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August 10, 2005


She's getting $6K more for fixing her mistakes?

(Thanks to Poop Dogg)


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Fursd !

."...the 16-foot circular mosaic, made up of 175 historical names and cultural words. " ....Gee which cultural words ?

I cna’t blvieee it! Popele sohduln’t be rwadreed for msslnpielig tignhs, how culod smthoineg lkie taht hpepan in the frist pacle, for cyinrg out luod . . .

I don't know, but I've got a few cultural words for this.

If I were a rich man...yada yada.

Man, we're going to have a lot of rich people out of this posting. The title alone is worth $12K!

No, she's getting 6K plus expenses, which given the scrutiny that she's enduring will probably include some sort of punitive damage or emotional distress component.

it's about damn time she fixed it.

"Just because you're misunderstood, doesn't make you an artist." - Dunno

Oops! I just deleted all the financial files after accidentally sending 11 million dollars to on offshore account and mailing a nasty letter to the CEO with my boss' forged signature on it.

I'll fix it if you give me a raise...

lol, she's must need the $6K because she can't even pay the bills for her website

Or maybe it's just down because she's revising it for msiteaks.

She "...threatened to throw a rock at a print photographer.

“No pictures of me!” she yelled. “If I’m in it, I’m going to sue you.” "

Nice lady.

Livermore citizen: Here Ma'am. Let me help you across the street.
Aquilar: Wait! The light is still red! I'm not going tha...AAAAAAH!
Livermore citizen: Oh, don't walk. But I thought spelling didn't matter! My bad.

They should misspell HER name...on the $6,000 check.

I find it highly amusing that they quoted a person with the last name of Smyth...

This happened not far from where I live, so there's been a lot about it in the local papers. Apparently, she kind of held them up for the money, since there's a law in this state (stupidity) that says you can't change a piece of public art without the artist's approval, even if she is an evil moron. So it was pay up or forever be known as the City of Idiots. (Personally, I would have gone with option b).

......includung Einstein which was originally spelled "Eistein". Chronicle photo by Michael Maloney


Slyeyes! I'm goung to sue you!

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