

From the link 'interview with Catena'
And so the officers, obviiusly well-trained at sensing a dangerous situation when they encounter one, did the only thing sensible. While they were writing this dance instructor a summons, they called for back-up.

Obviiusly, they need a course in common sense (and spelling).

tropichunt guy, that's in L.A., not NY.

I bet there is more to this story.

Like the fact that she was wearing a t-shirt that read "Will Eat Children For Beer".

She could always hire Thomas Mesereau to defend her- he's GREAT at getting pedophiles sprung.

Must have been the end-of-the-month-quota thing.

NYPD, making New York a safer place to live.

idjits. they need to be slapped.

of course, if she was of the male persuasion this wouldn't be news. we'd all feel ok with solitary men being fined for sitting in public parks. maybe this park was equipped with athletic fields and she was oggling the young men....

I agree with Christobol. There is probably more to the story. Like she was naked and singing Christmas carols.... which is illegal when it's out of season....

The carol singing part, I mean... It's OK for women to be naked in parks all the time....

You know, there's a guy in our community who used to hang around an elementary school parking lot when the kids went in and out, to take pictures. He also attends the local swim meets--or at least stands outside the fence, taking pictures of boys in speedos. The principal of that school, and several members of the swim team board, have complained to police over the years. And we've been told, repeatedly, that this guy is not breaking the law...he's just creepy.

Can we arrest THAT dude, instead of the innocent sore-footed arts fans of NYC?


She was probably cooing.

Department of Homeland Insecurity at work my friends. Because a tickets is really going to stop the pervs from doing what they do.

Hey, got to pay for that annual Christmas party some how. $1,000 bucks will cover the stripper for an hour or two...

thank goodness it was her first offence, do you know how they treat 'sitters' in prison?

sly~ *snork*

Heh. Boy oh boy. this reminds me of the time I was sitting on the bench outside the junior high school. I had been drinking pretty heavily and when the bell rang I... uh... Hey! Everyone is looking at me funny again.

From the item: "the rule is designed to keep pedophiles out of city parks"

What?!?! Did they have a home for pedophiles nearby?

And regarding the woman, I suspect that the fact she was building a house made of candy with a large oven under the guise of participating in an "art exhibit" might explain a few things.

Must be a fairly new law ... I don't recall Arlo saying he was fined for sitting on the "Group W" bench ...

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