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August 29, 2005


There is now a distinct possibility that Jack Bauer will shoot the thigh of a Hobbit.


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Mean media. That was a really bad picture of Astin.

Sadly, my first thought is "Patty Duke's kid is 34?!?!"


Sam: "Here, Mr. Bauer, have some of this Elfin bread. It'll give you the strength to carry on your assignment."
Jack: "What the hell IS my assigment?"
Sam: "I don't rightly know, Mr. Bauer, but let's go get some provisions at Home Depot anyway. Say, can you introduce me to Chloe? I think she's really hot."
Jack: "Sorry, Sam, but Edgar's all over her, ever since she expanded his parameters."

they don't stand a chance against the Marwan/Gollum team!

Maybe Marwan can get Gollum an appointment with his orthodontist, insomniac?

Jack left for Mexico.

Mexico = Hobbitland?

Sam Gamgee joins the Jack Bauer Power Hour!

Next up: Jack gets to the border of Mexico and is told "You SHALL NOT PASS!"

Who wants to bet that Season 5 is going to deal with a Ring like object that if it falls into the wrong hands will mean total chaos for the world. Seeing how I am a total geek I would have no problem with that.

Shoot low, Jack! He could be a Hobbit!

Amy~ *snork*

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