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August 25, 2005


Wouldn't Katrina and the Waves be a good name for a rock band?


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Judi, you have to be walking on sunshine if you think that is a good name for a rock band.

Um ... no.

A one-hit wonder, at best.

But an absolutely FABulous one-hit wonder.

Don't worry Dave & Judi, I know what to do:

After many hours of watching Gilligan's Island, I've learned all you have to do is hang onto a palm tree as the wind increases, eventually lifting your feet off the ground (you will be set gently on the ground once Katrina passes).

You're welcome Little Buddy.

People are stocking up on fuel and cigarettes.

Just the essentials, huh?

Living in Florida's crazy, of that I am sure
And I just can't wait till storms blow in my door
Now when I take a trip to the mailbox, gotta lash myself down.
Cause I just wait till Norcross says it's safe to leave town.

Now I buying up plywood
I'm hoarding up batt'ries
And don't it feel good!

insom - yet again, I have snorked Diet Mountain Dew all over my monitor, thanks to your post. You are a genius!

Katrina and the Waves brings to mind that old Go Go's video where they're water skiing - I don't even know what the song is. But somehow that image doesn't seem real appropriate for this Katrina and her Waves.

Judi, we've been worrying about you & Dave & DJTony ever since this headed your way. Be safe, OK?

doesn't look too intimidating.

Judi...did you take that idea from my email...? ;)

crossgirl - saw the picture. Very cute, but I'm skeptical of the line "Brown spots on kitty are part of the toy's coloring".

Yeah, right.

Maud - "Vacation"

Ron White:

"During Hurricane George a man tied himself to a tree because he said even though he was 60 years old he was physically fit enough to withstand the winds of a class 3 hurricane.

It isn't that the wind's blowin' - It's What the wind is blowin'.

If you get hit by a Volvo, it doesn't matter how many sit-ups you did that day."

I'm gonna tie myself to a bridge like Skink did in "Stormy Weather" and ride the sucker in!

Things are ironic as hell here in FTL. After last year's hoopla with with 2 evacuations and two other blow-by storms there is not the usual hysteria taking place.

Top winds of 80 miles per hour? I walk the dog in those conditions.

The normal hype on TV is even less intense. Sure there are images of stores being picked over, but those are mostly the people who just moved here. It isn't that we have become complacent, we just need a Cat-3 to get wound up tight. Heck, I'm pleased to be sent home at lunch so I can enjoy a beer at 2:00 on a Thursday. Here's to you, Katrina.

no offense floridians... but is the info that you all are stocking up on beer and cigarettes, or milk and eggs, etc... is that for those who tuned in late????

Katrina and the BIG Waves conjures up a whole different picture of that rock band....

Insomniac's encyclopedic knowledge of pop/rock music to the rescue! "Vacation" also seems an inappropriate theme for Katrina's performance to me, but I'm a hurricane, uh, maiden. For those of Martinishark's nonchalance, it's apparently just about right.

query: why is this information coming from a link to the BBC? Has EVERYONE in Florida become so blase about hurricanes that the local news doesn't even bother to report them anymore?

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

*zips in*

I can't really take this seriously until Anderson Cooper from CNN goes to FL and stands in the wind and the rain and tells us that it's windy and raining - then I'll start being concerned!

Until then, I'll just gripe about how it's over 90F here in my part of su.so.ca. -

It's too damn hot here!

(It's OK to say damn, isn't it?)

People are stocking up on fuel and cigarettes.

anyone else a little concerned about that combination?

For the record Maud--

I wouldn't call it nonchalance, rather gratitude. This is the first direct hit to FtLaud in decades, and I'll take it. Last year we twice evacuted and were glued to the TV hoping we wouldn't get hit by those majors that came through. Katrina will be welcome by comparison, even though I've twice lost power trying to post.

Dave and Judi,

This hurricane schtick is getting rather stale. Can't you come up with something better? Meteor strike? Stampede? Heavier than normal dew?

andy: no, i haven't seen your email yet (afaik!)... dave is not here; he's traveling today. dunno about djtonyb -- he's a bit north of me.

the fuel and cigarette combo is to ward off post hurricane looters when you run out of ammo.

one can never have enough beer before the power goes out.

i don't know anyone who stocks up on milk and eggs. M&M's, poptarts, water and red wine. those are the staples.

Isn't Dave supposed to be at the Tahoe Reno International Film Festival for Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys: Celebrity Reunion, World Premiere & Shorts tonight? And does this mean he's wearing shorts to a premiere? Will he make it through the hurricane to get there? So many questions for my first post EVER on the blog!

Well done, gooberette! Nice name too!

Oh the weather outside is frightful....
...and the fire is so delightful...

OH - what's that? There is no fire? It's just over 90F outside? OK - never mind...

I see you filling your tanks ...what with? beer and cheeto's...didn't know everyone there had tanks..probably the main reason no one is afraid of getting blown away.

When I lived in Maryland, hurricane/nor'easter phobes would stock up on milk, toilet paper and fireworks.

milk and eggs are the staples for a mid-west snow storm.

Well, to be truthful...that's what everyone says they are going to get when they go to the store to stock up. They ACTUALLY get beer, cheetos, M&M's, poptarts, water, red wine, you know, the normal bad weather food. Oh, and salt.

Aunt Nancy~ I agree. The brown spots on my old pillow person were unnatural; caused by my youthful attempts to "doctor" her. Note to self: Swabbing the area for the shot with peroxide doesn't make Bonnie aesthetically pleasing.

didja see the second page?
western view from the herald.

did that building start out all bent up?!

Katrina is apparently the sorta chick who'd start the wave at a funeral.

cyn - good pic, but weird building!!!

Actually the builder was paid $412,000,000.00 to make the wonderful building look like that.

sorry about that.

They need a time lapse on those!

For now though, here's Yesterday's Radar Loop.

Arts Center - that explains it!

is everyone ok now?

anybody hear of any status of highway 53 and highway 49?

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