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August 29, 2005


Now they're using jellyfish.

(Thanks to HGR219)


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at least it wasn't giant squid.

Ahhhh..an ABNORMALLY large amount of jellyfish in the cooling system......I see....

Could have been crocodiles.
Which would you prefer?

It's always something...

And thanks to me, too (toots her own horn). ;)

no wonder jellyfish glow in the dark

Abnormal Accumulation wb....

Oh jelly FISH - I thought they said jelly donuts

MMmmmm, jelly donuts.

On the plus side, the cafeteria at the plant has an excellent all-you-can-eat calamari special...

Did anyone notice this plant has been in operation since 1972 and produces 10% of the electrical power for the entire country?

...and thanks to me too! (honk) :o)

Um... isn't calamari squid? Nice try, though.

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