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August 29, 2005


Next time this guy has a problem with the bank, he'll call customer service and wait on hold like everybody else.


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Bumble--I'll keep quiet, but it'll cost you. Pass the peach cobbler.

*peeks over Coast's shoulder and sees he's actually watching "Touched by an Angler: Fishy Stories from the Stream"*

*steals his Groucho glasses and ducks VERY quickly*

Who's got it now?

Who's got it now?


And grrr.

I lied. We're having white cake with fresh sliced peaches on the side, and your choice of ice cream or cool whip.

*acts out the opening scene of Touched by an Anvil above sharon's head*

When that's done, she'll need to be touched by some Advil!


Blue~ "page cannot be displayed"

*sigh* all of this TV talk reminds me of my first "encounter" (wink wink) with a woman - I was "Touched by an April"

How old were you?

psst Bumble... wasnt bein wholly serious bout that April thing - it just fit the train we wuz ridin... I guess my first "encounter" movie would actually be called "Rolling in the Heather"

My question still stands though. Evasive much? ;-)


*rubs head*

sharon~ Here. I feel bad now.

Oh, you shouldn't feel bad, Bumble...it was really funny! But I'll take the drink anway!


Hmmm. I guess my first "encounter" with a guy would be called "Ryan along in my automobile."


*throws a "y" up into previous post*

Don't know Y I didn't do that before.

*snickers @ CR and sharon and heads downstairs to start making coffee for the women's bible study*

Sorry I'm late ... eye bin werkin' ... merely havin' a bite to eat (notice: I did not say food ... I'm @ Mickey D's ... 'cuz they got wireless here ... and I'm still 1.5 hours away from my motel ...) and thot I'd blurk, but since I wuz asked, I hadda acknowledge ...

My first encounter wuz ... um ... um ... I could say, "Rollin' with the Punches" ... but it wuz really Judy ... (not judi) ...

Guess what? I served so well at the meeting of the women's bible study that they decided to present me with a brand new halo.

And I've put an anti-theft charm on it with my wand (beech wood and phoenix feather; 12 inches) so if anyone besides myself or my designated polisher touches it, they'll sprout horns and boils. So don't even think about it, kilties.

That would be me. Right, Bumble? :)

You know I only use my powers for good.

*Replaces Bumble's shampoo with brand containing Extra Strength Hal-O-Way™, the all-purpose halo repellent and solvent*

So in other words I should send a Cow to steal the Halo? How about a Goat Headed Lizard?

YAY! time ...

The movin' guys came today!

They moved the antenna (or whutever) for the wireless connection to the MIDDLE of the motel, instead of @ the office end ...

I can now blurk from my room!

(Blurkin' in Your Room wbagnfa ... um ... nevermind ...)

A lawyer who only uses her powers for good.

There's a joke in there somewhere.


*replaces Hal-O-Way with Neutragena T-gel*

Nice try, Blue.

Alfred~ Last I heard it was rough going trying to train cows and goat-lizards to fetch.


*Begins placing cybernetic implants on Goat Lizard*
*Revs up robotic Cow*

The reason why I am attempting this, is because I have been informed that it is impossible.

Now if you don't mind I have a conversation with Atlus coming up pretty soon.

Just a reminder that I exist. Just barely, lately, though.


We miss you!

{{ASK!}} Good to hear from you, bud.

*whispers in a coffee-commercial type voice...*

Little does Bumble know that we've actually changed her normal shampoo and substituted our own Head and Haloless brand shampoo... Soon, Bumble can say goodbye to embarrassing emblems of traditional morality, and say HALO! to delicious incorrigibility!

Goodnight and have a wonderful weekend, Kilties! I'll be offline from tomorrow until Monday, when I'll be back to start the new school year with a whimp...er, I mean, a bang!

*scatters smooches across all couches, into the shadows, the pudding pit, the bouncy floor, the dog house, and anywhere else random kilties might be lurking*

*steps out onto the doghouse deck after hearing the umistakable sound of smooches bein scattered about*

*feels the impact of a coupla stray smooches, and smiles*

*decides to water the plants just below the doghouse deck as long as he's out here*

*zips up and ducks back into the doghouse, where there's a shiny new keg, just beggin to be tapped*

*bounces through Kilt on pogo stick, heading to work*

Rats! Missed her. Anyone know when the next pogo stick is?

express or local pogo stick?


Yep, I exist, too. But now I must go off in search of an inhaler for a wheezy kid. Anyone need shampoo while I'm out?

where'd everbuddy go?

*pulls emergency inhaler from purse for KDF*

Hey, wait a minute! Somebody substituted a roll of lifesavers for the inhaler! (ISIANMTU)

Buttter rum, anybody?

Butter rum is my favorite! Yum!

Mine too, El! Nummy.

Working on programming. That puter does not take internet. So that is where I am. I can now place a picture onto the Game Boy Advanced with C. Yay! how dull.

*doesn't know what any of that means*

The language C. I am reading a book to teach me how to make videogames for the GameBoy Advance.
Pictures are hard to place. Instead of having a simple picture everything has to be placed using binary. So I had to find a program that works with my Operating System. Lots of very dull info, trust me.

Anybody notice the comments over here

I meant the comment count.
They hit the 300s. Not bad says I.

Got the inhaler. Also got peanut M&M's and couple hours peace. Life is good.

I'll go with any pogo stick, express or local, as long as the Bounce Attendants* aren't threatening to strike.

*I need a ruling on terminology. I tried to come up with the pogo stick equivalent of "Flight Attendants." I started with "Bouncing Attendants," but changed my mind when I realized that I'd say "Thanks for choosing Fisher Price. Enjoy your bounce." Not "bouncing."


*knows that male Kilties will all appreciate the opportunity to ponder pretty much anything that bounces*

*checks inhaler for stray butter rum L!fesavers*

Oh and Here

hey guys

haven't even scrolled up, but noticed KDF has some butter rum lifesavers? mmmm...the only kind I eat.

Was today a Kilt holiday?

Yeah ... it's the 17th day of the 8th month ... 8 + 17 = 25, which, when you add the original date (17) = 42 ... merely sayin' ...

*peeks in*

*sees we're doin' math, now*

*grabs a mojito and quickly escapes*

I thinks its to keep the Utahrd thread going. Give them a feeling of bigness. 300 is a big number after all. :)

42 just keep popping up. Tell me when we are 7 x 5

I just realized, We should have a big holiday on 2007 May 42nd.

I'm in.

OK - Sly bounced right by here at this time yesterday........

*bounces by on 8:10 express pogostick*

I"m betting Sly is off today.

*Puts pot o' the good stuff on*

Cabbie! Follow that pogo stick!!

*wonders where the kilties have all gone*

Did you move without me?

If they did, they also went without me.

Hi Sarah!

Nah, just a bunch of us have lost frequent bloggability for a while. ASK is teaching, I'm on vacation, Sharon's gone for the weekend, Blue's chasing pogo sticks...

Hey, did somebody put something in these L!fesavers? I feel kinda funny.

Eleanor - zips in now and then
KDF - travelling, at a dial-up location
Sharon - away for a few days
ASK - held captive by evil "management tools"
Meanie the Blue - spotty due to work and RL
Coast - ? (not seen much lately)
Bumble - job hunting, but still around and about
Adonis - LONG TIME no hear! MIA!
Betsy - another LONG TIME no hear! MIA!
Neo - around and about
Alfred - around and about
Sarah - around and about
Wolfie - shadowy, but around
Slyeyes - elusive, but around
Lisa BFF - somewhat around and about
Daisy - occasional aroundness and aboutness
Bucket - drove by recently, still busy with RL
Leetie - out of her head, around occasionally
Cyn - not seen here lately, but elsewhere
Insom - recently out of the blurk-iverse, more visits welcome
MiK - around and about

Not that I'm paying attention.

Coast is still dealing with his "system Upgrade" at work, while at the same time adding the responsibility of making sure that Poilitions all get their fair share of advertising - BLECH!

short story - RL monster has him held captive (for now)

*tackles the RL monster*

Run, Coast! I can't hold him off for long!

Good to know I am a round. I always took my self as a square.

*waves from Civilization-IV-Land, where all civilizations ruled by persons named Marie are more or less instantly annihilated by countries roughly the size of Singapore*

A round is a fine thing, especially when soemeone else is paying.

Blue~ A round of drinks, just for you.

*reads Meanie's list*

That was very Deonesque of you.

Aaaaccck! Meanie has files!

KDF, how's the lake?

Sly - I hope he takes that as a good thing.

Meanie, you both should.

I think a Silent Argh! is in place.

*wanders off disconsolately to the Couch of Totally Forgotten™*

apparently I'm not around, (or a square,) or elusive, or even remembered at all.

*grabs a beer and ignores Blue*

southerngirl- A round for her and her mates

*zips in*

test post

*zips out*

Addendum to Blue's List:

southerngirl - Around and about; previously lounging, now disgruntled.

*tackles s-girl to make it all better*

Ah, there's the rub about lists.

This reminds me of a story. It seems that one of our leaders in church -keep in mind that in my branch every one is between 20 and 30 and single- He told some one who he would like to date.
Unfortunantly this personal list was repeated. The story was that this was the list that all the guys would date. There was even more rumours and back stories about this list going around for a summer. Eventually the Elders quorum president had to announce that there was no List, at the pulpit no less.
It is a funny story to tell, but not live through.

Lists should not be taken to far.
Whenever I pack I always forget something important. It just simply me trying to remember all the important stuff.

If you want awful, I am having to watch the Scarlet Pimpernel Twice tonight. The old Black and white version. So dumb the first time.

Alfred~ The one starring Leslie Howard? I have it on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet. I love the Anthony Andrews/Jane Seymour/Ian McKellen version, and someone told me the other was good too. I keep meaning to watch it.

I knew, of course, that this would happen. Not the particular person, but that someone(s) would be inadvertently left off the list. Yes, I knew.

I knew that this someone would feel terribly hurt, and that they would find a way to make reference to the omission while at the same time claiming not to be at all affected.

I knew.

And I knew that this person would start to feel a building hatred for me, a rising rage of such flaming intensity that it would make Hell itself flynch. A hatred filled with thoughts of revenge, of insult and humiliation, of ..... unspeakable cruelty.

I knew.

I knew also that the intense hatred would be shattered with impossible explosions of remorse and self-doubt. "Why single me out?" "What's wrong with me?" "I must have really done something awful to deserve this." "Poor guy, he must been so hurt to do this."

And still, knowing all these dangers, I dared to send the list on to the world. Why? Well, I now have an opportunity to make it all up to this person, don't I?

*wishes she'd been left off*

damn, that was a nice speech blue



hey snugglebug

how the hell are ya?

Jobless and hopeless and about to start (gulp!) school. *whimper*

How about you?

gainfully employed and wishin i was still in school

*snork* at Blue!

*wonders how Blue's gonna make up for this*

(cash, checks or money orders accepted) :)


Ummmm, currency wasn't the exact means of redemption I had in mind, S-Girl. ;)

Thank you, TC. I may need it again.

whatever you come up with works for me, Blue (the not Meanie)

*deploys KiltieNet™ and captures Bumble, TC, sg, Meanie the Forgetful, Alfred, sly, Eleanor; all of whom have graced the Kilt in the last 12 hours*

*in a purely selfish move, clips net to FlyAwaySafe Clamp™ and transports captured Kilties to lake via helicopter, in order to raise the Vacation Fun Factor*

Family, guys. I've been with family for a week. I need a little help, here! I mean, there are leftover mojitos in a pitcher in the fridge. Leftover??

What is wrong with this picture?

*rigs emergency backup net to capture remaining Kilties whenever they show up*

Selling point: My family is insane, but they all go to bed early and they keep enormous amounts of wine, rum, beer and tequila handy (and I will make a special trip out to the store in search of Pear Izze and Jones Soda.)

Also, we have crawfish here. Except everyone insists on calling them crayfish. Except for my nephew, who calls them brayfish.

sly, does this answer your question?

*Light bulb illuminates*
*Repeats speech for TCK*

*Chooses to avoid feeding the crayfish vs. crawfish monster*

*SNORK!@ S-Girl, BTW*

*Chooses to avoid feeding the crayfish vs. crawfish monster*


KDF - they call em crayfish cuz that's what they're called :)

what? monsters gotta eat too!


whoo hoo...a trip to the lake with kilties, and mojitos, and...FUN!!!

note to TC: Also, we have crawfish here.

did ya hear that? ;)

Blue!!! you *SNORK*ed me!

*feels much better now*


didn't see ya there, TC, but it figures you'd have somethin' to say. somethin' wrong, but still...

*evil smile*

What?? Can't hear you over the rotors.

just feedin the monster darlin :)

You and me both, TC. It's good to have hobbies. :)

*tosses sock 'o "W"s at TC*

*sends one KDF's way, too*

Why Would We Want W's?

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