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August 10, 2005


(Thanks to Kurtis Williams)


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End the suspense!!! Vote now and tell us who wins!!!

On second thoughts, I really couldn't care....

Whew, I transposed the first letters of the second and third words for a moment there ...

anybody ever been to Mendota/

besides me, i mean. it's about 1/2 way between I 80 and US 30 just north of the LaSalle_Peru area of Illinois.

what can i tell you about it?

well, it's right about where i said it is.

that's all.


*squeek* *squeek*

Did you read all the extra-curricular activities these kids are involved in?

It's amazing.

At the end of the day, it's takes all my strength just to hang my bra on the doorknob.

. . . nevermind

Amy, you actually hang your bra up? I let mine fall where it may...

. . . nevermind

Mother of all gods! Is "Staff" paid by the word?

.."Be sure to join Lee and Melinda Studstill .."
What a cool last name .."Studstill".

Mmmmmm .... Sweet Corn ....

I dunno, I don't think this headline, excellent though it may be, can compete with the waterlogged waving willy in San Franscisco.

Queen Corn just can't hold a candle to Periscope Willy.

Most of the articles in my hometown paper are about that level of interesting, although we do have frequent meth lab busts. One of my classmates from sixth grade got arrested on about a dozen different drug charges a couple of months ago. But the most fun thing about reading our paper is the "at-home editing" feature. Apparently the editors find it ammusing to leave tons of errors in their articles so we can have the fun of finding them and discussing how stupid the people who run our paper are. Either that or they take Mr. Language Person a little too seriously.

Amy and Suzy Q - You wear bras???

El, I gots to, babe. Can't let 'em loose on an unsuspecting public.

Warning: Ear wig...

Sweet Corn O' Mine! BUM BUM BUM!

That is all.

I let mine fall where it may and my dog ate it. Well, part of it. I am NOT making this up.

Sorry, but the best headline I read today was:
Man beaten with his own leg
Says he couldn't get away

I'm not making this up!


here in albany, we have a tulip fest each year and elect a tulip queen. interests me as much as the sweet corn.

*zips in*

SuzyQ - OH (light bulb over head)! So that's why everyone looks at me when I go to the store - I didn't think they could notice the jiggling!!!

We always notice. We stare because we care.

Jiggling is always noticed. Ok, almost.

Oh, and that is one sweet corn pageant.
I vote for Squeaky Cool Corn Man.

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