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August 25, 2005


It's looking bad.


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Holy crap, Dave!

Run for cover!!

Is it time to Hunker and Gird yet?

Looks like maybe you should batten something down. And shore up a few walls with hockey sticks.

Attention Dave! There's no time to lose! Head immediately to longitude 127 degrees south, latitude 316 degrees north by northwest and await my orders!

Wait, these are the instructions for my vaccuum cleaner. Never mind.

It looks like if you take the No. 9 train to Crawfordsville and then head north through Oxfat you should be in the clear.

It's a wonder only luggage gets lost.

Either that, or you have a hernia.

Great picture.
I love hurricanes.

Oh no! The hurricane's headed for Northern Indiana! I had better get in my tornado bunker.

I swear there are coffee cup stains on that diagram!

Judi! Hold tight to the walrus penis!

Woah, that was a graphic mental picture.

Adam~ Northern Indiana? Let me in!!

Do any of you great researchers out there know of a way I could find a link either to a specific Calvin & Hobbes comic, or a reference that could tell me which book I could find it in? I have all the books, I just don't know where to find the one I want. In it, Hobbes is napping on the floor, and Calvin comes in and says, " 'Tiger, Tiger burning bright in the forests of the night.' Blake wrote that. Apparently the tiger was on fire. How strange." And then Hobbes rolls over and says "sheesh." Or something like that. Help?

You wondered why Bush screwed you up flying home via Salt Lake. They were trying to tell you to stay in the Rockies.

Bumble; I think it was The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, or the Tenth Anniversary book.

Its on the back cover of "Calvin and Hobbes Do Dallas" I'm pretty sure.

Someone e-mailed me a page number. Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat, pg. 86. I bless that someone. :-)

If I were you I would make a date of this. Just call any guy you know and ask if he will help you do a strip search.

I just tried to post something about Calvin and Hobbes, and the Blog police said it was spam and wouldn't post it, so I sent you an e-mail, Bumble!

Louis, how about a warning on that link? I could have done without a visit to that page, thanks.

Nice pun, though.

I've been blessed by the Bumble! What a warm fuzzy feeling I have now. You're (not your) quite welcome for the reference Miss B.

Eleanor - Thanks for the welcome on my first BLOG entry.

gooberette~ That would be a "buzzy" feeling. Just beware the sting. :-) (bad puns, I know. so sue me.)

louis gerhrig~ Funny joke, but I've been having extreme nausea this week. Did I really have to see that link?

Sorry, Bumble, I forgot. Hope you get back to 100% soon.

*zips in*

gooberette -
now that you've been around for a day (or is it 2?) we'll probably just start calling you goober! I hope that's OK? :)

*zips out in case it isn't*

Actually, that's what alot of my um...friends and relatives call me. goober, goob, goobie. Says so much about me, doesn't it? LOL

lou~ Thanks. I hope so, too. The combination of post-op crap and starting back to college again after being out a year and a half has been rather overwhelming.

As is evidenced by the fact that today is the first day I've been on the blog this week. :-)

Well of course it looks bad, Dave - You're holding it upsidedown!

Bumble ~ Hope you're feeling better. How's school going?

Ack! It's been in Indiana, and we didn't even know it!
It must have gone through last night.

Man, these hurricanes are sneaky. I wonder if it's trying to sneak into Canada for one of those multi-gallon toilets Dave keeps talking about.

So, when is this supposed to hit? Someone from outside Indiana has to make that call, because they don't know what time zone they are in.

hey hows it goin? if your electricity is out,.... then you cant answer this. anybody else out there in miama-ft laud?

Ha-ha--good one, john O!

Victoria~ A little better. Very stressed out, though. The workload for a couple of my classes is unreal. I'm just glad the weekend's here. I'll try to take it slow and do a little each day.

Good news. The Hurricane got confused by the fact that there's already a "Hoosier Hurricane" at Indiana Beach in Monticello, and decided to just go completely destroy Alabama.

Which actually comes out to a net profit.

If you missed it on the other thread - here's Yesterday's Radar Loop. Click Florida on the map too!

Christobol- *sigh* "There's more than corn in Indiana." But as mother would say, it ain't much punkin. I'm ashamed to say I've been to Indiana Beach 3 or 4 times. Haven't ridden that though. I was never one for rough rides. Tummy's too weak.

I'm writing on behalf of a woman in New Orleans who is in dire straits. She is the only caretaker of an elderly mother and her brother was just released from the hospital to her care. He's terminal. I'm a member of a crisis preparedness website and I'm appealing to anyone who lives in or near New Orleans to help us help her. I've called the New Orleans Police Dept. and American Red Cross with negative results. Please post any suggestions or organizations that do emergency evacuations for people such as this woman. Please. Join our mission to get this woman, her mother and terminal brother out of New Orleans. Please.

Post on Superdome opening for refugees. Transportation and assistance for sick people.

Good luck.


Watching the news of the plight of so many people without the means of evacuating this horrible storm. I have to think why is it... that this country that is so fast to send millions of our money to other countries...cannot help 100,000 people out of New Orleans? Does someone here have an answer?

Judi...Keep your head down. Dave would be lost without you!

yes a good show there mates, can't wait to see the devistation on the tv tonight.
Nothing like watching a good hurricane from the safety of the lounge chair 5000 miles away, much better than a thunder storm. woo hOO

Glad you're enjoying the show! Not quite as fun when your stuck in it.

Het Aussie, I hope Yahoo Serious becomes your next Prime Minister! Jackoff.

Aussiebloke, how insensitive you are. This is not a time for your attitude....Sad thing is if something like this should happen to your country, the USA and these people you are making light of, will be there to help clean up your devastation, etc.

Compassion is what is called for....

Australia may be the only country in the world in which the term "Academic" is regularily used as a term of abuse

O please puhhlease, don't give us that "we save the world" crap! Australia is not some third world island. And besides, we already have US installations down here so there is no need for you to bother with a mercy/"set up US base" mission. LOL!
But I don't know what you are all getting upset about? Everyone above me was taking the piss out of the situation, I just joined the que. ARRRR! but of course! I'm not a "YANK" so it's not right for me to join in....

you guys are loooooooooooooooooooosers

aussieBloke - you have to remeber the US sense of humour is based on the view that the civilised world stops at their shores and anywhere else is just a potential bombing range.

Be careful what you wish for anotherasshole...Where are the Australian installations by the way? Exactly, installing carpets in my ghettos. Humor that Olivia.
As for hahahafuny...First of all, I'll let you blow me if you can spell funny w/o peeking. And secondly, I bet there are more zeros on your mother's side of the family than in your version of the word 'losers'. Suck a dick, Mate.

Sorry folks, 'Aussiebloke''s just being a dickhead. I Hope you guys are okay. I heard the eye of the storm actually missed New Orleans, which is positive.

Thank you for your concern YetAnother I am sure it will take days to know the true devistation of this hurricane, it is already bad!

"US sense of humour is based on the view that the civilised world stops at their shores" It doesn't?? Funny thing, when I look around at other countries, with the exception of a few, it sure seems to me this is the case...p.s. Australia isn't on the list of exceptions!(When speaking English there must be complete sentences that make sense)
Australians use more slang in a sentence than most Americans use in a week!

"anywhere else is just a potential bombing range."

Yes our country defends us, and acts upon people that threaten our right to peace. USA is KNOWN for it's superior military and I am proud of it. We are not going to allow other countries to step all over us. Maybe you should brush up on your history a little bit, had we not bombed Japan and WWII emerged, then all of those people would not have migrated to Australia making it what it is today(if that is something you can be proud of).....

OMG, viva Americans

Anybody have any info on how the GulfPort Memorial Hospital made it through. I've got a friend who's mother is in there for heart problems. Her sister is probably gone. She was confined to her house in Ocean Spray. Need to find out about her mom. Thanks for any help. I'll just stay up here in the middle of the country & worry about earthquakes. ;~> Later.....

(Greek God of Death)

A lot of mud slinging out there. I am an American residing in Tokyo. I am proud to be from my country but we really are a bit ethnocentric and resort to force too easily. As for Katrina, my heart goes out to those that can't find a way out or that have lost loved ones.

We are all from the same human family and all suffer from tragedy from time to time.
Mellow out folks and accept a bit of humor... even if it is in poor taste.

Wayne, I hate to report that Memorial Hospital experienced MAJOR damage. Most hospitals are running out of gas for their generators also.

That is about all I know, but I am sure I can update later when more info is known.

Wayne, I just found that it said they did get damage but experienced no injuries or deaths, and were one of the only 2 that had functioning emergency rooms. So that is good news!

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