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August 29, 2005


Next time this guy has a problem with the bank, he'll call customer service and wait on hold like everybody else.


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Nah. Just fell over.

Oh, THANKS Marie!!

*runs freshly laundered Kilt flag up the flagpole*

Ummmm...didja happen to wash this with a red sock or something? I don't remember the plaid as being quite this pink.

{{Blue!}} We missed you, pun-buddy!

*Continues rowing toward newly pink and plaid flag and picks up on gradually strengthening aroma of strawberry.*

*throws rotten strawberries out of kilt fridge*

*swims out to Blue's boat*

*splashes Blue*

*swims back*

*hands Bumble her towel*

Thank you.

*ducks behind the couch with the high back to change*

*Gasps in wonder at the sight of that most mythical and elusive of all creatures - The Merble!*

Yup. Seashells on my boobs, and a stinger on my tail. I be the Merble.

Who took the seashells?

Well, you'd be my first suspect.

*hides behind the couch again to don a bra*

There we go.

*Rows toward lighthouse*

*walks in*

*wonders why it's so bright in here*

*looks around*

aaahhh...it's Bumble's bra.

don't give up, Blue - you're almost there!

*sets out libation of his choice for Blue's return*

s-girl~ It's not just the bra. I tend to brighten things up in general just by being present, you know. One of the perks of being sweet, charming and modest. ;-)

stupid typepad keeps taking my smileys apart! grr. or should that be bzzzz...

*Climbs rope up and over the top deck rail of the HMS Kilt.*
*Heads directly for source of very strong strawberry aroma*

*Drops hint for a suggested libation*

sake bad! woke up pierced after sake
no sake no more ever!


I was heading for the shadows in search of strawberry reiki.

Like sake.

So wolfie! Where exactly did you...um...was the...er.....where...what......


(My dad always taught me: If you don't really want to know the answer...don't ask the question.)

Bumble, you typed "modest" up there. didn't ya notice? ;)

Blue, I wasn't sure how many ya planned on drinkin, so I thought you may need this!

That was the ironical part. :-)

I've never had sake, which is strange because I've often gone to Japanese restaurants.

*pause* Oh, wait! At the time, I was still under 18 and therefore not allowed to drink.

I usually ordered green tea or water instead. Coke and other bubbly, sugary sodas tasted strange to me with sushi, sashimi (*drool*), tempura (*double drool"), teriyaki and so on.

Hmmm, there's an idea! I might make sushi this weekend.

ironical. gotcha. ;)

anybody seen Blue? last I saw him he was headin' towards the shadows.

hmmm...for that matter, has anybody seen wolfie?

Last thing I heard was a piercing shriek from the shadows.

*pounces on Blue and drags him out of the shadows*

Oh wait. It's just a dust bunny.

*heads back into the shadows to continue searching*

*grabs moatarita and follows Bumble into the shadows*

*keeps eyes out for extremely large blue dust bunnies*

*bumps into Bumble*




*falls on the kilt carpet with, you guessed it, a thud*

Okay, fine! I'll bounce! Just come back, kilties!

*Bounces out of shadows with empty sake bottles*



Now go for the spare.

What're you talking about? If you think I'm going to spare you, you've got another thought coming. I’m merciless.

*hugs blue*

Now don't be running off again.

I can take a hint.

*hints Blue a little more*

No running off, got it.

*Leaps onto Couch o' Mercilessness*

*gives Blue a little backrub*

Take that. Bwahaha!

I could be talked into allowing you to do that again.

*Leaps onto Couch o' Mercilessness* with Blue.

hey Bumble, where's my backrub?

after all, I did grope follow you bravely into the shadows in search of Blue...

*gives Blue and southerngirl one-handed backrubs*

My turn next, or you don't get them again. That's the merciless part; I give you a little taste of what you'll be missing, then bribe you with the lack of it.

*attempts a sinister laugh*

*fails miserably*

Who'm I kidding? I'm just a great big cuddle bug. Oh well. It's not a bad existence.

*continues rubbing backs*

*Coughs up $19.49 plus shipping and handling*

(Heh, heh, I said "handling")

OK. That's it. I'm staying offline until the lightning stops actually coming in my window.

Later, Kil

*peers in*

*sees the shenanegans and goin's-on*

*grins and nicitates at Bumble*

*grabs a Twisted Kilt and slips out the back way*

*leans back in momentarily*

*licks fingers and puts out the little flame dancing in the remains of Blue's frizzled hair*


Oh goody, people are showing off bras. Well I have an answer to this. Just imagine it on a man who needs one.
Solves the thought problem pretty dang quickly.

On other news. I have just barely gotten on the computer.

*Hits button on secret Kilt-A-Comb™ panel to lower gate at back way exit*

I would say that was to prevent Cossacks...

I take a multivitamin to prevent Cossacks.

I take beer. I mean really.
"Hey guys, beer!"
"Yep, All for you."
"Uh well, then we won't invade."

If it worked for Washington, it will work for me. Though I have more teeth.

Mind you I wouldn't drink any.

*gives Cuddle Bug™ a reciprocal back rub*

*puts a gris gris on the lightning that's threatening Blue*

*luvs Alfred a non-alcoholic beverage.

I have only one thing to say on this matter.

Oh please.

Do you really think that this little gate can stop someone who can break into a 13th century church, Blue??




Stopping you is not the goal. Steering you is.

Helloooooooo! anyone still around? Just stopping in for a few minutes to say HI. My computer is in the hospital :-(.


But when have I ever been that biddable, Blue?

*whips out specially made lockpicks*

*approaches the high-tech control panel*


*checks the flowerpot, finds the spare high-security control card, swipes it, opens the gate*

*saunters through*

simply waits with bated breath, and large whale robot. Prepping other large robots for invasion.

Suddenly realizes that he is a Cossack.

I was hoping to get a good saunter from you.

*Remotely activates tracking chip in security card*

I dismember if I mentioned this (here) ... only learnt of it last nite, and that time in my life is a bit confused, especially after today's werk ...

My second-youngest grandson broke his arm yesterday (day before?) ... on the slide, @ daycare ...

That's three of us ... son, grandson and moi ownself ... four generations, if we bridge the gender gap ... my Ma broke her arm, also ...

He's ok, but my son said he wuz perty goofy with the sedative they gave him to ease the pain during the exam ... " ... oh ... Hi, dad! ... Oh, I've got TWO Mommies! ..."

*Deafening HELLO!! to the elusive Bucket, and some silicon chips and salsa for her computer.*

Bucket! Yay!

*lauches a well-aimed patent-pending Bumble-tackle*

*nonchalantly tosses now-useless security card over shoulder*


We missed you!


Whir yew bin?

Welcome back, Bucket! What seems to be the problem with your computer?

*Wonders how much of the powdered skin-absorbent aphrodisiac that coated the security card Sharon was able to get on her fingers*

*Wonders why the above sounds like a dubbed line from Godzilla run through Babelfish*

Buckets, Patent Pending Bumble Tackles, Powdered Skin-absorbent Aphrodisiacs™, and Sharon committin' a B&E.

damn, you guys always have all kinds of fun, after I leave.

Awww, but we have more when you come back, right?

*smiles sweetly*

*smooches Bumble*

I'm back now.

Oh good. Now we can have some fun. :-)


I'm feeling strangely....warm.

*checks self*

OOOOhhhhh. Well, no wonder.

*removes baked potato, hot water bottle, and heating pad from pockets*


Good to see you southern sistah!

*feels sharon*

yep, kinda warm. :)

*removes baked potato, hot water bottle, and heating pad from pockets*

um, Sharon? do ya want to tell us something?

damn! we were this close to a simul!

maybe that's why I thought you felt warm...

Hey, it never hurts to be prepared.

Where'd everbody go?

Sorry, trying to get info on the terrorist plot.

I have lived in Brittain, Speak Arabic, and know a little about security and explosives.

So much info. The plot seems easy enough. so long as each side had followed there part, 11 planes would have been taken down. So long as the chemicals where seperate at first and then mixed on the plane, the police would not be able to follow it. The preperations where spied on and stopped. The preperations would have been difficult some of the chemicals could be followed. So the police saw a pattern and followed it. It lead to groups internationality connected. Some have not been arrested, it will be interesting to see the politics after this.

One of the worst memories I have of 9/11 was when Colin Powell had to talk political leaders in the US. Every leader wanted to money for there pet project.

In other news. I am getting over my cold. The rest of my family is not. So I guess I will get it again. Great.

I need a joke, fast! Ok now that I stopped eating I am getting light headed. wooooooooo

*is worried Alfred might be drunk*

Alfred is fine. Though he is now speaking about himself in the 3rd person.
I guess he can quit any time. What was he drinking?

I was planning on posting the winners this morning, but I found new improved guesses this morning in my email. Now I have a 1st, 2nd and a 3way tie for 3rd.
If anyone else wants to change anything today is it. I'm closing it when I get home from work today. Answers and winners will be posted this evening.

Meanie: yeah, the storm was intense here last night too. Torrential rain but not as much lightning and thunder.

But today we reap the reward!

I didn't change anything, Wolfie. I just added my entire set of guesses.

(Thanks for keeping it open.)

*is sad because "New and Improved" implies that the new entries are better than mine*

*dives into the Jello™ pit in a fit of competitive envy*

*launches Ball O' Pudding™ at Blue*

That was just the title of several emails KDF. Don't worry, your position in the lineup hasnt changed any *giggles*
Right now there is 1 person in first place, a 3way tie going on over second place, and two people duking it out for third.

*Desperately seeks clue on flavor of incoming missile*

*is ashamed at own feelings of jealousy and extreme competitiveness*

*attempts to comb Jello™ from hair*

*is surpised and delighted by bonus Jello™ frizz control*

*wonders why the strawberry theme continues*

*prepares to launch product line*

Where pudding is concerned, it's always chocolate, Blue.

mmmmmmm, chocolate

Is that "launch" as in introduce to the public, or "launch" as in set on a trajectory that ends between my eyes?

It's a multi-use product.

*evil grin*

So not between my eyes, then.

Oh, right. Friday. Almost forgot.

I didn't.

BTW, your hair is remarkably unfrizzy today.

Why, thank you. However, I may be requiring a shot of insulin to counteract all the artificial strawberry fumes.

Chocolate pudding suits you. A fine choice.

Us. Suits us, is what I meant.

What is this contest of which wolfie speaks?

click me!

Jeff just got posted on the MB. YAY!!

(Sarah's not here, and it had to be said)

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