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August 29, 2005


"My folks were always putting him down..."

(Thanks to Mike Morrow)


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Did you check out that dog's eyes? It looks like something unnatural is happening to the other end of him.

What ? This should be 45 miles from my house in Cleveland..What an outrage ..

Could be worse. Could be this guy.

Or even worse, this guy.

Last one, I promise.

OK, I lied. So sue me.

Does anyone else think that dog should be riding in a sidecar with Colonel Klink?

Canine Sgt. Schultz - WBAGNFARB?

Also, if I tried to put that helmet on my dog, I'd come back short a limb or two - and rightfully so

OK, maybe not canine Sgt. Schultz - how about Nazi Puppies?

or, how about K-9 head trauma?

Key Quote: "Excellent for blind dogs or any pet that requires protection from minor head trauma."

Jeez, what are people doing to their pets that they may suffer from'minor head trauma'???

my puppy is a 65 pound, 6 month old german shepherd/ st bernard. I could probably wrestle the helmet on to her head, but she is soooooo clumsy I just can't get her to sit still on the back of my motorcycle!

That dog looks like he wishes he knew how to undo the chin strap so he could bite whoever put that thing on him.

Kinda reminds me of
this guy.

"We're Sgt. Schulz's Nazi Puppy Band..."

Here's your "helmet" right over here.

"My folks were always putting him down..."

If you're dating Zoomer, I don't think your folks' objections will be based on his coming from the wrong side of town. (Zoomer, I said down!)

That is one pissed-off looking dog.

It could be worse.

Much worse.

Much, much worse.

were i a canine... i would bite my person on the ass if he/she attempted to put that stupid helmet on me. and i half expected colonel klink to show up too. what are these people thinking?

But why is it particularly suitable for blind dogs?

i want to know how you can adjust it for a guinea pig.

Hey, that dog could go to the White Sox vs. Tigers game!

Spinner8 -- That last dog has a Mullet, for God's sake! Oh, my eyes....

it's kinda Barry Manilow colored, too...

I love all the links Chicana and spinner posted.


Especially the mullet dog. That one got a snort and an instant forward to a mullet-friend.

I think I go through blog withdrawal on the weekends. And missing Monday too. It was awful.

And especially depressing because kindergarten started.

And my spelling is terrible. Sorry, Chianca.

Zoomer's bulging eyes may be the result of hearing Dave talking about "putting him down."

Where I'm from, that means it's time to dig a hole in the backyard.

While we're vaguely on the whole animal topic, I just gotta point out that some goofball in Sarasota, FL needs a dope slap for allowing the bus company to be named Sarasota County Area Transit, or SCAT. Every time I see a bus go by, I expect to see little droppings behind it.

I bought a miniture poodle/llaso apso a week ago. I thought he was the smartest dog on earth, for about a day. Now, I realized he's as "loyal" as they come.

So, who's more "loyal", the dog or the person who pays good money to buy and maintain him?

ok, so it fits a guinea pig, can it fit a mouse?

boy did i screw that up. apologies. the ostrich probably needs one too, but THIS is a mouse.

crossgirl, if you're going to show a mouse with a helmet, you've GOT to show Ralph, the original helmeted mouse.

I have a doberman who once ran at full speed into a shovel and just bounced off, shook his head and then kept going.

I don't think he needs the helmet..

This dog looks like Franz Liebkind, notorious playwright of "Springtime for You-Know-Who."

*Tries to google photo of Franz Liebkind, fails*

*At least determines you-know-who is Hitler*

*Wishes she had the vast referential knowledge Ms. Amy (Tan?) has*

*Wonders how long it will take Eleanor to find Amy here*

RF ~ We also have SCAT where I'm from. In our case it's the Springfield City Area Transit.

They even have it printed backwards on the front of the busses, so you can see it properly in your rear-view mirror.

*zips in*

Amy!!!! I've been looking all over for you!
You look great today!

*gets shy and zips out* (temporarily)

I was sitting here laughing at the photos of the stupid human tricks people play on their animals. Dogs and their mistresses in matching tops! Ha-ha!

Then I remembered a visit to my optometrist's office a few months ago. They were selling "Doggles." My partner thought it would be funny to buy a pair for one of our dogs.

Oh, yeah. It was a scream. She resented the intrusion tore them off in a nano-second. At 20 bucks a pair it hardly seemed worth it.

From the page: "Excellent for blind dogs or any pet that requires protection from minor head trauma."

Homer: D'Oh! I cut the door too low in the doghouse!

Marge: Oh Homer, I told you to measure first.

Homer: Well lookeee here! A product designed to protect dogs from minor head trauma!

I have a little Dodger cap (from an ice cream that I got there at the game) that, with the addition of an elastic string, I could make a hat for my dog Ozzy. I doubt he'll leave it there though. I think Weinerschnitzel/Dairy Queen sells the MLB ice cream cups too.

Ok so you guys are mostly right. But my poochie was glad to have his helmet on while the PD pulled out and stopped in our green light only to drive off after we laid it down. Hardly minor head trauma when riding behind a 920cc motorcycle. Some of us actually mean business!

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