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September 23, 2005


Never again.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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I think I'd just buy a new one. Why on earth would they want it back?


Besides, who needs a cell phone so bad that they're willing to... good grief.

So if you have a camera phone it is now conceivable to perform your own colonoscopy. Just so long it isn't with the new Motorola RAZR.


Martini -
I recently learned (this is true) that they now have itty bitty cameras that you swallow (yes, I said swallow) and the doctor (or some perv) can watch it go down the colon, thereby giving you a colonoscopy! And it eventually comes out you-know-where!
Except for the 1 in 200 times it doesn't and then they have to operate.
/end medical technology update

Swiped by a Romanian trollop
I decided to give her a 'call-up'
In reply I got pics
From near her appendix
It looks like she's got some huge polyps!

Eeewww, all they did was spray it with disinfectant? I'm thinking blowtorch first, then acid bath, then throw the damn thing away and buy a new one.

"offending item" indeed

insomniac. that is a fine piece of versifyin' you got there.

It took me long enough to get used to changing my kids' diapers. (This was 20-odd years ago before men did such a thing.) But I did.

Like the rest you, however, I would NOT accept my cellphone back after it had been, er, there. I would have the police report it as permanently damaged - which it IS - and make the perp pay for a replacement.

The overlooked detail to this story is that the phone in question is one of the original Motorola brick phones. OUCH!

ewwww. what kind of ass would accept the phone back, anyway??? oh, go ahead. answer that one. its for you.... bwaaahaa. i'm still laughing at martini's comment...

If that happened to my cell phone, I would throw it away! Butt-holes are for pooping, not for making phone calls, unless she wanted to call her boyfriend and play a joke by farting. Maybe she flushed her old cell phone down a toilet by accident, but that does not give her a reason to shove someones elses cell phone up her butt, because if she woulda done that to my mom my mom wouldn't put up with that shit, because that stinks!

I hope my mom does not wash my mouth out now with Irish Spring, but at least it's better than Ivory.

have a nice weekend everybody!

I love in the "previous" incident, that only female readers seem to have thought to put the phone on vibrate while it was hidden.

How ... Why... did...

Oh, never mind.

My G-d, when she bends over she must look like the Jersey end of the Holland Tunnel.

As a life-long resident of Jersey, I totally agree with you . . .

I admit, I may just be talking out of my a$$ here, butt, that's stupid.

sly~ *snork*

What a coincidence. I told someone at a movie theatre to do this just last night.

observer~ Good for you. What do you say to the obnoxious kids who keep commenting on the movie at the top of their lungs?

Bumble~ No kidding. I guess I should tell them to do the same thing with their comments. As long as they're not bigger than me. And not carrying any obvious weaponry. Kids nowadays...

Yet another person who could have benefited from having 2 cornholes (or even an illuminated cornhole).

Customs officials and prison guards have to deal with this every day,and do they complain? No,it's just the men and women on the beat who gripe about the placement issues.
The real problems begin when you have to call long distance,and mirror fogs up.

Maybe she misunderstood the concept of the "fanny pack."

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