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August 25, 2005


Via Gizmodo.

(Thanks to Wes Crago)


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Well, at least the Sun is online, if it's not in Miami. Good luck to Floridians.

Ah, the coveted first! And aren't boob boffins oceangoing birds? So I guess that's how they know the figure-friendly benefits of cold water; they don't actually wear bikinis, I'm thinking.

Aunt Nancy, don't even think of introducing Judah to this discussion.

Oh good, mineral water. Tap water would have been ridiculous.

There's also the Biniki, which I read about in my Dave Barry desk calendar.

boob boffins would be...oh, never mind

wouldn't filling your bra with ice water be, like, uh, uncomfortable?

if you get real hot and thirsty on the beach is there a little nozzle so you can drink the water? would people (men) line up to pay? if so, does it come in my size? just wondering.


Chianca - you took the words right out of my mouth. However, if you're going to be ridiculous, why just be a little ridiculous? Makes sense to be completely absurd.

men might not line up for water, but fill it with cold beer, and you'll make a killing


"People couldn't quite put their finger on it, but I definitely got a lot of compliments."

My pink lacy Biniki is on the way as we speak.

Boob Boffins sounds like the name of a sports reporter.

Or the weatherguy.

I clicked the Biniki link, but got a message saying it wasn't found on this server... Who stripped off the Biniki?


I'm too cheap to buy a new swimsuit. I have kids who'll just drop an ice cube down my back.

On a semi-related tangent, I once made my brother a "cooling" vest for a bicycle race by duct taping flexible frozen ice packs to a fishing vest. It worked great, and my brother got the silver medal.

I enlarged without clicking on the picture..

Maud - Judah said to tell you that male dogs don't wear bras. Unless they're in Madonna's dance team entourage.

Filling this with ice water may cause a "puncture" problem.

um, they wouldnt put MILK in there, oh never mind!

Boobo Boffins, perv hobbit.

Hmmm...let's see...milk in bra...warm day...no refrigeration...lactose tolerant bacteria...


Yeah, I get the innuendo part, too.

Seems like little more than a crass marketing move by EVIAN, but dammit, I ended up buying 2 cases of that stuff for my hurricane supplies.

Aint Nancy, that sounds like another winner for duct tape!
**aka, the Handyman's Secret Weapon**

MOTW - well, ya know, ya just gotta keep your stick on the ice!

I can't say that I've ever been plagued by hot ramparts, but if I was, I'd fill my bikini with V-8 juice. Yum. Although it might cause a scene if I plopped on my belly, and one of the cups suddenly burst.

Now you can say you're retaining water and mean it.

Give it up for the new Irish band -

Boobo Boffins and the Lucky Charms!

insom~ Best snork I've had all week. Thanks.

They don't mention filling it with water and putting it in the freezer. Probably afraid one of us guys would break a tooth.

And to whomever asked if cold water "cups" would be uncomfortable - dern right they would be, but probably a lot less so than your average underwire. Never could stand those things . . .

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