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August 29, 2005




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To my way of thinking, if it hasn't caught on yet, there's a reason.

*resists urge to say "because it's b-a-a-a-a-d.*


i've been in south florida too long; this doesn't strike me as all that unusual. ;)

If you eat off the lunch trucks in Southern California, chances are you've already eaten goat 'burritos de chivo.' Also we had some Filipino neighbors who would roast one in the back yard on special occasions. It's rather tough and stringy - there is NOT that much meat on a goat. I mean, ever pet one? It's like somebody threw a blanket over a sawhorse...

Its not unusual. It is traditional in Mexico and by influence of Mexico, the southern parts of SouthWestern states

Goat marinated in buttermilk!

A hard to resist combo, but I think I can!!!

*zips out to Burger King for a real hamburger*

I'd say something ... But the last time I weighed in on a goat issue it made the papers. (This is what is referred to in the biz as a "slow news day.")

Mmmmmm. Bar B Q'ed Goat.

It's all over the Caribbean. Have family that's native and curried goat is nummy.

" Herd of Nubians " WBAGNFARB

slogan: If your eating habits have led you to fanny bloat, then chow down on burgers of nanny goat!

Very impressive, Chianca!

"Reeking of Randiness" seems like the most appropriate name for a RB ever, or at least the most honest.

This reminds me... Back in the mid-90s, Carls Jr. had an advertising campaign promoting meat and had bumper stickers that said "eat meat" with the trademark star on them. My sister altered my bumper sticker, with a simple black Sharpee to read "cat meat".


"Muscular Boers" WBAGNFA Gymnasium

tennessee fainters are the easiest ones to round up

A young farm worker was walking past the fenced-in front yard of an elderly spinster. He had a pitchfork in his left hand, a bag of feed over his right shoulder and was leading a goat by a short rope in his right hand. As he passed the spinster, who was seated on her porch, he said, "Howdy, m'am." She said, "Don't you howdy me! You're just planning on taking advantage of a woman who's all alone!" He stopped, bewildered, and said, "M'am, how could I do a thing like that with my hands so full?" And she said, "You could lean the pitchfork against the fence and set the feed next to it. I'll hold the goat."

Ostrich: the other red meat.

OOOh, yeah!! Ostrich really is good. There's a hamburger joint around here called Murder Burger that has ostrich burgers.
Well, it used to be called Murder Burger -'burgers so good, they're to die for.'. Then the college town it's in got all PC and they actually had a contest to re-name the place. Guess what won?
"Redrum Burger." so of course EVERYBODY still calls it Murder Burger.

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