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August 29, 2005


September 2, White Sox vs. Tigers. Everybody will be there.

(Thanks to Ty Jones)


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Tell me it ain't so.

Thats weird ... "What , this should be 45 miles from my house in Cleveland..What an outrage "..I posted this about 20 minutes ago ..

Maybe we can borrow from Mike Veeck's old playbook and turn it into Mullet Demolition Night?

Since it's not a mullet, I won't fit in.

I'm definitely going.
I'll be in the Cubs shirt :).

KJP ..You mean Bill Veeck ?

Throw for the head!

or a better combination of mullets and pitching...

Wigs accepted!

Ted is still in denial.

Be thankful that Mullet Night and Elvis Impersonator Night aren't held at the same time.

Other Themes at the White Sox include:
-- Dog Day
-- Ashes of Deceased Relative Day
-- Willy Wonka Mondays

Note: Mike Veeck is Bill Veeck's son. Since his dad's death years ago, Mike has been carrying the torch of outrageous promotion.

Personal Note: I shave my head. Anyone have an extra mullet wig?

Damn, Dave, I'm going to BE in Chicago this weekend. This is very, very tempting.

Jeff -- order a parking pass with the tickets if there are any available. Street parking can be kind of iffy at best.

Whatever you do -- don't wear anything with the Cubs logo on it. Wear "I HEART New York" if you want, but nothing with the Cubs

They are having T-Shirts? Somebody please buzz me as soon as one hits E-Bay----LET THE BIDDING BEGIN!

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