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September 25, 2005


If we want to prevent future hurricanes, perhaps we need help.

(Thanks to Trent Grant and Paul Roub)


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If it could be down-loaded in time.

I know a woman who thinks that osama bin laden sent both those hurricanes. She's not quitting her job over it, though.

I am so embarrassed to be from Idaho. Why do our freaks always get all the attention?

someone needs help, anyway...

Nurse! Mr Stevens is ready for his meds!

Sally.. you shouldn't be embarassed unless you're directly responsible for this guy. If you are, prepare to defend yourself now!

"Although the theories espoused by Stevens - scalar weapons, global dimming - are definitely on the scientific fringe today..."
Oh, I dunno; seems to me the evidence for global dimming is pretty compelling.

I offered up a suggestion that we get a squadron of planes with really big propellers to fly clockwise around the hurricanes and "unwind" them.

No, I'm not from Idaho.

Why does that thing have a fish for a head again?

Kikkoman guy looks like he comes pretty close to losing his loincloth a couple of times. As for the fish, I've got nothing.

My god that thing is freaking me out man.

i'm sure fox news will find a place for this koookooo. must be the air out in idaho that makes em crazee.

The Uber-Kikkoman does indeed have a fish on his head; but his associates have, respectively, a flagon of something-or-other and what appears to be a lump of tofu. (No, "A Lump of Tofu" WNBAGNFARB)
I'm assuming that Kikkoman works on fish, tofu and in ?sauces? you can put in ?flagons???
But here's my question: the repeated "Show YOU!" -- is that some kind of bilingual play on words? Isn't "shoyu" somehow related to the Japanese pronunciation of "soy"? Anyone out there?
I have a headache. And it's not from MSG.

queensbee - If FoxNews can't find a job opening for him, then maybe the BBC can. :)

Not all of us from the Gem State are crazy, though I expect it's easy for visitors to get distracted by the tin foil hat brigade.

Once upon a time, we were home to Frank Church and Cecil Andrus...

Sally - "tin foil hat brigage" *SNORK*

Sometimes the wackos migrate to Idaho. Randy Weaver was originally from my home state, Iowa.

Betsy re: Kikkoman - you are correct someone pointed out that 'shoyu' was the Japanese word for soy, in an earlier appearance of Kikkoman.

RE: Mr. Stevens: Doo doo DOO DOO doo doo DOO DOO...

Being paid by the Yakuza to suggest Mr. Stevens is crazy, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of Pirates since the 1800s

It's true. If we all become pirates than the hurricanes will stop!

Whoops! Link didn't work. Let me try that again.

OK My turn to be the nutcase again. You people need to google HAARP and see what's being done in weather manipulation because although I may not agree with this weather guys Japanesse/Russian theory, I know that what he's saying about weather manipulation is true. The gov't is screwing with the ionesphere in dangerous and possibly deadly ways. Deadly to all of us and not in the name of humankind but in the name of warfare and death. These military scientists are the equivalent of some kids with a sharp stick hitting a sleeping bear in the butt to see what happens.

Well I have either made you spit your coffee on your keyboard or I've depressed you. Either way I'm sorry.

Um...am I the only one who thought he saw Kikkoman being portrayed as a child molestor, there?

Jello, no. I too was wondering why the Kikkoman was going to bed with what appeared to be a five-year-old girl. Ewwww.

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