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August 10, 2005


For more than 7½ minutes, putting special people together with their soulmates.

(Thanks to Jan Hill)


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Someone needs to tell him about Lens Crafters.

Oh and Ewwwwww on the stealing contacts part.

*reads second link* Duh, Bumble.

Crime, Japanese style. They don't want your drugs, money or women - just your glasses please.

Notice this was not the first instance? There's a whole gang involved!

Are you wearing contact lenses now? Put them in my eyes.

I actually gagged a little bit when I read that.

And this headline should also be a contender for Headline of the Day:

Nigerian state to ‘arrest and fine’ stray animals


I know this had nothing whatsoever to do with the article. I just like saying that now....

Carry on....

Purely out of coincidence, there was a gang of thugs back in my 'hood called the Waterborne Weenie Wavers Posse, who, in further inconceivable coincidence, went around stealing eyeglasses.
The ringleader wound up marrying the queen of the Sweet Corn Festival, which of course is perfectly understandable.

Insert Elton John joke here. Although I guess he doesn't wear all the funky glasses so much anymore. So maybe not.

I shall take my old and leave now.

um, i dont see what the point is here . . .

what do you mean? what point?

Oh, that contact lens place is COOL. Go to their main page and click on Portfolio to see all their funky special effects. *note to self: keep in mind for Halloween.*

There's a POINT?

Did you notice the article about the gay Japanese fetish mugger (NTTAWWT -- actually, maybe there is in this case) is in The Daily News: Your Right to Know: A New Voice for a New Pakistan

Have you read down to the bottom question on that FAQ page? It answers the question "What the heck are the creatures in your website LOOKING AT??!!" Check it out. It is very revealing. I'm afraid I'll have nightmares tonight after looking at those examples of their work.

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