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August 31, 2005


So I went out to get some gasoline for the generator, which is mainly what I do, and when I got back, there was... A TRUCK! With electricity wranglers in it! They were from a power company in Charleston, South Carolina, and they GAVE US BACK OUR POWER. Were it not for the fact that we were all highly masculine men -- them with their truck, me with my manly generator -- I would have hugged them.

So except for the lingering odor of gasoline, our house is pretty much back to normal -- something that, unfortunately, cannot be said, and will not be said for a very long time, about those poor folks in coastal Louisiana and Mississippi. Thanks to all of you who've donated money and posted good information in the PLEASE HELP thread below. You are good people. If you haven't donated, and you can, please consider it. Thanks.


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oh pish tosh. ya know ya hugged `em Dave. fess up!

Dave - Have you ever thought about this solution?

Congratulations, Dave! I know the relief you must feel! And I second your thoughts for the folks along the Gulf coast.


Thanks so much for all the support and donations. My family is safely out of harm's way in Lafayette, LA, but the status of our house in Slidell, LA (just north of New Orleans), is currently unknown. Here in Jackson, MS (where I go to school), people have been pouring out aid and prayers, even though their own power was out for a good couple of days.

Believe me, everyone down here appreciates your amazing contributions in every conceivable form. Thanks again, and keep up the help to all those people in the coastal parishes and counties that have been struggling all week.

Good luck, Ricky!

Glad your (not you're) hot dangling legs are back where they belong Dave & Family! Crank up that A/C!!!!

And there's nothing wrong with breathing gasoline fumes, so life's perfect.

Hey Dave, that was MY power they restored to you.

But you can have it.

Just a bit a justice: The govenor of Texas has declared that all gasoline price gougers in Texas will be prosecuted. :) Sometimes, ya just got to be proud.

Sondra - excellent news! I have just one question about it - how will they be able to tell?

I think I better move to Texas then. Unleaded jumped from $2.79-$3.59 overnight here. Is it the same in other states?

You know, we had a crew from South Carolina get us back up and running. Last year we had one large limb that dropped on a wire and we waited over a week as FPL said they couldn't fix anything until the tree guys came in. Tree guys said they couldn't touch anything until FPL fixed the wires. This stalemate lasted two days.

This year a banyan tree the size of Dolphin Stadium pulled down a city block's worth of wires, and this crew came in and rectified all troubles in one day. I gave them a case of beer if they would leave their business model behind for FPL.

BTW Dave, I 've been reading you for years, and I'm a little worried about the household being "back to normal". Your "normal", and everyone else's, don't seem to be the same "normal"...

I'm just sayin'...


Bumble posted a perfect example. It's hurricane related, not yer everyday gouging.

Yes, in macroeconomics the other day, we did a supply/demand model of what Katrina would do to gas prices. Our predictions were accurate.

It was amazing last year the number of out of state power workers who showed up in Florida to save the day. We really appreciated them, and I know they will be all over the Gulf area soon to work their magic there. Every time I see some local idiot call our local (home office in Delaware) newspaper's Speakout column and complain about the snowbirds who visit us each winter to help keep our community green ($), I grit my teeth. That's right,they let them call in and unload a piece of their mind(s), as if they had some to spare. I could go on forever about this, but I've said enough.

Bumble - On my way home tonight I paid, *gulp* OVER $3 a gallon!!! Why do I feel like an old codger when I say "I never thought I'd see the day!"

In January I traded in my SUV for a Toyota Corolla just so I could save on gas (I commute from Southern NH into Maine every day). Two months ago it cost me $20 to FILL my tank - today it cost $33!

It went from 2.63 two nights ago to 3.19 today here in the Indianapolis Area. One of the stations actually ran out of gas for everything but Premium a couple of nights ago. And here I thought that all their gas came out of the same giant tank!

Yeah. Like I said, gas was $3.59 at its highest here today. I go to school out of town every day; a little over an hour round trip, so I'm having to get gas every week now. If it stays like this, I'm gonna go broke.

Honestly, its not so bad in Iowa. Yesterday $2.59, today $2.79, but compared to the rest of the country, not bad. I drive an Expedition and have cut back on the number of trips I take - I try to do as many chores as possible in one trip to town. But I need my SUV to haul my craft show display stuff in, so I'm keeping it. You can't get an 8' long table in a compact car.

Bumble - I'm in NY, and gas went from 2.63$ on Monday (when thankfully I filled my tank) to 3.21$ today! Yuck!

Oh, by the way, http://www.gasbuddy.com has current gas prices in many areas.

I saw they were having a contest to win $600 in gas, starting in Sept. At this rate, that should by about 3 gallons by the time to contest is over.

For comparison, paid $2.75 for Regular at a Mobil in Brooklyn, NY yesterday.

Punkin - I'm decidedly not a geezer and I also thought I'd never see the day.

In St. Louis, gas was $2.39 Monday. Today, it's $2.66 in most places, but $2.99+ in others and will go up again tomorrow. I started taking the bus to work and now a tank of gas generally lasts me a month or more. A bus pass costs me $55.00 a month. If that's an option in your area, I strongly encourage it. Another benefit; I've really been getting caught up in my reading.

My daughter in Murray, KY said gas there went to $4.00 on Monday afternoon. Damn gougers. I haven't heard what the REAL price is there. Same thing happened in Paducah.

Wow. My gas price is actually more expensive than most of the prices I looked up at gasbuddy.com. That really surprises me. Usually our prices are lower than most. I should have moved when I had the chance.

*geezer alert*

I remember when I was a kid, my father stopping a a gas station, then getting back in the car mumbling "I won't pay that much!"

Gas was $0.35 a gallon!

And now, a story not related to gas prices.

From the Weird Coincidences File: my husband works for an avionics company. Every year they go to a major trade show that moves from city to city across the southern U.S. The show was supposed to be in New Orleans this year. The last time the show was supposed to be in New Orleans was the third week in September of 2001. They need to stop scheduling the trade show in New Orleans so that major super-disasters stop happening.

*cue Twilight Zone music*

Last year the National Safety Show was held in New Orleans, and it shut down early as a result of hurricane Ivan. They have wisely chosen to hold the show elsewhere this year. It will be held in Orlando starting September 21.

Orlando residents may wish to start evacuating now...

Old gezette here recalling the thrilling days when gathering empty coke bottles from underneath the bleachers at the little league field would by enough gas at (gasp) $0.25 a gallon to fill up the tank of my '61 Ford Falcon hippie van. I pitched a majorly fit when prices hit $0.50 and bought a bike. That lasted about 2 weeks and I gave in. Life is like a box of chocolates, no matter which one you pick it's the one with the yucky center.

The gas gouging reminds me of right after the WTC attacks.

Should sent the gougers down to help with the relief efforts as penance........

You should have recruited Mrs. Blog. I'm sure she'd have been happy to embrace the highly masculine power co. men for you. It's all part of the efficient distribution of responsibilities in a marriage.

Fortunately, since women aren't afraid to hug each other, there's no need for you to hug any highly feminine women on her behalf.

when i first got a driving license in 1970 - gas was .19 a gallon. sheesh. some places here in the NY Capital region - 3.19. we expect it will be 4 bucks by the end of the laborday weekend. lots o people will stay home. hopefully more people will trade in their gas guzzlers, and get some fuel efficient cars!! end of sermon.

In Europe we've been living with gas sitting around $4/gallon for years. I hate seeing it get to that rate over there being that MOST of our gas costs are taxes - yours are more likely firms wanting to keep the same profit margins (when has an oil company gone bankrupt? or NOT grown in value?).

We're consistanly faces with $80 fill ups. I look forward to a trip to the US to "save" on gas. Now?

When Hurricane Hugo hit here, it was a Florida utility that got our power back on -- after we were without for 19 days! Glad to be able to return the favor. Take care, Dave!

We watched gas go from 2.69 to 2.95 in less than 8 hours. I live near some truck stops in Council Bluffs, Ia. The truck stop, of course near the interstate, went to 2.95, but the gas station about half a mile away, stayed at 2.69. Tell me that the stations aren't gouging. I don't believe it.
I would take the bus to work, but I'd have to walk two miles to get to it.

I didn't make it to the bus stop in time this morning, but you can bet I will after today.

Here in Michigan, I paid $2.63 Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon it went up to $2.99, and Wednesday it went up to $3.19. Still less than I paid when I was in Canada two weeks ago, but I'm sure their's has gone up, too.

When I was in college, I had a moped (affectionately named StuPed). I could fill the tank for 25 cents and run all week on it. And since a bus ride cost 50 cents, I rode that moped until the streets got icy. Ah, the good old days...

Um, I travel to craft shows, too, A.N. but got over the monstrosity vehichle fad long ago. I drive a VERY gas efficient little car with a trailer hitch, and when I need to pack up 8' tables and such, most of the stuff is all ready in my little going to craft sale trailer. No more humping the stuff in and out of my daily driver, no more daily driving a guzzler just because I need it's size very occasionaly. We all need to think these things through a little more wisely, especially (gulp, geezer alert) these days!

I passed up $3.13 per gallon in Georgetown (DC) last night and figured I'd take my chances on the highway this weekend. However, when I came across $2.95 per gallon about a mile up the road, I figured might as well fill up now. Sounds like I'm not going to find gas too much cheaper.

I am lucky. The Honda Elment I drive is strictly a luxury item I use on the weekends. Normally, I either walk or take the bus to work. This weekend will probably be one of the more expensive trips I take home to Mom's.

Hey, Auntie N - does your hubby work for a place that rhymes with Pockwell Pollins? Cuz I worked in communications there for years. Now I freelance for them from the comfort of my home, in my jammies, with blatant disregard for personal grooming. Yay for telecommuting!

Just Sayin' - There are pros and cons to both vehicle styles. With a trailer, you have extra maintenance and insurance, plus you need a place to store the trailer, etc. And with some vehicles, you pay as much for gas pulling a trailer as you do driving a larger vehicle. I don't have to drive my Expedition every day because I don't work outside the home, and if I think these things through more wisely, as you say, I can consolidate my chores in town (I live in the country) to one day a week. I haven't had to put gas in the Expedition for over a week because I haven't needed to go anywhere. If I really need something from town, I call my wonderful hubby at work, and he gets it for me. BTW, what's your craft? I'm a decorative artist.

Jillywilly - yes, he does. I would love to have a freelance job from home - how do I get one? I'm feeling the need for part-time work (for reasons other than gas prices) but I need to be available for my kids before and after school, especially since my oldest is a high-functioning autistic.

who dat just sayin'?

hi A.N:)

Now I'm confused. Will the real just sayin' please stand up?

*searches both blogits, looking for chocolate reddi-whip*




*runs for cover*

Yes, I have been behind in reading here, but I saw that it was a crew from SC that got Dave's power back on. I knew crews from the state were heading out to help various places...

*going back to catch up on everything now*

I stuck both big fat feet in an oriface; apologies to Just Sayin' for blatantly ripping off his/her name. I don't know why, but I was laboring under the impression it was a sort of catchall type name not really belonging to anyone. Yep, I'm a moron. And A.N. sorry if I really sounded preachy but hulking big vehicles are what got us into a lot of mess so they are a touchy subject to me; I am sure you are a fine person and weren't just making lame excuses like some folks do when they argue about how they REALLY TRULY need a 9 bazillion horsepower, twelve wheel overdrive hemi head mountain climbing beast----to take Muffy and Buffy to like the mall. Anyway-groveling and sheepish grin to all, I'll go away now.

oooops - don't worry, and please don't leave. I'm not angry or anything. I did do research into different vehicles before deciding to buy the Expedition, and to be honest, I love my "truck". It's a handy thing to have out here, and by limiting my trips to the city (and riding my bike around my rural town of 1,000 people) I really don't use that much fuel. Plus, no one else in my family has a truck, so when they need something towed or hauled they call me. And you still haven't told me what it is you craft. I'm curious!

cyn - you can run but you can't hide!

*sends in Judah the super-drooler*

Go get her, boy! Lick her 'til she surrenders!


tee hee! :)

Hey, I live in Jackson, MS. I'm wondering if anyone might know where I could find some gas! Probably a stupid question, but it doesn't hurt!

*dripping in judah slobber* *sigh*

unfair advantage A.N! >:|
(eeuoogg - i gonna tell Bumble)

n oooops - s'ok, it is a general catchall phrase. just not used by many to sign. didn't want A.N ta think it wuz me. (no grovelin'
necessary! a one hug penalty'll do jus' fine:)

cyn - remember, you schpritzed first. How do you think I got all that whipped cream off? However, as a peace offering, you can use my whirlpool tub to clean up.

*opens door, hands cyn a towel*

What scent of aromatherapy candles would you like?

Oh, and you can go ahead and tell Bumble if you want, but you should also ask Maud what she thinks the dog was wearing. ;-)

((((cyn)))), I am foolish but very harmless and affectinate; you may have a hug anytime-(((((A.N.)))), you too. I enjoy reading both of you and hope we can be friends for a long time. BARRY'S BLOGERETTE'S RULE, as my teen aquaintances would say.

that's so nice of you darlin'. stick around. it's very refreshing to have someone so sweet join us in our foolishness ;)

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