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August 27, 2005


They're still winning.

(Thanks to Andy the Tropic Hunt Guy)


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yea! we're up.


I can understand burning a couch because you found snakes under it... I once sold a car simply because my dog threw up in the change holder. If I'd had access to matches, who knows what might have transpired.

She had a couch on her PORCH? How did she protect it from getting wet and moldy? EEWWWW!!! No wonder there were snakes living in it. YUCK!!

Of course the snakes are winning. I swear, you'd think people would have a little more common sense.

*re-reads comment*

Somebody help! I'm turning into my mother!

The picture tells the whole story - the house really burned!!!!!

And yes Bumble, you are. Please stop.

Ha-ha El. Very funny. :-)

Aunt Nancy, lots of people in the south have couches on their Covered porches. It's a pleasant place to spend an evening. Neighbors, walking by, stop to visit.

As for how she got rid of the snakes:

Gee, who knew flames go UP? Duh.

When my twins were two years old, they were playing on the patio of my Upstate NY home.

I was out there supervising when I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that a green snake had popped it's head out between the bricks.

It must've been fifty feet long, and that was just what was ABOVE ground.

I yelled, "OMG, it's a snake!" and the three of us went into Three Stooges mode, frantically elbowing each other through the back door.

Hayley screamed, "OMG, it's a snake!" at the top of her lungs, which, incidentally, was her first complete sentence.

Snakes are bad, but I'd be more scared of "Old Man Phifer up the road" or that scarey dentist with the giant cranium in the ad on the right. I wouldn't want any of them on my couch.

Amy - snork. You'll always have that memory to cherish, when she goes (or went) off to college, walks down the aisle, etc., of your little one's first sentence, "OMG, it's a snake!"

Re-enactments should provide excellent entertainment for grandchildren.

Off topic, but.....

Maud - warm enough for you today????

I save the most embarrassing re-enactments for their boyfriends. After all, what's a mother for?

Sondra - Are the porches enclosed, or just covered? I mean, this sounded like your standard living room couch, not a metal or wicker made-for-outdoors "couch" with waterproof cushions. My Mom has an "outdoor" couch on her screened-in porch. It still gets wet but is made to withstand the elements. Maybe I'm dense (goes without saying?) but I'm not following the logic here. Assuming there is logic here.

El: Fancy meeting you here!

Nancy, I think we can safely assume this was a living room couch, tastefully planted on her front porch, surrounded by carefully chosen chochkas and complimentary throw pillows.

Not to mention an old, rusty car on the lawn.

*signals Sanford and Son theme song*

I'm also picturing one of those crocheted (sp?) throw things (a la Roseanne) over the back of it - with holes!

*waves just a friendly hi to Amy*

thinks to herself, this is my lucky day....

Yum, charbroiled snakes. They taste like chicken ya know. Well...that's what I heard.


OK, so it's not a hurricane, just heat and humidity. Personally, I'd prefer a hurricane...a nice, wet, cold hurricane (in which no-one gets hurt.) I don't have A/C so, to sum up, AAUUGGHHHH! (I hope you're bearing up.)

at least the dog was OK

I once observed some soldiers (not Americans) douse a rat with lighter fluid and set it on fire. It immediately ran into an ammunition bunker and set off a long and spectacular fireworks display.

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As for a couch on the porch - where do YOU live? As Jeff Foxworthy says: "If your lawn furniture used to be your living room furniture..." [YMBAR]

Why do I have the feeling this lady would have reacted the same way if the uninvited visitors on her porch were neighbor kids rather than wildlife?

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