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August 02, 2005


You need to be here.

Key Somewhat Disturbing Quote: "During the workshop, participants will learn about dairy goat herd management for the production of high quality milk from Jim Path, UW Center for Dairy Research retired cheese specialist."


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The Bloglits are going to have a field day with this one....

yes! my first first on the new blog!

also, Dairyfarm wbagnfa bluegrass something or other.

The workshop was weird
The goat cheese was not normal
It was from Jim Path

Maybe they can answer a question I've had for a long time about warmed goat cheese: how do they heat up the animal and why doesn't it object to the procedure?

Wonder if they'll bring the kids.

Oh, cut it out! YOU think of something clever.

Thats it i am canceling my Alaska Cruise and going to get me some cheese.

shouldn't every day be field day for a herd of goats?

The quality goes down after Jim's been eating onions.

my worst nightmare, that.
Cheese of dubious nature
don't milk the walrus.

While attending TSU in Stephenville, Texas, there would be various signs posted along the campus sidewalks announcing various events. The signs were made by the various clubs and hand-drawn like Garage Sale announcements.

My friend and I about died laughing when we came upon one that said, "Goat Roping Clinic!"

fish poop cheese, now this
do you have no shame, Jim Path?
I almost ate that

retired cheese specialist? not sure i'd admit that.

cheese violation
someone fetch Jim's pants again
dairy fancier

n 14th


the Dreamfarm Workshop
answer the burning question
who cut the feta?

Back by popular demand due to last year's successful event, there will be a singles only speed dating night.


Amy: Ew, ew, ew.

and ew.

will Mr. Path be doing his own milking or will that be left in the hands of paid professionals?

& whether this is "high quality" entertainment or not should really be left up to the audience.


Amy, you just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

That aside, I think I'd rather scuba dive for my cheese than hang out with ol' Jim "My Job Title is Longer Than Yours and it's Questionable Whether We're Talking About My Milk or the Goats'" Path for a day.

Curses. And I used all of my vacation days for the year. Why wasn't this posted sooner?

..and don't forget to take in some of our nightly entertainment.

"Mom? Dad? I've finally decided what I want to do with my life. I've decided to move to Madison and study retired cheese at the UW Center for Dairy Research (Motto:'"Come for the diary goat herd management, stay for the high quality goat milk production!') under Sensei Jim Path."

Amy: &ltSNORK>

That is all.

Farmstead Goat Cheese Dreamfarm WBAGNFA Psychedelic band from the late 60s. And since we've seen so many cheese threads, how about this?

Did Jim Path retire from being a cheese expert because he couldn't, ahem, cut it? [ducks]

Amy's on a roll - now put some goat cheese on the roll and you'll have a sandwich! *snork*

Loved the high heels!

ummmm. look. authentic n'awlins style seafood gumbo.

what? ... goes well with cheese.


say cheese.

"retired cheese" -- Is that cheese past the expiration date?

Poor Jim Path. He's going to be sooooo sore!

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