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August 11, 2005


In Yorkshire, the Naked Rambler is stripped (Har!) of a fundamental human right. And if this protest does not stop sexual harassment, we frankly don't know what will.

(Thanks to Ted Naked-Naked)


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First! Bring back Naked Zorro!

Second cousin to naked zorro? How much time does Ted Mullet-Gabr spend looking for naked stories each day?

I don't really feel qualified to comment as I am currently wearing clothes.

As long as it takes, Reddsuss, as long as it takes.

(I didn't feel compelled to be naked to post about Ted.)

I think the burning question here is how can I get paid to look at naked people?

I'm seriously considering moving to John O'Groats.

Ted ~ Do you get up every morning and google the words 'topless', 'naked', and 'breasts'?

That Naked Rambler is lucky he wasn't stripped of his fundament. After all, police and security guards pitched a 15-minute battle with those women in South Africa, and they were only half-naked. Of course, it's possible the cops dragged the battle to "calm" the women out a little longer than was strictly necessary.

And there was simply no excuse for the shopping center appearance. So unreasonable to expect to be served wearing nothing but boots, when the signs clearly say, NO SHIRT, No Shoes, No Service.

What this post of Dave's made me realize is, Ted has become so ubiquitous that we can now use any two words in the world in place of his last name, as long as they're connected by a hyphen. Dave used "Naked-Naked," but how about: "Ted Seeing-Boobies," "Ted Whitney-Bobby," "Ted Midget-Wrestling," or "Ted Spam-Sandwich"?

Okay, now you try!

Well, FN, Ted Funny-Name seems appropriate.

"wearing boots along with his rucksack".. when I first read it my freudian slip read "nut" instead of "ruck".. but you can be sure I'll be using the terms ruck and rucksack today at length (at least until my wife makes me stop)...

so thats why human resources never takes my sexual harrasement complaints seriously. serious protestors remove their tops.

...insulting behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

That'll get him 10 - 20! ooooooh

Show me "insulting behaviour" that DOESN'T cause harassment, alarm or distress; and I'll show you "insulting behaviour" that isn't owning up to its name!

Is it just me or does she appear to be frothing at the mouth? And ya gotta love the strategically placed hand.

I don't know about the Naked Rambler, but Ralph Nader tells me the Nude Corvair is unsafe at any speed---OK, who gets that reference?

Talk to The Hand!!

OK maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure Naked Rambler wbagnfarb. Thier new hit album, Suicide by Culvert is currently climbing the charts.

i actually send DAve a lot of intersting stories about Social Security reform, but he only pays attention to the unclothed and the boobed links... and in response to one of the posters, I spend far more time googling about social security than I do breasts and nekkidness.

And yet John O'Groats and the Naked Ramblers WBAGNFARB!

carangel thinks dave barry rocks

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