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August 29, 2005


They learn how to speak properly in school.

(Thanks to Chris)


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You got to be f**king kidding!

these will be tallied on the board so all students can see the running score

Soon, the school marms'll be doing nothing but making f**king tally marks on the board ...

To quote John Stossel, GIVE ME A BREAK!

Are they counting the verb or the gerund? This is really important, you f***ing, know?

...and what a punishment - go over the limit and the teacher will talk to the class

As for actually performing said act in class, that will be limited to once a week.

Ahh, the British. The epitome of class. No wonder Madonna loves it there.

And when these teenagers start working at McDonald's, they will be well-prepared to tell the customers to f**k off.

...and so goes society, not with a bang but a whimper.

I'd say something...but I've exceeded my 5 f**k limit for today...

"The reality is that the f-word is part of these young adults' everyday language," he told the Daily Mail. ....so let's just ALLOW it???

well, f*ck me.

Was that five f**ks per person or per class??

And Sondra, you took my thought - the teacher will talk? to any violators???
Boy, that would really scare me f**king straight!

Come to think of it, "Oh f*ck" was the prevalent answer on most of my calculus tests.

Those amused by this should be careful.Sadly school boards often set policy. They are the ones who started the no smoking policy.
You can imagine some idiot proposing the RAF,English Navy and Army abide by these rules.
This reminds me of the old parochial school rules about addressing brothers and nuns. This simply created a complete and hilarious set of nicknames for the poor teachers.
As for punishments,one should be very concerned about this for it might translate into fines,and then the teachers might become dependent on these fines for their salaries and create situations where the only response is a misdemeanor fine.

Henry Higgins must be turning over in his fictional grave.

Aunt Nancy -

I think you meant: "Henry Higgins must be turning over in his f**king grave"

But what if it's complimentary e.g.?

"That Mary Kay LeTourneau is one f**king good teacher?" (or transpose the second and third words from the end)

Maybe if the teachers just started using the fück-word, it wouldn't be cool any more. And the kids would stop using it.

OMG, I inadvertently just used the fück-word myself! I apologize to everyone on the blog. It won't happen again.

it must be ok - there's a definition in Merriam-Websters:


(or is that fu*k? - I can never remember)

i think i know who started this.

What ever happened to washing your mouth out with Lava soap?! It cleaned the f**k right out of MY vocabulary back in the day!

Personally, I know a whole lot of bad words. Are they allowed to use those without getting a tally mark?

Well, f**k me gently with a chainsaw! (Who else loves HEATHERS?)

Egads!! In our house, my kids know daddy has really blown his stack when he gets angry enough to say "doggone it"!

*silently retreats back to the Cleaver house*

Dude, that's it. I'm movin' to Britain.

This guy in New Orleans only has four left before he gets in trouble.

this "bright idea" is just too f**cking silly for words

personally, i'd take up saying f*ck just to avoid receiving a "praise card"

What happens if they say "it" in Sunday School? Do they not get their names written down in The Big Golden Tally Book? Or as Gene Autry would have sung, would they not get "...to hang (their) silver spurs upon the golden stairs..."?

My pleasure, Queensbee.

Well, sh*t.

Um, maybe my class was just really bad, but we would have all been in competition to see who could get to 5 tally marks fastest.

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