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September 26, 2005


It's a productivity enhancer of sorts, which should be popular with guys, with video and a perky news team.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I have GOT to try that soda fountain thing.

It's holiday time, J.. how many kids do you have? Or is this all for yourself?

BTW.. those "guys" are just scary. They look like AfAm Ken Dolls (tm thingy)

Of those "guys" - the one on the left - is wearing Incredible Hulk makeup (why not?) but he forgot the purple pants.

And not to wimp out, but if you want to do the fountain without the disgusting mess, try no-sugar no-sweetener seltzer instead of "pop" - it should be spectacular - I find that it spews if you open it at room temperature without even shaking it (insert lewd comment here).

is there anything that perky news team doesn't know?

That is so weird.

I did that exact experiment this weekend only instead of diet soda it was Guiness and instead of Mentos it was more Guiness and instead of a fountain of soda I found out Cosmo lies about how often women think about sex.


Something along the lines of "you should take care where you shake your seltzer"?

I'd never make a comment like that. Additionally, I'm sure someone else could come up (so to speak) with something better.

*snork* Cbol!

*orders some Guiness for further experimenting*

Why is it that the meteorologist was the one to report on this? Does it somehow effect the weather?

"For today's forcast we'll have a clear morning but a chance of soda this afternoon. Don't worry though, it's diet."

"The force holding the gas inside the water is known as surface tension."

I'm pretty sure that the property that holds the gas in is called vapor pressure. If I'm wrong, somebody please correct me.

But wait! Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas! And they're releasing it into the atmosphere! Now we'll have more hurricanes!

Oh, I am SO going to do this at home tonight.

(Think of the prank implications! Rig that up in someone's dorm room, or the garage...scare pets, alarm your teacher/coworker/etc)

cool! our annual, completely original, science project volcano will be bigger and better than ever!

Oh, the kids are gonna love this! Thanks Dave!
No, not my kids. Trying to think of someone I dislike this much...

Punaman - You got it right. The CO2 is dissolved in the water by bottling it at a pressure greater than 1 atmosphere and closing the cap. When the bottle is opened at 1 atmosphere the vapor pressure decreases so the gas is released. Some how the Gum Arabic accelerates the release but the weatherman (probably not a meterologist) didn't get it right.

It would be more impressive at higher altitudes.

*stands on the top rung of a ladder*

I don't feel more impressive.. do I look more impressive?

*Warning* Do NOT try this while running with scissors unless you've waited at least an hour since having unprotected relations with a luminescent South American monkey.

It it's a New Zealand monkey you'll have to figure out the time change for yourself.

should i wear goggles while i try this? i think beer goggles might work

just another sign of this blog's maturity. i'm impressed...................

Hehehehe Now i have a trick to show my neices and nephews (when i get some). BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

On a side that news team is perky

this guy is scary perky.

*zips in*

Now this is a fun thread!!!

*zips out to buy supplies*

But then again this is just scary

Addicted: this guy could have been the basis for the movie Broadcast News!

Can you say plastic?

A great experiment, and as an added bonus it provides an alternative to actually consuming Mentos and/or Diet Soda!

That guy makes the Broadcast News guy look like Edward R Murrow.

Seems like it would be lots more fun if you held the bottle under your arm and pointed it at your (soon-to-be-ex) friends prior to inserting the Mentos.

"Why is it that the meteorologist was the one to report on this?"

Because, Jimmy, they always give the weatherperson the goofy quirky stuff to do.

so what happens if you fill your mouth with mentos, and then drink the diet soda? I think I'll pay my daughter to try it - 10 bucks says it comes out her nose


Both you and the weatherman are right. Vapor pressure is one of the forces keeping the CO2 in solution with the water, but surface tension is another force working on it. Once the pressure is brought back down to 1 ATM (by removing the cap) the CO2 will come out of solution as fast as the surface tension will allow it. The Mentos significantly decrease the surface tension by interfering with the intermolecular forces (in particular the Hydrogen bonds). The result is there is not much to keep the CO2 in the pop, so it comes flying out.

So, uhhhh,...
Vapor tension, gas, c3p0, and mumbo jumbo fancy scientific stuff just brings the level of "coolness" down.
It's fun and will make a mess and people will go "COOL", and the wife will scold me but who cares, the kids love it and by the way, Pop Rocks and Coke killed lil' Mikey so don't eat Mentos and drink carbonated soft drinks, just pure grain alcohol and rain waterand now I'm gonna lay down a while......

This channel's newslady might seem perkier if she were sober enough to stand up straight.

So, Christobol, just who did you do these Guiness experiments with, anyway?

Ok... after work I went to the store and grabbed the soda and the mentos. I got three sodas and plenty of mentos so I'd be able to perfect the technique.
It worked VERY well. Didn't get as high as the video though, but awfully close. About 4 ft on the last one. PLUS, thanks to TCK I just had to pop a couple of mentos in my mouth and take a swig. After several attempts I was foaming at the mouth. Quite fun, and more than amusing to my niece and nephew.
Thanks Dave and Judi, for enhancing my productivity. Thanks to y'all I'm fresh and full of life!
*flashes her white teeth while holding her mentos label side out*

I remember the time we tried to make a Mason jar explode by dropping in dry ice (solid Carbon Dioxide) into the water and then screwing (!) (hey, we were only about 11 years old, what did we know?)the lid on tight, then running like crazy to escape the flying glass ...

It didn't work ... dang, NEway ...

and, oddly enough, now I have a grandson named Mason ... go figure ...

Didn't anyone notice this line:

you can try to feed them into the bottom using your hands.

Whose bottom? NOT MINE!!

I can not believe that Dave has not already tried this! I also can not believe that I won't have time to try this until this weekend! But I'm going to start on c'bol's Guiness experiment right now.

Wonder what would happen if you inserted a pvc pipe into the neck THEN dropped the menthos in?

And drilled holes in the pipe?


Geezer alert...remember when pop came in 8-packs of 16 oz bottles?

The first time my parents foolishly left me and my brother without adult supervision, we realized that the only non-water beverage in the house was a bottle of diet 7-Up. (In the cool green bottle)

We figured that if diet pop was just pop without sugar, why not just put the sugar in?

It took Mom 2 days to notice the large area over the kitchen sink that had no more acoustic popcorn stuff. They had to redo the whole kitchen ceiling.

Way cool.

OK, how about a PVC pipe of some sort over the cap area to reduce the hole size, so the effect is amplified by forcing out of a smaller hole: I'm thinking:

__ __
|thos|___toothpick here
| top|


Yank the toothpick, Menthos drop, soda really flies out of the smaller top hole(and the toothpick holes-watch out)!

Just curious!

Reluctant Floridian --

Watchu mean "geezer" ...

I remember pop before there was such a thing as "diet" ... whether you call it soda, or pop ...

That's a definite geezer saying this ... !!!

And, yes, sugar in "regular" pop had an interesting effect, and if memory serves, some other household item (help here, geezer memory failure) into beer had similar results ...

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