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September 25, 2005


Get out.


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I ain't fraid of no calamari in Before Christ waters . . .

another reason why i love my state. you never see squid wash up on the beach in south carolina.

Let's go Humboldt jigging!

Disoriented squid WBAGNFARB

*zips in*

So would Squid Corpses BAGNFA(goth)RB -

*waits for smart blogit to translate the metres thingy*

But they are DEAD monster killers...so....

um....Was there a question?

So what I want to know is, are they edible?

And somewhere, way off in the distance, you can hear the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, faintly calling out "Squidmore? Squidmore?"

what i want to know is, why do people still think there's no such thing as global warming?! ;)

judi, I'm afraid even when they are wading through water up the Capitol steps, they will still deny it.

*goes off to find instructions to build an Ark*

judi & slyeyes;
Read Michael Crichton's book "State of Fear".

I'm just glad I'm a scuba diver

Wile E, I'll add it to my wish list on Audible.com

wile e. -- i thought crichton was a fiction writer. no?

judi, - yes, it's a novel, but he cites references for everyting he claims. It's a good read.
regards, Wile E.

Judi and others-

Wile E. is right. I've read it and it is one of the best I have seen in a while.

Wow -- deja vu.

Another good reference on the subject is "The skeptical environmentalist : measuring the real state of the world" by Bjørn Lomborg. It's not fiction.

Pirateboy, that would be SquidWARD.

Not that there's anything really important about the fact, but we have no squid (dead, or alive) washing up on the shores in Nodak, either ... just sayin' ...

U.O. - NoDak has shores?


My wife is from Nodak, and, as they would say, "shore 'nuff".

BTW- How'd the fantasy league go today? I've thrown in the towel on the Hawkeyes this year.

Louis - had a really, really bad outing today. I need Jake Plummer to throw about 5 TD passes Monday night in order to have a chance at winning Week 3. RE: Hawkeyes - they started last year 2 - 2 and did OK, but that was last year's team. However, the Cyclones are undefeated (barely) and still ranked 23 in the AP poll.

Wile E. Not to get all political here, but Crichton (who I am a big fan of) has never had any compunction about cherry picking his sources and often using outdated and disproven research to make for a dramatic story. (See Jurasic Park) And in the afterword of "State of Fear" he even says that just because he doesn't believe that it has been proven that global warming is caused by humans doesn't mean that we shouldn't be doing everything we can to prevent it.

I guess Wile E. also thinks denial IS just a large river in Egypt. No wonder he never catches the Road Runner.

Pricing scuba gear, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

"Squid. Why did it have to be squid?"

Judi, people think there's no global warming because of LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of LAVISHLY-FINANCED PROPAGANDA, which is also one of the major reasons the worst president in the nation's history currently infests the Oval Office. Back to global warming, another motive for disbelief is the all-too-human reluctance to surrender comfortable, but destructive, lifestyles--just like people hate to give up smoking, or drinking, or beating up kids in public toilets (reference to previous thread).

From the swamps of Arkansas, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

We don't have any squids in Alberta either. Not even in Banff.

Just sayin'.

Czech Republic's land-locked. The only giant squids we have here are a few drunken "stag nighters".

We have the occasional Land Shark too.

I think the question of global warming is not that it's happening rather it's the cause.

Global warming is a historical event and occurred before the advent of so-called fossil fuel* burning. Nonetheless, the dependence on these fuels has to go for health and economic reasons. As for the remarks by IBW castigating the administration as being stridently against measures to reduce global warming by reducing emissions: the stridence is on the other side, i.e., Greenpeace and researchers who depend on government funding for their livelihood. The global record as found in deep sea sediments, ice cores and historical records, pointed out by Crichton, do not support IBW's assumptions.

*Fossil fuels such as coal and oil, said to be millions of years old, as dated by the Carbon 14 Method, the current benchmark, have been determined to be aged only in the thousands of years. This dating method is not reliable beyond 50,000 years. So, were dinosaurs roaming the planet less than 50,000 years ago?

Oh, I should also say: It's the cause and how to correct it. The purchasing & trading of "pollution coupons" creates another "futures" market and doesn't necessarily reduce the cause.

/political comment



Well, at least SM acknowledges that we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels, though I suspect that if SM and Wile E. and Mr. Crichton had all lived in ancient Pompeii, they would have been mocking the "alarmists" who worried about the rumblings from Vesuvius. I HOPE they're right (as distinct from Right), but can we afford to risk that they are right, considering the consequences if they are wrong?

Actually you are all wrong-the Earth's Polar Axis or is it Axii are shifting, soon Florida will be the South Pole and Canada will be fighting hurricanes.

The monster squid have a nasty history.
OMG :)

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