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August 25, 2005


Kevin has a sort of job!


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why does he need a job? isn't britney seriously filthy stinkin rich?

Yeah, well, he needs to be on his toes.

i thought maybe they hired him to market the new britney spears knocked-up trailer ho barbie

it also comes with video camera kevin, who will record the birth on live television

it takes two to tango, two to tango...

OH! Hi Amy, I didn't see you until just this minute!!! How's it going?

*no zipping out now*

Didn't Madonna also marry a dancer?

What's with this kid?

I couldn't stand it any longer and decided to leave a post, even if it's lame.

there are no lame posts, only posts that are lame...er...something like that

marriage to the Toxic singer

Yep, that's pretty much what I think of her, too.

Nuff said.

About time. Deadbeat!

Thank God!! I was so worried about that baby having an unemployed daddy.

could it be possible that this "job" incident is somehow related to a previously posted "book" incident involving this same individual?

won't this guy seriously damage his "cred" by being associated with books and jobs.


Well, i may be greasy, slimy, and smelly, but i gots me a job now! i wanna be someone my kids can respect, no matter who their mommas are! Somebody's gotta put Cheetos on the table. Brit keeps askin' for something called "froot". i say, takes one to know one, har!

Ah, golly gee wiz guys.

Am I so lost from pop culture that 'Toxic singer' didn't get a comment from any of you who are hip and astute ? Was Toxic really a name for a rock band.

Damn! I'm getting old. -- But I DID remember 'Katrina and the Waves.'

After further review by the instant replay official the call from the field has been reversed.
Britanny is still TOXIC but ELLE caught that first.

I thought dance instructors had to be somewhat attractive ?

K-fed is just trying to postpone the moment at which his child becomes more useful to society than he is.

It's now after little Preston is born.

oooh, now that's a dancer.
where do i sign up for the pechanga lessons?

ppfftt, lessons with patrick i mean!

Do any of you great researchers out there know of a way I could find a link either to a specific Calvin & Hobbes comic, or a reference that could tell me which book I could find it in? I have all the books, I just don't know where to find the one I want. In it, Hobbes is napping on the floor, and Calvin comes in and says, " 'Tiger, Tiger burning bright in the forests of the night.' Blake wrote that. Apparently the tiger was on fire. How strange." And then Hobbes rolls over and says "sheesh." Or something like that. Help?

I won't believe a word of this until I hear it from someone who has an abnormally large head and scary teeth.

s'okay, ibid - you and I must be the only ones who escaped her brainwashing. :)

Bumble, after much research and considerable snorking I have come to the conclusion we both disremember the cartoon in question. I can't find it anywhere in my collection, which I think is complete. However, at the bottom of page 16 of Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons is a strip that has everything except Blake's The Tyger.

Stupendous Man~ Sorry you went to such great lengths. I posted that request in two threads. I found it, or rather gooberette found the reference for me, using the one google keyword I didn't try. :-) Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, pg. 86

"The Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cats" WBAGNFARB!

Yes, but Bill Watterson would never let it fly. :-)

Can you branch out into acting and directing without actually doing either?

In that case, I am too.

I'm also an endorser and a stunt pilot.

so, is Britney our new Cher?

Britney is our new Liza.

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