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August 29, 2005


Next time this guy has a problem with the bank, he'll call customer service and wait on hold like everybody else.


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I'll call 'em crawfish, as long as you don't try to make me eat the little buggers.


you'll call 'em crawfish?


have you no damnyankee pride?

I say compromise. Use crayfish or crawdads.


TCK, my mother grew up in North Carolina, and my father in Kentucky. Just because I had the misfortune to grow up in Indiana doesn't make me a yankee. I eat my creamed corn on biscuits with bacon as God intended. And even if I were a yankee, I wouldn't be a damned yankee. I've been saved; I'm heavenbound! ;-)

Blue, how the heck is "crayfish" a compromise?

you're takin' TC's side, aren't ya...


hey! how 'bout "mudbugs"...does that work for y'all?

(thanks, Bumble...I won't make ya eat any, ok?)



and Bumble - sorry, i shouldn't of assumed you were a damnyankee based purely on geography - hope this won't keep ya from puttin in a good word for me with the Big Guy once ya make it to heaven - i may be in sore need of savin at that point

and i think Blue's got the right idea here - compromise and call em crayfish

Whatever you call em, just bite and suck.

that's what he said

Thanks southerngirl. *phew*

TCK, I kind of hope I won't get there before you, but if I do, I will. And I don't have to be there to put in a good word for you; I can do it from here.

*says a little prayer*

Just did. :-)

TC, he was wrong.

sly, don't ya know that that's why craWfish are such happy creatures? they're always gettin' their tails pinched and their heads sucked. :)

thanks bumble :)

i hope you don't get there ahead of me either

s'girl, I didn't know you were a Red Sox fan, condolences.....;)

I am definitely round, not sure lately what I am about.

But I need a nap. Stayed up 'til after 2 talking to some disgruntled friends. Was unfortunately unable to regruntle them. At least I am not the reason for their lack of gruntleaciousness. But they still won't come to my show, which does make me sad. Then had to get up early to take the puppy (have I mentioned the puppy yet? mini-schnauzer. cute.) to the vet for her shots.

Did I post a picture of the puppy on my blog yet? I don't think so. Will try to get to that in a minute. Hopefully will be around here late tonight, after the karaoke is over. Missing everyone.

Missing you too, ASK. :(

Bumble- Yes Leslie Howard. My sister had it on surround sound and my room is next to the Family room. I ended up watching the PBS Friday night Movie. Seattle PBS has a classic movie every Friday. Great stuff. This one starred Doris Day. I had to keep telling my self, "Don't take this movie Seriosly, that would be a mistake."
Don Deloise in an early role was pretty amazing.
I guess the reason why I hate the Scarlet Pimpernel is that I had to recently study that period in history. Not to mention Les Miserables, and A Tale of Two Cities -only seen the Wishbone version though- Speak about it much better.
The Scarlet Pimpernell was really just some guy trying to support his Cause but not give answers. He was not a hero to the oppressed, he was a guy saving people he knew.
Sorry, I had to watch it twice. Once was enough for me.

Anyway, I did see an awsome show that brought me to tears of joy. It was a PBS special called Wide Angle. It was about the IT Boom in India. Before this movie all the shows I saw where of people trying to get respect, enough money to live, and then maybe let the women make them food. I saw Women take charge of themselves. Roomates, friends, Marriage by choice, and an economy that was building up. Still gets to me. Such a joy is difficult to describe.
And then a shot of Turkey, women being forced to wear the headress. Such a shock to my system. I was actually going to write about it here.
Then I check up top to see what people had to say on the blog, and it seems and entire Political debate has started over it. I was sitting there trying to figure out how to put words to my thoughts. And then make sure they where English.

Hard words where said. And no answers. Just hard words. And simply no place for me to say anything.
So I came back this morning and it seems they have gotten over the words said. Which is a good thing.

Sorry lots of thoughts. I have seen answers, and people who are able to get over there cultural problems. So it is not a hopeless situation. And maybe the future will have more hope for many more people. I hope people take notice of it.

And it is great to see that ASK is doing so well. I have been in those meetings. The school board had me film them. I do have to say the speaker was pretty funny.

I better get some jokes here pretty fast.

Um Tus gullos walk into a bar!

Can't get the pic of the puppy to cooperate with blogger, so here it is.

Once again, All puppies are cute. The problem is raising them to be dogs.


I missed ya, too! glad you're still alive and kickin'. :)

s'girl, I didn't know you were a Red Sox fan, condolences.....;)

Posted by: Eleanor | 04:11 PM on August 19, 2006

I am?!?

*re-reads earlier comments*

*still doesn't get it*


maybe I should stop drinkin' now? ;)

ASK is about AND around. Be welcomed!

s'girl, I thought you said mumble grumble damn yankees and the Yankees are playing and beating the stuffing out of the Red Sox. So that's what I thought you meant.

Now I understand. You live in the south and think of the northerners as yankees, yes? :)

*giggles* El, it's not always about baseball. Sometimes it's about craw/y/dads/fish

El- That was Bumble. And there is anohter reference to Yankees. They are New England folk that are pretty straight faced and harsh worded.
When telling a Yankee joke the Yankee usually wins.

A guy is driving down an old New England road. He stops in a pretty rural town to ask directions. A steady build yankee gives him directions.
"Oh and what is the speed limit here?"
"What ever you want."
"Yep, it will be better when your gone."

How does one spell gon?

i know some canadians that refer to anyone livin south of their border as "yank"

even southerngirl

I was reffered to as "The Yank in a good disguise" while living in England.

*Quietly leaves a "Huh?" at Kilt doorstep.*


I get it!

Yankees Rule! (the baseball team)


Note how I didn't mention the rest of the Mariners. It seems they might be traded to the Yankees.

ASK, your dog is the cutest little thing I've seen in ages. Awwwwwwww!

Milton Berle: "My wife won't give me a divorce until she can find a way of doing it with out making me happy."
"A woman had fourteen kids and finally got a divorce for compatability."

Crap! I offended everyone!

I'm not offended, but probably everyone went to bed

El!! I get it now!!

ok, so I'm a little slow tonite. but actually, I was referrin' to those damnyankees who refuse to say "crawfish" correctly, even tho they know better. ;)

and, um...

I know some canadians that refer to anyone livin south of their border as "yank"

even southerngirl

Posted by: TCK | 07:21 PM on August 19, 2006

even southerngirl?!?

Nice to be missed, but would much rather be with you all so that you wouldn't have to miss me.

Bad night at the show, good show, but not much to do to fix the night.

Thanks, MIK, she is adorable - but like most cute kids, she knows it.

Love you all, back when I can be.

Sorry about the damn yankees winning, but ya know, that seems to happen a lot. But anyone who calls me or SG a yankee is in for a beating.

Well New England was everyone rebelling against the British. The term Yankee meant all of the Americans even at that time. Yankee Doodle Dandy was a song about the loopy Americans.

The South tried to change it during the Civil War, Saying they were not New Englanders. But really it is a term that refers to all Americans. And since the South has not risen again, they fall under the term American, and thus Yankee.

Kind of funny, in Argentina they refer to us as John Keys. If you pronounce the word Yankee with an Argentine accent, it comes out like that.

Even more interesting is the idea that we can refer to our selves as Americans, even though we do not include all the American lands. So it gets kind of fun to discuss and read up about.

Wow ASK- I didn't see your post when I was writing my post.
We wish you could post more often with us as well. Enjoy your classes.

*jumps through Kilt on pogo stick while whistling Yankee Doodle in a dandy fashion*

This is such a diverse country. Some folks spend their Sunday mornings at Church, others sleep in or wrestle with the newspaper, others are chasing golf balls, and finally there are those who choose to climb onto their pogo sticks and whistle Yankee Doodle.

I am so proud of this nation.

Hey, ASK...



Blue, that was so touching!


*places hand over heart and softly hums "Proud to Be An American*

hey ASK! thanks for watchin' my back. I bet you even say "crawfish." ;D

psst...did ya hear what KDF called ya?

K, you are in trouble now!

Good morning!! My parents have church at 1pm, much later than my normal 9am, but not necessarily better.

*skips out to shower and get ready*


Yankee sly came through the kilt,
riding on a pogo.
Made the kilties so darn proud
just looking at her go-go.

Yankee slyeyes, keep it up!
Bouncing 'round so dandy.
Just don't hop on someone's toe
or you won't get no candy.

(what do you want? not much rhymes with dandy.)

*applauds Bumble!*

hey, Sarah


*snork* @ Bumble! you go, girl! ;)

hey, El...need a smoke? ;)

*joins in applause for Bumble*

*takes bow and goes back to working on the craft project she's been putting off for two weeks*

If you are planning to eat them, they are crawfish. If you are planning to dissect them in a lab, they are crayfish. If you are 5 years old, and not about to eat them or dissect them, they are crawdads.

*makes plans to tackle K as soon as she makes it to Texas*

S'girl, the simul wore me out, I took a nap and just woke up!
psssst, so I guess I was the guy, if I went to sleep right after, eh? ;)


very diplomatic, ASK. ;P

and *snork* at El!

Thank goodness. I thought I'd kilt the kilt.

*goes back to turning her balls*

*waits for the refined kilties to look puzzled and ask what she's talking about while the crass kilties make dirty jokes (NTTAWWT)*

*looks puzzled*

why, Bumble, whatever do you mean?

*Innocent Look™*

I'm making Christmas balls.

You squirt acrylic paint inside clear glass balls and turn them a quarter turn every five or ten minutes for an hour or so until the colors swirl together and create a kind of marbleized effect. You turn them upside down until they draining, then let them dry for a few days (turning them infrequently) and put the metal tops with the little wire loopy things back in, and voila! You've got lovely custom painted Christmas ornaments; also known as cheap Christmas gifts.

My friend Ann and I made them as favors for her wedding; she's getting married in December. I liked them so much I decided to make some myself. Between the broken ones and the few that turned out ugly, I lost several from this batch, so I think I'm going to do another dozen sometime this week.

*contemplates sending Christmas balls to kilties trusting enough to provide their addresses (and favorite colors)*

Crap. You turn them upside down until they drain.

Here are the instructions we used.


Bumble...blue and green. :)

(black wouldn't really make such a good Christmas ornament, would it?)

Sarah- Yeah, it's a nice little craft. They come out very pretty.

southerngirl- Surprisingly, the green and blue ornaments I've tried haven't meshed too well; I'm not sure why. What I've found works best is to pick one or two colors and mix them with either a metallic (gold, silver, copper) or white pearl. It cuts the colors and keeps them from warring too much, and gives it a nice sparkle. However, I tried a green and bronze today (and a red and bronze), and the bronze just completely disappeared in the green; you can't tell there was any bronze in it at all. Something's the matter with the bronze paint I bought; it's too thin and it doesn't coat well. I'm going to get some copper at Hobby Lobby tomorrow between classes. They were out when I went before, and that color seemed to work better when Ann and I did it. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I will make you either blue or green with the metallic of your choice. My blue and green ornament from today turned rather muddy. Blue or green mixed with gold or silver turns out nice. I'm partial to blue myself (and it won't blend into your Christmas tree as much as green will) but it's your call. I had a nice green-and-gold today after the bronze fiasco. And a lovely blue-and-silver, too.

The color black can be very beautiful. Especially with a lighter color around it. Like Light Blue. Or white.

Oo Bleu and Silver.

of course just about any color would be lighter than black. Please not brown.

Bumble - cool! I like the blue and purple and white ones.

ASK - Oh yeah? You know I'll tackle right back. You know, one Yankee to another.


Eleanor! 2-0 Red Sox, but yuck re the rain delay. Of course, this happens for the one game that I can watch on ESPN. I'll be patient, and hope for the rain to stop.

*waits, opens umbrella*

I know, it's not raining in here. But still. It feels supportive.

Alfred, you're right. I like black, as in t-shirts and such, but I just didn't think it would make such a good Christmas ornament, ya know? ;)

Bumble, I'm definitely a silver person, not gold. so...blue and silver it is! besides, I like the way blue ornaments look against the green tree. :)

and check your e-mail...ok, I didn't respond yet, but I'm goin' to right now. :)

ok, gimme a minute, Bumble, cuz KDF wasn't there when I hit post, and I gotta say somethin' to her first.

:-) I'll do another batch sometime this week, and then I'll take a digital pic of them all to post on the Y kilt and you can pick and choose. Alfred, I'll get some black paint and attempt a black-and-pearl if you really want me to. I've done pearl with chocolate brown, and it turns out nice. My other fav is gold, silver and pearl together. Looks sparkly but subtle, and very festive.

*tries to remember what she wanted to say to K*

oh, yeah! I remember now!!

K, you can tackle ASK if ya want to, (hehehe) BUT he ain't no yankee. ;P

*note to all her "yankee" friends...no offense intended*

and um, I really don't think you're supposed to open an umbrella in the house. I think it's bad luck or somethin'. ya know, like if ya do it you might run out of tequila...


oh, the humanity (not O. the Umanity)

psst, sg, I know, but he issued a challenge, and I couldn't resist

and never mind the geography -- I'm not one either, dammit!

*stashes umbrella, because tempting fate is never a good thing*

Game's back on!

Kathy. I too was annoyed by the rain delay, but when I came in here - surprise - the score was 3-2 Yankees!

Guess you shouldn't have opened that umbrella...

*zips back to the game*

Kath, the game is on again tomorrow, on ESPN2 at 10:00a.m. PDT....

Damn umbrella!

since in a little over 12 hours school starts, and i go back to being a reponsible member (heh-heh, i said 'responsible') of society, i will make the following observation:

"i would rather be the yankee than the yanker."


insom~ Think of me fondly tomorrow at 11:30 when I'm in my first class of the semester. I assure you I'll be doing the same of you. :-)

And at 5:30 when I get to my first calculus class, I'll be wondering what your damage is that you want to teach such a dreadful subject. ;-)

*prays she has good teachers this semester*
*whimpers and casts angry glances at her stuffed backpack while preparing for bed, where she'll have nightmares about having tests she's not prepared for*

I've been out of high school for 4 years, but last year (at the height of final exam stress) I dreamed that my high school chem teacher kept calling on me to answer questions and I didn't know anything, so he was making fun of me and everybody was laughing. Then he produced brightly-colored snakes from somewhere inside his desk and threw them at me. *shudder*

Does anyone know where I can go to have my worry-wart gene and the knot in my tummy removed?

I'm going to the aquarium tomorrow with my family!! YAY! for jellyfish and otters!!

Ooh! I'm jealous, Sarah. I've never been to that one. Well, I have, but I was inside my mother, and she obstructed my view. Jellyfish are my favorite things to see. Fascinating creatures. Sea dragons are really cool too. They look like they're sprouting plants!

Last time I went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, it was a nightmare; it was Friday afternoon, and it was so stuffed with school kids you couldn't move or hear yourself think. But they had a baby Beluga. I think they've got another one now. I bought one of these when I was there, and last time my nephew was here, he was obsessed with it. He'd say, "Go to Aunt Bea's room and play with the Beluga! He's soft and white!" And now that's all he says when I talk to him on the phone; play with the Beluga. I'm going to order him one online for his birthday.

Bumble, SNAKES?!?

Sarah, that sounds like fun. after hurricane katrina, the new orleans aquarium was really messed up, but they just re-opened a couple months ago. it's really nice.

southerngirl~ Yeah, snakes. I've had some seriously wacky dreams in my time. Remind me to tell you about the one where the Borg took over Papa John's Pizza sometime. Right now I've got to get to bed; I'm going to have a loooong day tomorrow. G'night, Kilties!

'nite Bumble - have a good one tomorrow.

and you, too, Insom. :)

Blue, we'll be expectin' you to be here tomorrow mornin' with coffee and a smile on your face, got it? ;)

ok, we don't want the coffee to be on your face...


shuffles through in footie-pjs on the way to bed.

*yawns and waves goodnight at kilt*

Bumble, my school technically starts Monday, too, (but I found one assignment online Sunday night) and I'm nervous, too. And I'm already having bad dreams, when I can sleep. BUT... it will be good, for both of us.

*carefully considers insom's comment* Perhaps tonight's dreams will be of a different nature.

*quietly, slowly rolls in breakfast cart for the Kilties who need to wake up early today for their first day of school*

Blue and silver sounds nice. I'm not a gold person, either.

I admire the Kilties good at crafts projects.

Speaking of crafts... Can anyone direct me to a Sewing for Dummies website?

Good morning, Kilties.

Everyone, especially S-Girl, please help yourself to one of these and these.

I'm smiling.

*grabs a bagel, gives everybody big hugs, and dashes off to get dressed*

Hey there KILTies!! Here we go - another week of fun and frivolity attempting to avoid this mess here at work... GAWD this is frusteratin - ah well...

Good luck to all who start skool today - May all the stoodents have KILTie perfessors, and may all the Edjukators have KILTie stoodents!!

CR- If only. *sigh*

mornin' all - what Coast said.


glad you're smilin' - I'm laughin'. great way to start the day. :)

Hello! I made it to school, and I'm currently sitting in my first class. It starts in fifteen minutes. Guess what? It's a computer class! Yay!

I've had two classes that were in computer labs before. In one (creative writing) I emailed back and forth with my sister. In the other (the computer in business) I Christmas shopped for my mom during class. I think I'll blog in this one, unless the teacher is saying something important, of course. :-)

*wanders in*

Howdy, Kilties! Hope you all had a good weekend...I missed you while I was gone.

*sticks gold stars to everybody's foreheads*

I'm with Coast and Bumble...I'd just LOVE a classroom full of people like all of you. Good luck to profs and students alike...I myself am just on my way out the door.

*snags a bagel and goes off to edjookate some young-uns*

You can count on us to do everything we can to help further your education, Bumble.

Here's a bit of inspiration.

I just spent about ten minutes talking to people in person. IUK is corrupting me already! Heeeellllp!

Blue~ I hope I won't be expected to do that in any of my classes.

*wanders off to see if she can find her lit prof and the choir director before German starts*

I need to brag about meeting Dave Barry and see if I can join IUK singers after German.

Bis später!

Bumble - be sure and show the lit prof the photo of you and with Dave and Ridley. Also, make sure you tell the prof how you saved their lives.

Blue~ I saw her briefly in the hall; I didn't have time to tell her everything. But I'm going to send her an email tonight with a picture attached and put in the links to the two threads and tell her the whole story in more detail.

When I told her to guess what I did this summer, she said, "Saw your nephew?"

How well she knows me. :-)


Go Arie! he has written a couple books I recognise.

I have not begun to learn Java though. 5 languages at once is my limit.

My Arabic Teacher asks if I want to see my grades I say "C"!



Sorry for the Victorian maiden shriek there, but Coast scared the bejeezus out of me!

Yes Frightening. Though I am more into the Alfredic period. No apparent reason.

To show my true kindness check out this.

Eek! New record! 10 hour lull?

Did you people all go and get productive on me?


Oops. Ignore that. Dang dial up messed with me by showing sg's 9:23 as the last post.

I'll breathe now.

At the risk of sounding like a whiny brat (don't I always?), I must say that I don't wanna take calculus, and I don't see why I should have to. I'm never gonna use it, and it's hard. Waaaahhh!

*sniff* *whimper*

The problem is that I had pre-cal in the summer of '03, and I don't remember anything! I've forgotten functions, and am utterly lacking in logarithms. And I can't drop it; I need this course, and the last thing I want to do is re-take pre-cal, but I'm worried I'm not going to be able to make it through.

hey KDF! ya thought I kilt the kilt? ;)

and Bumble, don't look at me for help in calculus!

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