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September 27, 2005


Think again.

And in other snake news, we have this story concerning a creature with "two independently thinking brains," which is more than can be said of, for example, Congress.


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Hey, health care is expensive. Even for snakes.


NURSE!!! There's a snake in my enema!!!!

okay second. darn.

am i third after mrs swooshman's two posts? just askin.
and which dean are they talking about here- dean martin? dean of the college? i am confused.

"studies have shown that hospital snakes can greatly speed recovery. patients have been known to forgo medication, treatment and even surgery when they are present."

two snakes, 100 babies, sounds like they're not as rare as once thought.

Maybe the 2 parents and the 100 offspring were making use of the maternity ward....

He said two adult snakes and approximately 100 baby snakes ...

OH, how cute. Of course they're in there for the birth(s). And imagine coming up with 100 names? Thought Britney had (is) a problem?

And I'm sure the nurses had difficulties keeping those wrist strap secure around each of the babies! Wouldn't want any switched a birthe do we?

elle? Mad and Mike are getting married. See us through the Y!


HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

*toasts to the happy couple*

Independently thinking?

I say they're both being controlled by Nehebkau.

Watch your Ka.

*turns to look behind him*

Hum, my Ka appears to be fine.

"Got your Ka Cbol!"

queensbee - hmmmm...snakes in a hospital, startling people, probably causing them to scream. Therefore, it must be the forest of Howard Dean.

Sounds like a really bad idea for a low-budget horror movie.
Writer: (pitching the concept) Think 'Friday the 13th' meets Rikki-Tikki-Tavi'!!

With a concept this bad, it's sure to be made...

Since everyone used up all the good "100 babies" line, I'll move on to the next link:
They have two different brains and can even attack each other????!!!?
WTF? Sounds like a case where two heads are NOT better than one!

*zips in*

Even if my joke (YUK, YUK!) was only funny to me, it wasn't so bad as to kill the whole thread............
....................was it???

*zips out pouting*

"(Ba-by sna-akes)/Late at night's when they come out..."---Frank Zappa

Also: "Baby snakes. Why did it have to be baby snakes?" (I've never even SEEN that movie, but I know that quote)

Laughs at Eleanor's joke:


(how's that)

Poor Eleanor - that's twice in one week I've seen you pouting. You need therapy.

*takes Eleanor's hand, leads her to heated massage chair*

There now, have a seat. Let's take off your shoes and whatever hosiery you're (not your) wearing. Put your feet in the bubbly foot bath. What scents of aromatherapy candles and bath salts would you like? Warm or cold soothing drink? Music, TV, or silence? Now, deeeeeeeep breath.......relaaaaaax........

Feel better?

I feel better and I'm not Eleanor!

In recent years, grass snakes have become quite rare in England

So where the hell is this hospital located??? If grass snakes were plentiful they'd have to shut down.

Kibby - here's the other Ka to complete the set...

*scoots in with feet in bubble bath*

*Does the People Like Me Happy Dance*

*splashes everyone* (but in a good way!)

*turns on vibrator on heated massage chair and relaxes.....*

El, I don't think you're supposed to straddle the arm of the cahir like that...

Or the c-h-a-i-r...

So it's OK by you if I straddle the cahir
but I should leave the chair alone?

Got it!

Well, I, for one, am totally disgusted by this information ...

I mean, 100 babies! (approximately)

Haven't these snakes ever heard of birth control?

can I be eleanor now?

I live in Lydney, about 6 miles from Cinderford and the hospital in question.

All I can say is ... snakes, wow... who'd have thought there was actually inteligent life in Cinderford !!

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