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August 27, 2005


OK, you watch this 24 marathon, and you drink a shot every time the evil genius terrorist Marwan easily evades the entire US security apparatus, or Jack Bauer shoots a suspected suspect in the thigh. Of course you'd pass out in the first 25 minutes. But that's the whole point.

(Thanks to Marvin the Paranoid Android)


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Yes!!!! More 24 themed Dave goodness! All that aside I still can't wait for the next season :D

And to think, you could play this game anytime you wanted just by purchasing the DVD's. Something new to do on weekends!

For you geezers, the old Bob Newhart shows are out on DVD, too. Hi, Bob!

I saw the commercial for this and immediately thought of Dave. I'm considering therapy.

test - please ignore

Congrats Marvin!

On getting posted. Not the therapy part. (NTTAWWT)

Aunt Nancy - Bob Newhart? Is he still alive? OH WAIT! He's good friends with Barry, isn't he? ;)

Sounds like a novel way to spend Labor Day weekend. It'll be something to look foreward to after my first week back to school...

Oh, and I agree with KOW. Can't wait for next season!

Hi, Emily! Hi, Howard, Mr. Carlin, Mr. Peterson, Carol, etc. Great show, Aunt Nancy.

Dave, a serious question re the 24 marathon. What do I do if I'm already drunk before the marathon starts?

Long Live Marwan!

What do I do if I'm already drunk before the marathon starts?

Pass out before the first commercial break. Don't worry, Jeff, you won't miss anything; Dave will not only sum up the action for you, he will explain the subtle intricacies of the relationships, leaving no bullet-to-the-thigh unblogged.

can anyone think of a drinking game to go along with the Bob Newhart DVDs? like taking a shot every time you see Bill Dana? or every time Bob deflects discussion of the definition of mooning in the shows where Tom Posten appears as Bob's friend 'The Peeper?' ("The Peeper is here to see The Mooner")

for laura and anyone else not in the know (i guess this makes me a geezer) there already is a drinking game to go with Bob Newhart - you drink every time somebody says "hi Bob"

we had a variation when I was in college - this was when the smurfs were big - we got up on staturday morning and watched the smurfs - with booze - everybody drank every time the word "smurf" was used - i can't remember anyone ever making it thru the whole show - course that whole couple of years is kinda fuzzy...

My all time favorite drinking game is this one where you gather all your friends and a large quantity of booze, and then you all fill you cups and start drinking, and then whenever anyone hands you another drink, you drink it, and then...

oh wait.


jozet - I haven't played any of the other games mentioned here, but I have played that one....

why the "nevermind"?
What's that you say, that's not a game? OK.

nevermind here too....

pssst, jozet, call me


Call you? Call you what?

And more importantly...do you want to come over and play a drinking game?


**swizzles** in to remark:

And to think I was worried that no one could come up with a new drinking game.

**swizzles** out

We no longer need to miss marwan!

Why don't you need to miss Marwan? Is your aim getting better?

Best Wishes for you with the Raiders, dude!
you're an awesome lineman.

TCK: thanks for reminding me of the "Hi, Bob!" drinking game. I guess it made me too drunk to remember playing it!

Since this is a drinking thread, we should note that Katrina is now a Cat 5 hurricane with 160 mph winds bearing down on one of the nation's favorite drinking places...New Orleans. In a news story, a patron of Pat O'Brien's pub in N.O. said the only hurricane doing any damage was the one he was drinking. The dude was from San Fran and said he was stuck in the Big Easy 'cause there were no cabs available to take him to the airport. This guy is in for a real Mother Nature wake-up call!

That guy needs to start walking north on I-10 and pray he catches a ride.

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