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September 23, 2005


 Watch where you step.

(Thanks to Jen Dorman)


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Bah, it wouldn't be the FIRST time I stepped on a two-metre snake...

SO we can establish from this that you shouldn't go in the water because of the giant squid and you shouldn't walk in the fields because of the snakes and let's not forget the bear attacks.

AND I can't go live in the States because you people are about to become the next Atlantis.

I hope this flight doesn't get in to Banff late ... I really don't want to miss that new display at the Bighorn Library. I better check my watch ... AUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!.

Residents of Banff = Stiff Deboner Fans

Thought you ought to know.

Dave, I think you should really be careful. The article says that boa constrictors have taken hold in Florida.

I'm worried about you. All we have in Pennsylvania is a few Gardener snakes. Maybe you should come live here in a safe state.

"They seize their prey in their jaws, then entwine it in their powerful body coils and suffocate it."

I think I dated her once.

If the shed was two meters, the snake was probably only about a meter, maybe a meter and a half. So, not all that scary... (I guess. I mean, I don't find any snakes scary, so I wouldn't really know...)

"The article says that boa constrictors have taken hold in Florida."

That may be, I'm not sure, but I do know that Burmese pythons have begun to reproduce in the Everglades. Don't ask me how long they get; you don't want to know.

MAN, irresponsible people make me MAD....

I would just like to point out that the hot springs at Banff are really nice and toastie. So a boa constrictor could slither there, and be quite happy.

This is officially the second mention I have heard this week about abnormally large snakes in and around populated areas.

It's official: I'm never leaving my house again, EVER.

Eric ~ They can get into your house. They WILL get into your house.

Unless you cover every crevice with plastic wrap and duct tape.

Do I need to be worried about 2 metres? If it is equal to two inches then i will use my size 15 feet to squash it. However if it is equal to 20 feet then well I would use my size 15 feet to run away yelling MOMMY.

So how many tourists can a two-metre boa constrictor swallow?

Depends on the size of the tourist.

I would also suspect it would seek out the warmest place possible.

You mean like this place?

isn't "Banff" the noise you'd make while being sufffocated by a boa?

also Boa constrictor has the same scientific name as its regular name...

The more it eats, the more it sheds.....

Why can't that happen to me????

Eleanor - don't pout. You're much better looking than any snake, and funnier too, also.

Addicted to 24, 2 metres is about 7 feet, so not tiny.

Banffites don't need to worry, though. If the wolves, wolverines, and other animals beginning with "wol" don't get it, the sub-freezing nights will.

"You-know-whats. Why did it have to be you-know-whats?"

I just realized - I'm supposed to go up to Banff next weekend for dinner.

I wonder what they're serving...

The Legendary Non-Venemous Stranglers would be a good name for a rock band.

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