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August 29, 2005


You read it here first.

Key Scientifically Questionable Quote: "Her moon is a female planet."


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Well, at least they have a 50-50 shot at getting it right.

"Also, I saw Britney going into an exclusive boutique, buying $10K worth of baby boy clothing. So in my educated opinion, she'll have a boy."

This is a spirit that she has known and been connected to for a long, long time... as far back as Egypt, even Atlantis.

Suddenly it all makes sense.

OOOOH Chianca, marvelous special effects!
Also, MOTW: not necessarily, maybe they were in a fetching shade of pastel teal she couldn't resist...
Lastly: Most cultures regard the moon as feminine and the sun as masculine, one exception being Japanese mythology in which the Sun is the Goddess Amaterasu. Japan also has a Goddess of Mirth who tells dirty jokes. :o)

*Jumps down from Geezer Bus*

Totally off topic, but... The Grammy winners. Who???

*Re-boards bus*

just lets not anybody televise her delivery.

Well, I guess the burnt toast on ebay was incorrect. Never trust bread, I always say...

"I see a male energy connected to her...

Isn't that how she got this way in the first place????



Ah, my friend, you beat me to it.

I too wondered if the "psychics, astrologers and spiritualists" also knew (like everyone else) that Ms. Spears had been sighted buying a ton of blue clothing in a baby store.

Hey, wait! Maybe I too am psycho, er, physic!

I hope it's a girl! She deserves a daughter just like her!

this is a spirit that has been connected to her for a long time...

it's moochers ...from beyond the grave!





that work?

Alright, who turned on the italics and left them running?

On the subject of the article, I can't figure out what's more amusing, the names of the people giving the predictions, or that people actually believe this stuff.


Notice that no one is predicting any hit singles from her ..

close italics tag

Let's give a big Hooray! to MOTW!

Y'know, I really DID put the "close italics" tag in. This is the second time that it didn't work, however. Is this correct? "<" "/" "i" ">" (Without the quotation marks.)

Also predicted in an ethereal trailer park moment by one of the " seers " ..."Kevin's new mantra will soon be do you want that supersized ..."

All the HTML help you'll ever need.

"Her moon is a female planet, and it's in a male sign - Leo. The ruler of the fifth house is the moon, and it's in a masculine sign. I'm going to say it's a male child," said New York City astrologer Zoltana.

With all that iron-clad evidence, the best The Amazing Zoltana can do is an iffy "I'm going to say..."? Don't tell me that moons, even when they're planets, can be wrong.

Trystan - I have trouble with the html end tag for italics, too, and I was wondering if you use Netscape or not. I'm wondering if Netscape is the problem.

Aunt Nancy --

I usually use Mozilla. Since Microsoft owns the universe, Internet Explorer is more the industry standard and everything seems to work properly therein. (I have to compose my blog on IE, for example.) It might just be Mozilla and Netscape that are the problem . . . although it worked just fine for me before the blog was updated.

Let's try THIS. (Did it work?)

Yup. This time, per Pogo's HTML help page, I used capital "I"s instead of lower case. Maybe that was the problem.

I've noticed that, using Netscape if you type after an html closer, you usually don't have problems. But when the closer is the last thing typed, then sometimes you have trouble.

Maybe the problem is gremlins. Are your lights on?

*zips in*

*decides to try closing italics with a capital "I"*

*crosses fingers*

Boy oh boy, if I had a nickel for everytime I've backspaced when closing italics because I accidentally used a capital "I"......

*wonders why this "I" looks different from the one in her previous post*

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