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September 27, 2005



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At least they gave that poor kid a real name...

Where are all the "first" posters at?

Second is the "new" first!!! At least that makes me feel better for being slow.

And I hope I look that good at 49.

Dave, what will they all be wearing at the christening? I gots to know!!!

Thank goodness it is a boy. If it was a girl Brit would probably be selling n*ked pictures of her by the time she was 3.

and what music will be played?? i loved the links in the article. yeah. christina aguilera was ecstatic for twittney. who?

But I thought Kate Moss was going to be godmother! There goes another celebrity endorsement.

followers of khaballah have godmothers?

Brittany hasn't finished reading the books yet. She doesn't know about the godmother thing being un-Jewish.

that baby doesn't need a christening, more like an intervention. or maybe an excorcism. but kudos to britney for being concerned with the spiritual well being of her spawn, errr, child.

Brittany is starting her own religion where Jewish godmothers are welcomed and encouraged.

And the clergy wears half shirts and low-cut jeans. (But only if they weigh less than 130 lbs...otherwise it's a shimmery silver muu-muu.)

And where those in financial need can get free hair extensions, Botox injections, and cast-off designer clothes. And sometimes Viagra.

"Why do they call her 'Lassie'?"

10 points for correct i.d.

celebritism -- if that's a word -- is waaaaaaay over-rated.

and, as a former celebrity, I should know.

(I was in a Coors Light beer commercial once)



I remember why.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the blog.

Sex and the City '05: Samantha is godmother to a friend's baby and makes the godfather several offers he doesn't refuse.

Ooooh... Long Tall Texan can I get your autograph? Don't have one of a beer comercial celebrity...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think you're supposed to get your first bj from your godmother.

"Uh-oh. Kim's put her teeth in the jar again."

Will it ever end?

vette, here you go, darlin'.

no charge - the first one is always free.

You'd think all we'll ever want to know could be found on this site.

Beware if you gag easily.

*zips in grinning*

Why is it that when Texas men say darlin' it is just the sexiest thing ever???
*fans self*

Like, OhMyGod! That's so totally WOW!

scat ~ We're going to need a stronger warning for that site. Something along the lines of NO NOT CLICK HERE!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!!!111ELEVENTY-ONE!

Eleanor ~ I'm with you. *fans*

scat - I entered the web site, and passed my cursor over the bubbles to the left of Twitney's head. The bubble closest to her head said "Club".

Oooooh, the temptation!

*joins the fan club with Eleanor and Victoria*

el and Victoria, you are so right about the "darlin" thing.

Maybe Cosmo sells best in Texas. Maybe all those long, tall, "darlin" talking Texan men keep the women all hot and bothered.

And, yes, Victoria, my previous link is horrible but I had to share the original source with the blog. Also, I needed to know if I was the only one who thought the site was, well, amazing in its own, er, special way.

Just for clarification, I don't actually tack “!!!!OMGWTFBBQ!!!111ELEVENTY-ONE!” on every time I use an exclamation point.

I'm not even sure what an eleventy-one is, or what Barbeque has to do with WTF.

I clicked on Scat's link - is it just me, or is Kev wearin a diaper on his head?

oh, and VicE77: eleventy-one is just one more than eleventy

and WTF should only be connected with BBQ if you find something unwanted in your BBQ - such as a severed thumb

Oh, Thank You Texan!! I will cherish it for all ways!

I didn't click on the link. I get in trouble with the Tech Gods when I do that. Not that they are gods in the sense of Mel Gibson, Orlando Bloom. (See previous thread about men of the internet.)

And as for Brit, may she be up to her designer sleeves in baby poop by now.... Lack of sleep, constant nursing, bags under the eyes, hasn't had time to take a shower in 3 days, smelling like barf... Yup, Kevin should be taking off anytime now.

I can't click on the link because I'm still *fanning*

Say it again, LTT!!!!

Being a former radio deejay, I have often been locally famous. Seems to me that means Long Tall Texan, appearing in a beer spot that was presumably at least regional if not national, has likely signed more autographs than I have, and was far more famous than I ever was.

How is it, then, that my autograph is more illegible than his? Is there a doctor in the house?

Somewhere North - don't ya think they would've hired some sort of white trash redneck nanny by now? The rich and famous don't tend to neglect their own children, they pay somebody else to do it for them.

Ahm from Arkansas, darlins. Close enough?

ARRRR! TCK, ye scurvy swab, ye should have posted a warnin'! I doubt I'll ever hoist me boom again after seein' that, ye slimy bilge rat! PREPARE TO WALK THE PLANK! ARRR!--Red Roger Kidd

sorry Ivory Bill - to make up for it, here's a Coors Light ad - not the one with Long Tall Texan (unless he's the fingers)

Alright, matey, step back off the plank, ye're forgiven, ARRR! Now I need to be gettin' to me hammock, as I got a hard night's pillagin' ahead! (In other words, I work nights) MAY YER SAILS BE ALWAYS FULL AN' YER ENEMIES' POWDER BE ALWAYS WET! ARRR!--Red Roger Kidd

Ok but what about the godfather

The godmother decision wasn't the only Kabbalah slip-up by Ms. Federline. (I can't type that w/o laughing.) She had a tattoo put on her neck to show her devotion to the faith except--Oops--Judaism, the basis of the faith, forbids marring the body in any way.
I also heard the tattoo artist misspelled the marking, but I can't confirm that.

north, i think you just described kevin:

bags under the eyes, hasn't had time to take a shower in 3 days, smelling like barf...

Ivory Bill: Works for me! *grins*

OMG, someone conjured her again. Everytime I see her, I turn into Stan from Southpark.


That is the funniest thing i have ever heard in my life.


She's like a toddler throwing a tantrum. If you pretend you can't see her, she will stop!

If however, they keep putting an article in the news every time she changes a diaper, SHE WILL NEVER GO AWAY! If I see Twitney one more time…

Somebody grab a spork and come help me gouge out my eyes.

I've searched my whole house - can't seem to find my spork

"Britneys. Why did it have to be Britneys?"

I'm really glad that I got to see Kim's "movie/tv credits" list ... it's really impressive ... I can't remember the last time I saw such a collection of titles for movies/tv programs that I have never seen ... (well, I've seen a couple of them, but I can't remember her in them) ... what does that say about me? Not that I dislike Kim, just that I don't really have any interest in her ...

Scat - checked your link - GRB/RAN

Writer Dude - Illegible? I got your "illegible" right here!

I think I remember what happened with the tattoo (just love screwups like this). It wasn't exactly misspelled, but you know how Hebrew reads from right to left? Well, the tattoo artist did the symbols from left to right, like in English (probably because Britney or whoever gave her the idea botched it) and so, the symbols just read as nonsense.

odkzasc qxvuyfa tmdjiecyv zomqfjdiv itjrf ltrn nxshf

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