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September 30, 2005


We have a crisis.


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Oh no! Where will they go?


Holy CrapHole!

Man! That's one crap of a business!

I bet those pota pottie owners are flush with money!

We have a port-a-potty company in town. Their trucks say "We're number 1 in number 2!"

'"Construction is booming and anything associated with it is also booming," Lovelace said.'

The Booming Asses WBAGNFARB

You just know FEMA is going to accuse bathroom goers for the crisis. I can see the press report now:

"This situation is flush with difficulties due to the local officials and residents who insist, against our recommendations, on going to the washroom daily. We would like to blame, in order of importance, the governor, the mayor, all elected local officials, the incoming and outgoing police chief, the residents, the resident's inlaws, the White House, and Canada and Mexico who, while not technically involved, didn't get involved in Iraq so we blame them for everything. Oh! And Saddam Hussain who must be involved somehow. Anyway, its not our fault. Maybe also the Japanese mafia."

As the Govenor of Florida says, all crises are local. In keeping with that esteemed opinion, FEMA is not the organization to get off the pot and do something. Rather, that distinction should be the local contruction companies, who, one might surmise, are spending entirely too much time on the pot and taking far too long to complete the construction, anyway.

Why is it that a TV show can completely construct, finish and decorate a house in one week without a porta-potty insight, yet the photo clearly shows multiple porta-potties in place and no houses anywhere near finished?

Just sayin'. Oh, yeah. Poop.

Even if there is a slowdown in home construction, the portable toilet business will continue to clean up

This is a first, as anybody who has had to use one of these facilities will attest.

There has to be joke about the homes being rebuilt with 4-ply wood.

with one cleaning per week.

I seriously doubt the truth of this statement.

S.M. - *snork*

multi-colored monoliths WBAGNFARB

Also, what did construction workers do before portapotties were invented? Hold it? Dig a hole? Mix it in with the wet cement? Inquiring minds want to know.

TCK - Haven't you ever heard of "Construction Worker Grade Depends"?

um - it depends

TCK - that was my question. Apparently even cavemen used porta potties. There are no roads, no stores, no bars (yeah right), houses are trashed, no electric and nobody wants to help rebuild because there are no porta potties?!

well. guess they will have to just build some outhouses. back to the future. i have nothing cleverer to say. this is a funny thread.

At my ex-boyfriend's house, the construction workers just sh*t in the dirt next to the foundation. Found the evidence.

Of course, he's a sh*t himself, so he deserved it. Cheap bastid.

From the TMI department: when we built our house nine years ago, we didn't have a port-o-potty, but we lived right next door to a convenient little corn field. Just grabbed a shovel and a roll of TP and disappeared for a while. Needless to say one of our first priorities was hooking up the plumbing.

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