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August 26, 2005


Bra Fears

(Thanks to Travis Williams)


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See what happens when bureaucrats get involved? You have bra shortages, trouser shortages, etc. Soon you'll only be able to get bras on the black market.

Somehow, that sounds vaguely obscene.

So does this line: the number of bras on shop floors could also drop.

If this doesn't close the italics, then would someone else try?


That's better!

Sorry, everyone.

And the number of bras on shop floors could also drop

So much for support.

"Honey, I'm going to Europe to help hold breasts up."
"The hell you are."
"But it's a crisis!"

re: the number of bras on shop floors:
is there a 5-second rule for intimate apparel?
(this wouldn't apply to such dropped on bedroom floors, naturally)

insom~ The 5 second rule could apply to bedroom floors; I hear it depends on the guy.


Wish I knew how to italicize "could."

**ka-pwwiinnggs** of to Great Britain to lend his support.

How about off?

OK. You're off.

Stupendous Man/Alter-ego mild-mannered Calvin, you really should graduate from the first grade before taking on such a grown-up chore. What if Miss Wormwood is in Great Britain? Or Susie? Or your mother? Ewwww.

If I left my bra on the floor for 5 seconds my dog would chew it up.

Hey, Maud! Did you see that? A dog that chews bras!

Wonder what he does to thongs?

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