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August 26, 2005


The gator's still free, but a couple of humans have been wrangled.

Explanatory Quote: Officers discovered three alligators, four piranhas, three desert tortoises, six tortoise eggs, one rattlesnake, a scorpion and marijuana.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

UPDATE: Still more explanatory explanations, sent in by Scott Nedwick


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"officers discovered three alligators, four piranhas, three desert tortoises, six tortoise eggs, one rattlesnake, a scorpion and marijuana."

that's the recipe for my world famous gator/fish/turtle omelette - except, of course, for the scorpion and the marijuana - those are for the cook

It's getting to where you're not allowed to have a deadly pet anymore.

Frikken bureaucrats.

Is this why Dave's in California? For gator wrangling?

If Brewer and Natow put the gator in the lake, they should be made to go get him out. And they should be wearing chicken carcasses when they do it.

Yeah, he'd have to be on something to want all those animals living with him.

Alligators, turtles and marijuana - hmmmm-
a very interesting combination.

When I think of marijuana I just usually think of chocolate chip cookies, but that's just me....

It's a sad situation when the "pets" have more brains than their owners.

Gators 1, Cops 0.

Police found (long list of) dangerous animals . . . and drugs.

Why am I not surprised?

"three alligators, four piranhas, three desert tortoises, six tortoise egges, one rattlesnake, a scorpion, and marijuana"...and a partridge in a pear tree!

Also, wasn't "Alligators, Turtles, and Marijuana" the rejected first name for "Crosby, Stills, and Nash"?

but that's just me.... *snork*
no. no it isn't;D

Here in SoCal, this story has officially replaced the war, Supreme Court nominees, Karl Rove, AND anything having to do with Brad and Angie, as the top story of the day.

We're at WAR?!?!

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