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August 29, 2005


(Thanks to James McCall)


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His son, two daughters and a cousin are all regularly fired from one of five cannons they own.

And Mrs Smith is the one lighting the torch.

"I keep tellin' 'em not to come back, but they do. So I keep firing them away agin and agin."

The family that plays together, stays together. Can't even begin to fathom what their life insurance payments must be like though.

This would explain the recent satellite imagery of an attempted illegal border crossing.

Where are the Minutemen when you really need them?

"Mr Smith, a professional cannonball, and his son, also a professional canonball..."

I bet Mr Smith is glad his son wasn't born a professional firefighter...MRS. Smith would have some 'splainin' to do.

His son, also a human cannonball...

His birth must have scared the bejezus out of the doctor....and knocked a few holes in the wall.

They call it 'art', but it sure ain't sm-art!

Oh, wait..his name is Smith...Sm...art...smart.

Dang-it, they got me again...

We here in San Diego were proud to host this groundbreaking - oh, wait, there was a net - um, border-busting event. And it's nice to see someone take a safer-than-usual approach to irregular border crossing. No wandering through the desert, no high-speed chases by the border patrol; just a nice, controlled cannon-shot into a net.

Yes, Maud, I agree - very tidy!

And what a worthwhile life ambition for a family!!!

Mr. Smith was promptly hired by a local businessman as a groundskeeper

Great, more professional cannon ball jobs lost to immigrants.

It's so good we have artists of the caliber of Mr.Smith...

*thankful the article didn't mention the fact that this nutjob is from Missouri*



I forwarded this item (as I do all snake, squirrel and occasional goat terrorism attacks updates) to a friend of mine who is actually on the anti-terrorism task force for the DoD. He hasn't blocked my email yet and thanks us for our unceasing vigilance. He advises me that the border patrol will be on the alert for huge safety nets that might appear on our borders. Also that the Phalanx gun is an excellent deterent for both incoming Exocet missiles and human cannon balls. That is all.

So I guess this means the Coyotes (people smugglers) are going to be investing in cannons and catapults, instead of vans??

So does this guy write "cannonball" as his occupation on his income tax return? Does anyone in the IRS question this?

There was a great picture of this in our local rag, but their web site is so truly awful that it wasn't there....:(

At last count 25,000 Mexicans were joining art class.

You know, as public art goes, I think this one is a winner. Think about it: nothing was mispelled, nothing was made out of feces, and no nice places were ruined by the addition of large pieces of rusted metal. Besides, who doesn't want to see a guy go flying through the air into a net?

Unlike the beautiful Eleanor, my fellow San Diegan, I completely missed hearing about this event until I visited a Florida-based blog that referred me to a British news site. Sheesh!

If the professional cannonballs end up in California I wonder where the amature cannonballs end up.

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