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August 28, 2005



¹Well, not forget, exactly, but... we can hail them another day.

(p.s. And think good thoughts for the folks in the New Orleans area.)


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good thoughts first to n.o.

Glad to see FPL has been able to make some inroads in your area, judi, and glad to see you're back in action. I'll echo sj's good thoughts for N.O.

Houston's not as low-lying, but certainly as hurricane-prone. I Sure feel for 'em.

I'll see your good thoughts and raise you a few prayers.

And judi - more power to ya!

Judi, electricity freakin' rules!

maaaan. the gulf coast is empty according to the city cams. this storm is huge.
Best thots n wishes to the folks in those areas.

New Orleans.. a wonderful fun place from my Memphis years... Good Fortune to you!! Stay on the highest ground you can find, and we are praying for you!

EB Electricity? We need God for this big 'un...

And glad you're back on line Judi, Dave..... These tropical storms... almost as scary as our Thunderstorms with giant anvils and green skies... we only had one so far this year.....

Would you believe that when TVA made electricity available to rural areas of the South, some people would put corn cobs in the light sockets so the electricty would not leak out?

That's how the electric popcorn popper was invented (OK, I made that last one up...I think).

Some news source said" It has been 40 years since New Orleans faced a hurricane even comparable to Katrina. In 1965, Hurricane Betsy, a Category 3 storm, submerged some parts of the city to a depth of seven feet.

Since then, the Big Easy has had nothing but near misses. In 1998, Hurricane Georges headed straight for New Orleans, then swerved at the last minute to strike Mississippi and Alabama. Hurricane Lili blew herself out at the mouth of the Mississippi in 2002. And last year's Hurricane Ivan obligingly curved to the east as it came ashore, barely grazing a grateful city."

Lots of hurricanes, no direct hits. Suppose there's somethin' to that voodoo?

Glad yer back with the rest of us (electri)fried masses, SB!! Good luck, Big E!!!!!

Thoughts and prayers to the Southeast.
Glad you're back and OK Judi.

Greeting, gang. Trystan is back online as well.

Had to spend Thursday night in a hotel and depended on the generosity of friends for the next two nights. We finally got power this afternoon (Sunday).

My heart aches for the folks in Nawlins. We can expect property devastation. That's a given. Let's hope we don't lose lives.

sittin' here in the hurricane-free (and gator-free) zone, hopin everyone in New Orleans is on high ground, and tied on to somethin solid

judi and Trystan, did you find yourselve still flipping the light switch when you entered a room?

In my alter ego as an insurance adjuster, I worked the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in Pensacola until January, '05. The devastation was unreal, even to someone from SoFla who has been through many hurricanes. I think Ivan was upgraded to category 4 after the fact. They came to the conclusion a cat 3 storm couldn't have done that much damage. Pensacola, at least, was above sea level. I cringe to think what the morning will bring to the folks of New Orleans. They still have my prayers.

best thots, best wishes, and mega-prayers to all the folks living near katrina's wrath. my old man was in ole' miss in '65 for the last cat5 storm and he's been glued to the weather channel for 2 days now, reliving it. pretty scary. think I'll stick with southern az's "monsoon activity" 6 weeks a year, and let the rest of the world keep the real weather.

slyeyes: especially in the bathroom. i think EVERY time.

*sneaks in and checks to see if the lights still work*
*flips switches*

Yup..still have lights in here. I'm saying lots of prayers for all the peeps on the gulf coast.
I'm gonna leave candles here....just in case we need some.
*turns the lights out and shuts the door*

Slyeyes, I was without power for 3 days; not only did I flip the light switch when I entered a room, I also did the same thing with the garage door and the microwave... :(

I have a short video of what Hurricane Katrina's 60 miles per hour wind looked like Thursday (Miramar, Florida): http://www.juliofernandez.us/ ... right before a tree landed on my car... I feel bad for the folks in New Orleans as they will see 140+ winds.


apologies for all my flip hurricane comments. living in florida (state motto: we're a big fat target) i feel entitled to joke. but now i'm here in the sun and my love, who lives in new orleans, is somewhere in mississippi and all of a sudden hurricanes are very scary. last summer the news didn't bother me. now i'm getting teary eyed watching CNN. between all the churches and all the voodoo, you'd think they'd be safe there.

my thoughts too, crossgirl -

where is the voodoo when they need it??

Welcome back Trystan, glad you're OK...

the roof of the Superdome is coming off -

Superdome, my a**!!! :(

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