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August 26, 2005


We're off to the power-free north, so blogging from the s.b. will be minimal until the north becomes powerful again. But we leave you with this thought: Unclassified Maggots WBAGNFARB.

(Thanks to Jim Dunn)


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Ewww! First?

How does one clamp down on those slippery little buggers anywhoo?

Man, I am enjoying my daily 15 minutes of Internet use, I have a new job that requires actual work, but they actually pay me for it so I don't mind too much. I miss fooling around on the DB blog tho . . .

MKJ, you mean you're gettin' paid to blog? I gotta get me a job like that. I'm still trying to get over the year I was laid up with a steady job.

Now, to the thread: If there have been no serious problems with the maggots, leeches, tissue expanders, etc, why do they need a costly review? And how can they refer to maggots or leeches as a "medical device?"


Thanks for checking in - it's good to see you! The blog just isn't the same without the E-Bay items...:(

Take care Judi. Stay dry and safe.

MKJ: I can relate. I can read the blog from work, but can no longer post comments. No more poems about penises or pooping while on the clock. I will have to limit my blogging to after work, (that is, while not getting paid for it) which suck because I still have dial-up at home.

Having said that, here are some poems about pooping:

kaliedescope stools
I'm defacating rainbows
at least I see stars

a large, rock-like doot
like birthing a pineapple
blood and hair adhere

through straining at stool
the proverbial shat brick
that one burned like hell

I leave you with this thought:

I slit a sheet
a sheet I slit
upon a slitted sheet I sit

teach this to your children.

A Completed Fibbonocci Third Growth Sequence on Friday 26 August 2005

The fractal evolution since October 2002 strongly suggests that there are very real and very simple quantum number fractal laws that underlie the macroeconomy. This discovery will be little consolation to the turmoil that is about to unfold over the next decade.

August 24 (Wednesday's) and August 25 (Thursday's) trading days once again demonstrated on a 5 minute unit fractal level, the recurrent precise fractal theme of x/2.5x/2x-2.5x - that pervades the economic universe.

For the Wilshire 5000 the base was about 17 five minute units. The three sequential growth fractals were 17/42/34 of 34 before the fall on Friday morning. The lateral 'skeletonized' evolution of this fractal sequence suggests the final lower (very lower) high is close at hand. Friday August 26 is the Fibonacci 85th day of a 52/130/85 daily sequence dating since August 2004.

1.62 times 52 equals 84.24 days.... If growth sequences follow idealized
Fibonacci related fractals, Monday 29 August 2005 will break lower in
a nonlinear manner. A deluge is coming.

Gary Lammert The Economic Fractalist http://www.economicfractalist.com/

*raises eyebrows so high they hit top of head*


Isn't a fractal a kind of muppet?

Oh, wait...that's fraggle.

Leeches, which are used to draw blood during skin grafts...

By whom? Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber?

Theodoric of York...isn't he the guy whose friends just called him 'Doric?

*zips in*

Is that stuff spam?

*decides not to wait around for answer and zips out*

it looks like those guys who use the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,...) to 'predict' the stock market... gotta give the guy credit, he's predicting something bad for next Monday, so it won't be long to see if he's right.

What are the odds against? Something bad ALWAYS happens on Mondays, no brainer.

Leaches, BTW, are used currently to (literally) draw blood through a skin graft to keep it alive and also to pull blood circulation through reattatched digits.

Accidentally cut off your big toe while playing mumble de peg on the back porch and after the doc sews your toe back to your foot he sticks a leach on the end of your toe to encourage blood circulation. Amazing what modern barberism can accomplish with a leach or a maggot.

What I want to know is what the #$%^ is 'bone wax?' My mind in the gutter is reeling with the possibilities.

I can answer that one, kind of. When a bone is broken or an injury exposes bone, the bone (which is where your blood cells are made) will bleed through. Bone wax seals the surface and helps it heal. I think.

I used to work in a hospital pharmacy (inpatient) and we had to order leeches for a doc once...they came in a cooler and everyone had to look. They are THE VERY GROSSEST things I have ever seen and I include Florida cockroaches in that. Yuck. But there IS something to be said for old (ancient) remedies such as this.

*End of medical lecture, back to boogers*

And I forgot to change my name back after the bra post. Mr Swooshie got to go play poker with the guys and I'm stuck cleaning the damn house before we go to Vegas tomorrow. There is NO damn justice in this world.

We have a Congressman from Iowa who's last name is Leach...Hmmmm...

Hey! Get your fangs out of my wallet!

And now, an imagined conversation between the Swooshes:
Mr.: Honey, where's my underwear?
Mrs.: Whaddaya mean, where's your underwear? Didn't you pack any?
Mr.: I thought I did, right before I went to play poker.
Mrs.: Well, I guess you're just going to have to spend part of your share of the gambling money to go buy some new shorts. Have fun! I'll be down at the blackjack table.
Mr.: Well, OK. *sigh* See you later. *gives Mrs. a kiss*
Mrs.: See you later! *returns kiss, walks away with wicked, knowing smile on her face*

Meanwhile, back at Swooshie Manor, a small pile of underwear crammed under the bed begins to collect dust.

I once got a leech on my toe while playing in Pipe Creek at a church picnic. I was wigging out, trying to get it off, and one of the deacons kept saying, "That's not a leech. It's just a bit of leaf or mud or something." When I tried to flick it off, it got on my finger. Then the deacon got a better look and admitted that it was in fact a leech and calmly flicked it back into the water. Gross. I've never gone in Pipe Creek since.

AN----SNORK!!!! But unfortunately, very true. The Mr currently owns more underwear than I have ever owned in my ENTIRE 38 YEARS. AND he leaves his dirty socks all over the house. I can only get back at him by making him do his own laundry but he just goes out and buys more. I tell ya, if it wasn't for the sex....wait a minute....I take that back. I think I'll go shrink his shirts.

And how the he** did you know I'd be at the blackjack table???? Wow, you're (not your) amazing!

Breast implants are class 3, requiring a submission that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and a review process of approximately six months.

Line up, Ladies!

"A man's only as old as the woman he feels."

My method of clamping down on maggots and leaches it to step on them and squoosh them.

What do you mean they are medical supplies? They on the floor. 5 second rule does not apply.


As an involuntary recipient of leech treatment in SE Asia while on my senior trip, I must say that while they might be a little bit unsettling, they're not very painful (unless they attach to certain extremely sensitive parts of your body) and leave just a small abraded spot (run spot, run) where they were attached. Something in their saliva keeps the spot from healing for awhile, and you usually end up with a temporary dime-sized scar for three or four months.

what is s.b? i got lost there..

stealth bloggette?

Two weeks ago The New Yorker's feature article was on the doctor who started the world's largest (only?) leech supply house for hospitals. He is in England somewhere and ships the leeches all over the world. The article is nauseating yet fascinating. Don't read it while you're eating.

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