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August 24, 2005


They are completely  out of control.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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First, EH?

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation would be a good name for ... oh nevermind.

All I need is new nylons , and a new Lincoln ...And a new lamp ...New nylons , a new Lincoln and a new lamp ...And this new paddle ball ..New nylons , a new lincoln a new lamp and this new paddle ball ...And ..

Some random thoughts:

1) How nice for this couple to win the lottery. Congrats to them!

2) I'll bet their kids are thrilled, inheritance-wise.

3) Wouldn't it be a cruel twist of fate if the couple left all their lottery winnings to charity?

just sayin'

This situation has 'Power of Attorney' written all over it.

observer - I agree, and they better be quick about it!

They can't let that 90-year-old man have a car! Well, I guess he can *have* the car, but they probably shouldn't let him drive it.

I wish that if I win the lottery I can say "Nylons" instead of saying, "Yeah, I can easily spend half of that paying off all my bills."

Damn student loans. :)

ain't this typical. folks like me who have big and definite plans NEVER win.

oh you can bet he'll drive it. all the way to florida, peering over the wheel, going all of 40 mph with the left turn signal on.

let them get a lincoln. and a driver. these people grew up during the depression. they have no idea how to spend big or live large... a refreshing change.


7.5 million ...She can talk him into buying alot of viagra with that kind of scratch ..

Here, here, queensbee.
Aunt Nancy (2) - their kids are probably 65+.

Think of the grand and great-grand children who will "suddenly" want to go visit them in the nursing home now.

Man, that couple is going to have the best prune juice.

People, people, this is 7.5 million CANADIAN, after conversion and taxes they'll top what? 85 bucks?

How much are nylons in Canada, anyway?

My computer won't let me e-mail the blog. Can someone forward this link to Dave/Judi--hilarious story! Thanks.

(Teaser: Headline is "2 suspects, parakeet are sought in robbery.")

Does Anna Nicole know about this guy?

Hey, I just happen to have a pair of nylons I can sell her. As luck would have it, they are on sale this week for a piddling C$6 million.

~and how long has it been since she bought a new pair?

Sarcasmo: after conversion and taxes they'll top what? 85 bucks?

84.50 You forgot the special tax on nylons to help with the war effort.

And buying a Lincoln doesn't automatically get him an A-ration card either.

Just wait until this couple finds out about Lawrence Welk on MP3s, and Matlock Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. (I'm shamed by my ageism, but not too much to post it.)


oohhhh that is so wrong


(re: anna nicole)

I haven't gone to sleep yet but all ready am having nightmares over an 89 year old woman struttin' her (saggy) stuff in her spankin' new nylons. Hey, I'm an old hag myself, so it's not youthful snobbishness or whatever. It's, uh, well, just ew, ew ,eeeewwwwww!

New Nylons...

That article left out their next purchase.

New Rubbers...

Just came from the airport, got run over buy a plump, frantic blonde bimbo mumbling something about cranapple, no cannibis,oh CANADA! That's it!

Gives "got lucky" a whole new meaning.

*looks over her shoulder for Eleanor*

I would rather be 7 1/2 with 89 million, but that's just me.

think of it this way, she'll never have to wear the same nylons twice...

If I won the lottery, I'd go for a pair of nylons too. I just haven't figured out who would be in them

I bet you know what your "special purpose" is for!


*zips in and looks around*

OH - hi Amy, I didn't know you were here - how's it going?

Good article - yeah, nylons, it's about nylons - very funny!

*zips out*

Deli Express Turkey Sandwiches Recalled

Headline from an article in the NYTimes!

I hate it when you can't find a good turkey sandwich!

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