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September 30, 2005


Rock Snot

(Thanks to HannaBanana)


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but a MUCh better name than "Didymosphenia geminata" just the same

With their latest hit, Can't Hork Up No More Love For You

"They should have nuked that river, whatever it took, even if it killed everything" says Mike Joy, environmental science lecturer....apparently New Zealand enjoys a different brand of environmentalist than the U.S.

Puffy Combs next name : Didymo

What is "a foot-and-mouth-level emergency"? Is that New Zealand's version of the terror alert?

"In other news today, New Zealand's Department of Homeland Security raised the terror alert level from 'Amber' to 'Foot-and-Mouth', due to reports of infiltrating rock snot."

apparently there already is a band called snot

didymo - the soon-to-be collaboration of Dido and Moby.

or the rock-and-roll legend Bo Didymo

They should have nuked that river, whatever it took, even if it killed everything,"

*If he were an oncologist.*

Doctor, that treatment killed him.

Yes, but he's now cancer-free. No thanks are needed.

I bet rats experience few more embarassing moments than unknowingly having toilet paper attached to their tails. Poor rats.

Look like a rat tail that's been TP'd
I'm pretty ugly but I can breed!
Scrub all your shoes both night and day
D,Geminata won't fade away...

Thinkin' in terms of a nuke attack
The streams will glow, but I'll be back!

12 ways to kill me, you got to get real !
I'll rock snot your house, and your next meal
D. Geminata won't fade away...

Well, DID he mosphenia, or did he not? I'm still waiting for someone to answer the question.

Didymo, said to look like rats' tails with toilet paper attached, is believed to have been brought in inadvertently from North America.

Sigh. Sure, blame it all on us.

At my house we quite often have a foot-in-mouth level emergency. It typically involves me and my wife's parents and ends with me saying something to deftly save the situation, such as,"Oh! That's right! That was our joke about you, not with you! Ha! Ha! Ha! More vodka anyone?"

>What is "a foot-and-mouth-level emergency"? Is that New Zealand's version of the terror alert?

Yes. We are a very agriculture-based country, with a nice temperate climate so that sheep and cows can graze outdoors on grass year-round. The worst thing that could happen to us is foot and mouth dsease in cows.

Regards, Ross

Even better than a rock band name, Snot Rock would be a good name for a genre of rock. (Phlegm, the undisputed originators of Snot Rock will be in performing tonight at 8 pm at Heebie Geebies to kick off their Hock It Up World Tour. Traveling with the band will be the Histominiacs.)

Another good name for a Snot Rock band (AGNFASRB) is The Lewgy's

Unfortunately, that name could also be mistakenly understood as "Rocks Not," which (as suggested above) could be the name for an entire genre of music. Or the "Adult Contemporary" radio format.

This one reminds me of my own favorite. I created the name after a medical condition I get sometimes at night. In my opinion, the best name for a rock band is "Booger Whistle."

Message to New Zealand...
Bless you.

If you are a trout fisherman this is not a thing to take lightly. NZ is the destination most trout fishermen dream of going to, even us poor sods that will never be able to go. A quick Google showed that the algae likes clear, relatively infertile water and seems to be encouraged by higher levels of UV (ozone hole, anyone?). That makes NZ streams prime targets.



who knows his post isn't funny but some things are too depressing to be humorous.

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