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August 24, 2005


Is this thing going to hit my house?

Update: This is more helpful.


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Sorry, Dave - it's coming smack at ya!

Time to hoof it down to Home Despot and pick up more plywood, toilet paper and bleach!

might visit!

don't worry - it says:

"Computer models subject to large errors. Do not use for planning purposes."

So, the map conclusively shows either that it will hit your house, or that it won't hit your house. Either way, do not plan on it either hitting your house, or not hitting your house.

I thought the hurricanes only hit when you are out of town, so if that holds true...are you home now, or still stuck in the airport.
airport=no hurrican


Well, according to my classic magic eight ball "it is decidedly so." Sorry.

Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears sh*t in the woods? Do Catholic bears sh*t on the Pope?

I'd say yes.

Well, now. Hurricanes rarely hit anything so don't worry about no hurricane (and I don't care who its named after.)

However, Muriah (Paint Your Wagon?) is another thing entirely. She makes the Big Bad Wolf look like a piker. All she does is make Neptune jealous to the point that he rises up (if you know what I mean) and you end up like those schools girls in Ohio if you are protected.

Bottom line, hurricanes are low pressure, not high pressure. Now, get out of there after you board up the place and run cargo straps over the roof to hold it down.

Dave - if you e-mail me your address I promise I won't give it out to anyone, and I'll come over and help you put up plywood!

Your pal,

In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen.

So I'd have to say yes.

*increases donation to Red Cross so Dave and family can have showers when their house is demolished*

Has anyone seen Amy lately?


it depends on how well prepared you are. if you're all battened down, stocked up and ready for anything, than it most assuredly will not.

I think a LOT of the stops on the Moscow Subway Map WBAGNFARB. For that matter, so would "Moscow Subway Map" BAGNFARB.


It's definitely maybe going to hit your house. Unless it doesn't. I hope that clears things up.

Oh the humanity, to potentially be wiped out by a one-hit wonder....

Get it... Katrina and the Waves.... tropical storm.... "Walking on Sunshine."


That's it. I'm leaving.

I like this website. But you can't beat the name of their senior meteorologist! Joe knows storms!!! Good luck Dave....


is the NHC site. Also notice that Hilary is moving to the left (in the NE Pacific).

Check http://www.srh.noaa.gov/eyw/ for Key West and
http://www.srh.noaa.gov/mfl/ for Miami local info.

Dave (and everyone else worried in Florida), you'll get much better tracking of Katrina here.

c'mon back to upstate ny. we only have blizzards here.

Dave, it's coming right for us. Run fer your lives!!

Wait, don't forget me....my car's in the shop!

For those that get real hurricane intensive, try out Crown Weather's tropical weather page, which summarizes all the bulletins, etc., into one nice page. Lotsa spiffy graphics, too!


Still have that manly massive generator, Dave?

I'd get yerself some Spam...

So Dave, exactly how long have you been waiting to use the Moscow subway map gag?

Great "Productivity Enhancer" included on this site too: Metro Puzzle

So yea, we down in the tip are about to get it again... One thing Dave, you can't blame George Bush. He did his best to keep you from coming back here.

It all depends, Dave. If you live along the tangerine line, you'll be snug as a mediterranean fruit fly in citrus. If you're on the teal line, you'll probably get a stiff blow, but no damage done.

However, if you live on the puce line, well... puce line-livers are advised to begin checking out property along the teal line. Life's more fun there, anyway.

*checks in to real estate on the teal line*

Upon analyzing the two maps, living in Florida and Moscow:

Dave, IF you're outside the Ring Metro you'll be fine. There's a reason it looks like a target!

Not sure. But if you want to go from Preobrazhenskaya Ploshehad to Profsoyuznay it looks like you take the red line to Chistye Prudy and then hop on the orange line. I think. Hope that helps.

Dave - here's some advice from an employee's manual I read once. From the section entitled "Tornado Safety and Evacuations":

If all else fails, stick your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.

After taking the cosine of the east/west line and multiplying it by the parallel intersection of the teal vector and smearing on some pi, I am reasonably sure (50%) that the subway is going to hit your house.

It's raining here... eye's gonna hit Ft. Lauderdale...

We're boned.

Gort is correct.

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