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September 28, 2005



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Dummy Preston Prop wbagnfactd*

*ctd - Crash Test Dummy

was this taken from space? and how come they didn't use the "24"/"CSI" technology to digitally enhance it? (although a 'digitally enhanced baby' sounds like it has 12 fingers)

What is she doing in the pool? Doesn't she have caesarian scars that need healing? Is cholorine really good for a newborn? And who designed Brit's swimsuit? Versace? And where is Federline?

All important questions as I start my day.

When did she become a brunette?

How much to do you want to bet that the photographer took a picture of his newborn with a cell phone and just said hey this is Britney.

I'd say the photographer was paid about $250,000 per pixel.

Damn! I keep falling for the "BULLETIN" thing....

These things need to come with a WARNING: USELESS BIMBO NEWS label.

$2 million?!?

Kevin would have sold the kid for that.

sadly, Fed Duck, Kevin probably already has

Shooting down paparazi helicopters should be considered a legal sport restricted only by the purchase of a simple license at the local bait shop or jewelery store.

haha, they read it in the Torah... I want to see that passage

"In the days of flying dragons a graven image of Bezelbub wilst be shot, and lo, the large hairy arm mole will be mistaken for a babe."

I can't believe they paid 2 mil for a poorly focused picture of a yawn worthy subject. Everyone I know thinks Britney Spears is a moron. Who buys the magazines to make pictures like this worth the company's money?


*morphs into Stan*


Fed Duck, Kevin actually sold himself for $2 million. Somebody else is going to have to sell the baby.

pogo, she 'turned' brunette at about age 15. The blonde hair is just a dye job, and a really, really bad one at that.

Are we sure the blond hair isn’t natural? According to all the blond jokes I've ever heard, she has all the characteristics of one...

*my apologies to blond blogits everywhere; you are obviously the exceptions to all these jokes, etc.*

I would much rather see the Demi/Ashton wedding pictures. But, that's just me.

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