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August 31, 2005


This one, for example.

(Sent in by everybody on Earth)


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that's buttE rhymes with beaut.

butt itt is funny tto see.

poor Javier, he must have really liked tthatt hatte.

sorry poor Ishmael

Javier Flores is a differnt guy

well, Mr. Flores could tell an Elephant's Butte from a hole in the ground!

But the question is, did crews have to snake a high-pressure hose with a spiked end in there to get him out?

Doesn't there have to be more to this story?

It was a lake, right? Could this guy not swim? And if so, why would he jump in after a hat? They even threw him a life vest.

No, I think it's clear from the unspoken story behind the story that Angela Lansbury had him offed after a passionate disagreement involving steamed carrots.

Truth or Consequences, NM???

Note the town from whence this story came: Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Guess the poor chap met his consequences in the Reservoir of Elephant's Butte. Charlie, tell Javier what he's won!

What about the hat? What happened to the hat? If he jumped in after a child or a puppy, I bet they would have mentioned what happened to them!

... or, make that his "parting" gifts.

poor orphaned hat.

Wow, all the way to 10 comments and no one has mentioned Lt. Jimmy Glascock?!?

I don't have a witty comment, I just can't believe no one's mentioned it.

But seriously, his last name's Glascock, and his parents think Jimmy is the way to go? Richard must've already been taken.

I know Sarcasmo , that is the thing that stuck out in this article ..

Speaking of losing one's dignity at the very end, check out the description of this guy's hobbies, about two-thirds of the way through the obit.

xmnr: OHMY!! as a former obit writer that is absolutely inexcusable. yet humorous! poor family.

*goes to e-mail the story to Dave so he can be in the 'credits'*

Am I the only sicko here, or does an elephant's mouth remind you of another body part?

so Amy that is a two part question, right?

my reply, 1)no, 2)yes.

Did anybody read the article at right about the missing car key?

There are so many unanswered questions in this article. Like, what happened to the hat? Did the hat, with a life of its own it was trying to save, purloin the personal flotation device thrown to Flores? Was the hat holding a week's wages in its band? Or did the hatband hold a small scrap of paper with the phone number of Melinda, the one the peasants call "the Goddess of Doom"? Is the hat at Melinda's place now wrapping its brim around a cold Corona? Are the two billing and cooing? Or are they doing the Mexican Hat Dance? There are lots of questions here.

"who apparently drown after jumping off a boat"

Way to use the grammar. Give me an E! Give me a D!

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