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August 11, 2005


Don't spit and drive.


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Don't worry, I won't . . .

Also, don't blog to dead links.

This is why I hear the 2006 Ford Focus comes with a spitoon.

Sometimes things like this just happen . . .

I get really annoyed when people flick their cigarette butts out of car windows. If the day ver comes when a hawked up tobacco loogee bounces off my windshield...there's gonna be a serious road rage incident.

Is this a variation on "Stop Drop and Roll"?

(Spit Drop and Roll - eh, not good advice)

*zips in*

Spitting is disgusting and there should be a law against it, particularly in Major League baseball games - small children shouldn't see things like this!

*zips out before someone spits on her*

I wish I was the sound effects guy in a made-for-tv movie based on this winner:

*humming* "At the copa (CO!) Copacabana (Copacabana)"
*click. creak*
*whump whump groan*
*screaming* "Son of a %&*# goat %&*@ing piece of !%&$"

**SNORK** Fed!

I used to date a guy who fell out of his truck(operative words USED TO).

He was late for a softball game (as usual) and was changing clothes in the truck as he drove. After he fell out, he also chased the truck. Didn't catch it.

To this day, he does not believe that changing clothes was the reason for the accident. He says 5 things occurred at the same time which caused the accident. If any one of the 5 hadn't happened, there would have been no accident:

1) the floor mat was slippery and he couldn't get traction; (????????????)
2) he wasn't wearing a seatbelt;
3) the door hinges were rusty (old truck);
4) at this point, I stopped listening
5) at this point I left the room and kept on walking.

Remember, operative words USED TO.

I don't suppose this woman has ever heard of just opening the window.

Sly- If I had a truck, I'd fall out of it for you. 8)
*this has been your daily installment of sweet thoughts for southerners*

Doolin Doolin Doolin
Leaned out too far when droolin'
Got road rash, that's no foolin'

Her body's really achin'
And grief her pride is takin'
For spittin' and fallin' to rawhide

Leanin' out wear your belt
Wear your belt leanin' out
Leanin' out spit it out Rawhide!
*whip crack*

When you drive save your hide
Gotta spit, swallow it
It's not worth shreddin' it.
Save your darned fool hide!

* doolin doolin doolin *
* heeyah! *

Fed, :)

You have your own stories about cars, dontcha? What did you call it....Buick surfin'?

That was a funny story.

(but please don't do that again!!)

hmm hm hmm hm hmm hmmmmm
hmm hm hmm hm hmm hmmmmm
hmm hm hmm hm hmm hmmmmmmmm....
Thanks MOTW ;)

Hey Sly,
Yeah, we crammed a lot of stupid into that little adventure. It was really fun though, until officer middleton, queen jackass supreme of all law enforcement officers reared his ugly head. We did get off with a warning (read: insult) though.

I submit that the head injuries were a pre-existing condition.

*swoons* Federal Duck said thanks to moi. My week is complete.

my mom told me that ladies don't spit. that must be why.

*trying NOT to imagine the "road rash" she got*

IF I was that car I'd keep on going too. IDIOT OWNER!

Sly, ROTFLMAO at the floor mat was slippery and he couldn't get traction

And you dated this guy?

Fedduck: I hope you're satisfied! I snorked Dr Pepper out my nose and all over the keyboard; I'm just lucky it didn't short out! I hope the Spanish Inquisition rescues you prematurely from Castle Anthrax and pokes you with the soft cushions in the comfy chair, you toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!

The Acting Deputy Minister Of Silly Walks, Monster from the Id

That was Darwin's way of taking this girl out of the gene pool. Too bad she only bounced.

If I was the car, I'd of kept going too. Apparently suicide by culvert was more acceptable than having her get back behind the wheel.

And Sly - why was the floor mat wet? I think that is the important question.

suicide by culvert

*snork* LMAO!!!!

Good one, S.N. Also WBAGNFA(goth)RB -

With culvert of course being the name of the lead singer!

Note to self: Try to finish thought in one post.

A sure-fire future Darwin award winner there.

Glad this didn't happen in Ohio.

Good one MOTW.

Spitting out the car. I knew that was the reason I broke up with the guy I had been seeing.

The peeing outside...the nose blowing in clothing...nope. Spitting out the car window while driving down the road...*shudder*

After a car trip when he was driving, I looked at the side of the car...a loogie all over the car.


And you dated this guy?


SN, I didn't say the floor mat was wet, it was slippery. As memory serves, he had a vinyl mat and he had left a bucket of greasy fried chicken sitting on it the night before.

Looks like Slobbin Droolin, I mean, Robbin Doolin, should have just rolled down the window. How far was she leaning out? Was she spitting or looking for her contact lens? Well Robbin, you know what they say, "May the road rise up to meet you...."

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