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September 29, 2005


Stand back.


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I knew that they evolved first from the Alien in Alien...

I find it comforting that he had neglected to wash his hands after handling a dead animal. I'm sure his venison has unintended side effects also.

That's why my grandmother taught me to wear rubber gloves and goggles when juggling headless rattlers.

they must have never seen this movie

(you know a movie's good when the characters have the same names as the actors. "what,in the movie I'm Bob?, But my name is Steve!"


Serves 'em right for killing the snake. Nobody would have believed them if they had just said, "Careful out there, guys. We saw a rattlesnake". A-holes.

Imagine how the buzzards felt afterwards!

*mumble* *mumble* *kick*

I'm still pissed about this guys killing the snake. Good on you, Snake! RIP, little buddy.

I'm all okay with killing the snake, but the hygiene habits are rather disturbing. If you can believe it, I just had to post a sign in the kitchen at work that told people to please do not steal the creamers, please do not steal sections of pipe from below the sink, please do not spit in the sink particularly while others are doing their dishes....

I'm serious. I really had to post this.

Whatever else you have to say about Professor Snape, at least he knows the proper way to get rid of a snake.

A shot gun seems a little excessive.
We always made do with a bullwhip.

"Do not steal section of the pipe from below the sink"
You know if you don't pay them what they want, they'll just steal it from you.
Apparently where it hurts the most.

My eyes watered just reading this. Kind of like when I had to watch a cataract surgery in 7th grade science class.

Mike~ What do you think? Did Snape really go back to the Death Eaters, or did he have all this planned with Dumbledore beforehand to save Malfoy from following in his father's footsteps?

Bumble -

Snape will die saving Harry in the next book.

My wife swears Snape will be redeemed in the end. Dumbledore just couldn't be that wrong about something.

I'm inclined to agree with her.

Absolutely no question: Snape's a good guy.

Crash: a bullwhip might do the trick, but then you wouldn't get to see the snake's head vaporize

it's just like gopher hunting - way more fun with a shotgun than a .22 - sure the .22 will kill 'em, but they explode when you shoot 'em with a shotgun

They lease deer?

"We learned a valuable lesson about handling rattlesnakes — even dead ones," said Tommy Hanover

Some lessons you would expect they would have already learned. Considering these guys were toddlin' around with rifles you have to wonder what else has slipped their common sense detectors.

When I was about 10 my dad used to take us out on a Sunday afternoon rattlesnake hunting. We would drive around and when he saw a snake he would shoot it and cut the rattles off and toss them in the back seat with my brother and I. There was such a bad problem with snakes at the time the county was paying a bounty on them. It remains one of the memories seared forever in my brain. Decades later, my dad actually got bit by a rattlesnake. Last week, my daughter go bit by a copperhead... I'm thinking about moving...

Aggies were involved.... that's the clue those of us in TX look for when shown something this problematic...
"Snake Venom Itch" wbagnfarb

*does double take* Was that THE Dave up there? :-) Yeah, I think he's a good guy, too, but my friend at work thinks he's bad. jamester~ That was my reasoning, too; Dumbledore could not be that much of a dupe. But why weren't any of the other members of the Order let in on the plans? McGonagall or Lupin? Someone. This leaves Harry in a murderous rage. Also, my "Potter group" thinks RAB is Regulus Black. Anyone else have thoughts on that one?

Russell --

Yep, I'm surprised no one noticed that before you mentioned it ... College Station ... that should have eliminated any need for further discussion or explanation ...

I've been reading this blog for a bit and finally feel the need to weigh in on something. Dumbledore is not dead and Snape is not evil. Yes,I know that denial is not just a river in Egypt,but I think I'm correct.
I stumbled on this blog not long ago and have become addicted very quickly. Damn you people and your intelligence and humor!! Thanks for the laughs,kids.

I suppose I should comment on the actual topic as well :). You haven't lived until you've (accidently!) run over a snake on a riding mower. Talk about your carnage. Ick squared. Never had any venom spatter though..just snake bits flyin through the air.

dogdays - Dumbledore has to be dead. We saw him fall into that pit with a balrog, for cryin' out loud.

bumble - I think Dumbledore just might be dumb. what was that boneheaded adventure with Harry about? stupid.

Christobol~ He was trying to prepare Harry for what to expect as far as Horcruxes were concerned, because he knew Harry was going to have to carry on if/when he died, and he wanted to prepare him as much as he could, at the same time leaving one less horcrux for him to deal with.

dogdays~ Welcome. I dunno about Dumbledore not being dead. I think he's about as dead as Sirius, if not more. (levels of deadness; can we get weirder?) They've already said there's no healing or countercurse for Avada Kedavra, and unless Dumbledore divided his soul (unlikely) or ransacked some juice from the Sorcerer's Stone before it was destroyed (also unlikely) the only way he could still be alive was if he knew a non-evil way to make himself immortal. Hmm. Something to do with Fawkes maybe? I don't know. Maybe Harry & Snape will die killing Voldemort and meet up with Dumbledore, Sirius and Harry's parents in Wizard heaven or something. I think the dead characters may be brought into the story again somehow, but I think they're gonna stay dead. But who knows? Rowling's imagination seems endless. I mean it's fiction, after all. There are really no limits to what she can do. I wonder if she'll write anything else after Harry Potter? Goodness knows she won't need to; I'm sure she's already set to be rich for life. Oooh! A thought. Voldemort left an army of the dead to protect his horcrux. Could Harry raise an army of the (good) dead to fight against Voldemort and the death eaters? Like I said, the possibilities are endless. I suppose it's useless to speculate, but it's fun. Wow. This is a really long post. *shutting up and leaving for the wedding now*

I also agree that Snape is a good guy. My ex disagrees. Then again, I don't think Sirius is gone forever either. She disagrees. I think there should be faithfulness in relationships. She ... I'm seeing a pattern here.

Well...I don't have anything to say about the actual topic...but Dumbledore HAS to be dead...after all, his portrait appeared on the wall. But that also means Harry can talk to him and stuff...okay whatever.

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