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August 24, 2005


Malaysian men have huge buttocks.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Men always carry their porn in their pants. This is a surprise?

eeeewwwww! I hope there weren't any skid marks on the discs!


Excuse me, but are those Backstreet Boyz you're wearing? In your cheeks!!!

I suspect he was carrying pirated copies of this band's greatest hit(s) http://www.a2zmusic.com/

i was trying to figure out how he could walk!! wedgie of all wedgies?
porn up the wazoo wbagnfarb???

This will only drive up the costs of the already overpriced Butt Smugglers Series, Pts. 1-4

As it is I can only afford the first two.

"...the disks were referred to police for further investigation..."

Oh, I bet they investigated every slo-mo minute...

So THATS how those Asian nations always get pirated movies before they are even released here!

Any chance it was the DVD set of "Hitchhicking in Heels?"

It is not immediately clear when the man would be charged.

tuh. well, when the entire "system" has watched the videos a'course.

(n the ladder/navigation bar is back!! - YES!)

We need the heavy duty disc cleaner for this job! We've got some REALLY dirty movies here.

I'm so tempted to comment on the condition of the CD's and say he 'rectum' but I think I'll abstain.

so BVD stands for Bulging Video Disks?

"I'm sorry, officer. It must be these pants. They make my butt look big."

Is it "thanks to queensbee, Malasian men have huge buttocks?" Interesting.

Ever since Forrest Gump, does anyone else pronounce it "Butt Ox?"

No? Just me?


I don't know if "porn up the wazoo WBAGNFARB - ut I think "Butt Ox" definately has possibilities

I dropped a B somewhere

Found it! Here you go, TCK.


I wonder if queensbee can make my buttocks smaller.

Well, if the discs weren't dirty before he hid them,
I bet they are now! Also, "The Butt Smugglers" WBAGNFARB.

Off topic, this is for Murph, since most of the day has passed since he asked on the Doreen Kosovar thread:

Look at Doreen's do (not doo) in the photo. She's bundled her ponytail on top of her head, so it doesn't get in the way. Sorry for the delay. I hope you're still hanging around.

yep i'm starting a new workout series to make your butt smaller. its a dvd that you can place in your....and one, and two, feel the burn.... oooo. owwwie!

... while the disks were referred to police for further investigation. and copying...


.... and I've got to wonder, why didn't he just label them Britney Spears' Best and they NEVER would have looked into it. Matter o-fact, he'd probably be forgiven for all the cigarettes ... and dope!

I just got a great idea! I'm heading off to the Chevy dealer now. Be back later.

well it's not as bad as i first thought. being of a certain age and technologically inept, when i first read the article i was picturing vcr tapes. now that would be a big butt!

It's true.

When I was in the big house, in cell block #9, I had a Malaysian friend smuggle in a Hummer.

And some sammiches.

C'bol, is that Hummer - the Automobile, or Hummer - the other thing. First one, impressive. Second one, happens more often than we care to know about.

Also - Favorite Porn Names:

On Golden Blonde
Inspect Her Gadget
Terms of Enrearment

That is all


Pass me one.

*looks over Amy's shoulder to see what kind of sammich she has*

Lean pastrami on rye, no mustard.

Interested in a bite?

Favorite Porn Names: 1) Edward Penishands
2) Beaverly Hillbillies

I'll take the smoked pork butt, thanks.

"It was a one in a million shot, Mr. Policeman, one in a million shot..."

instead of 'junk in the trunk' is this 'smut in the butt'?

After over a year of following this blog, I nominate "Porn up the Wazoo" and "Butt Ox" as the best NsFARB. Do I hear a second?

Oh yeah. Mitch Album? Alpom? Albun? The "Tuesdays with Morrie" guy was on the Craig Fergerson show last night and he mentioned Dave's astonishing musical talent as a comember of the RBR. Anybody see it?

Yes, but the real surprise is that he had the DVD player up there too.

bummer. i fell asleep. at 1015. i'm a geeeeezer. did anybody tape it? perhaps someone can smuggle the tape in one of their bodyparts. and i'll have pastrami on rye, a little mustard, and a knish.


I'll meet you at Katz's.

Immigration authorities handed over the suspected drugs but only "referred" the discs to police. Brilliant move, that; I wouldn't have gone terribly far up dude's butt crack either, no matter WHAT I thought he had stashed up (in?) there. Ain't nothin' I need that bad!

Oh, amy, yes - that i could. i'm in albany. i have to have my family from queens bring me stuff from Ben's deli when they come here. and i bring stuff back when i visit them. But i dont schlep them in my pants. Really. My kingdom for a knish! [and a really sour pickle].

wish i could meet ya amy! i'm in Albany. my kingdom for a GOOD knish [Ben's deli is just fine] and a really sour pickle. mmm.

Is it too late for me to say that Butt Ox would be an excellent name for a rock band?

sorry double post. i thought the first one crashed. i still want a knish.

Here you go, queensbee! My favorite is the potato knish, but I couldn't find one..:(

ha eleanor. i like potato best too. anybody wanna go out for lunch?

Partial to kasha.

we don't have those down south. how's a knish different from a pierogi? and do ya'll ever get any with Jesus' face on 'em?

The only thing they have in common is a potato/onion filling, otherwise, they are a completely different genus.

And if you-know-who ever showed up on one of those, there would be an awful lot of discussion.

Speaking of butts, those who are interested in my feelings about Bruce Springsteen's butt can find them here.

Wait, that came out wrong.

So is a "knish" like a donut with meat in the middle? (cuz that's what the picture looked like)

if so, I can't be the first to say: ewww!

chianca, like minds and all that. i didn't know you'd already covered the Jesus/knish line last week. i'm a big fan of springsteens butt also!

also, are we worried about Jesus showing up on a knish, or Springsteen's butt? or Jesus' butt?

TCK-not at all

It's more of a puff pastry, sorta.

That would be gross, a meat donut.

Aren't we all pathetic, waiting restlessly for a new post from headquarters?

Amy - I don't see why Jesus' face shouldn't show up on a knish. He kept kosher. Ok, in truth, I don't really see why Jesus' face should show up on anybody's lunch. But if it does, I think he'd feel more at home on a knish than, say, a ham and cheese sandwich.

There'd be a lot of discussion if Groucho Marx' face showed up on a knish, too (how I got on this knish I'll never know), and at least we know what he really looked like!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the other items with miraculous faces were all pan-fried.

Knishes are baked. The likelihood of finding anyone's face, therefore, is slim.


Wish I had a joke, but I don't.

i'm getting hungry....

Amy - I beleive you've overlooked the "miraculous" part of a face miraculously appearing on baked food item (or for that matter, on a meat donut)

a miracle, by definition (one of them, anyway) is: an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

so, the more unlikely it is for Jesus' face (or Springsteen's butt) to appear on a meat donut, the more miraculous the occurrence would be

(unless, of course, Springsteen simply sat on a meat donut, in which case, it would probably be somewhat less than miraculous)

I stand corrected.

I've never heard of a meat donut.

Now, meat donut dispenser...

well, i got chinese food for lunch.... nothing with anybody's face . its a little tough with the rice and all. didnt get an eggroll.
pierogi and wonton and ravioli are all the same genus, yes... its just the filling that changes by culture.
but a knish. nothin else like it. i wouldnt care whose face was on it. i'd eat it before i'd sell it on ebay.

Unfortunately, there are places where Springsteen's butt might be considered a meat doughnut.

Interestingly, Bruce's "Jesus Was an Only Son" from "Devils & Dust" was originally called "Jesus' Face was on My Butt." That version is available on Kazaa.

so, do ya spose the lack of new material upon which to comment (and the resulting conversation involving Jesus' face and Bruce's butt, and vice versa) is due to Dave and Judy haulin' ass outa Fla. to get away from Katrina?

right in the middle of mitch and craig talking about the remainders, THEY SWITCHED TO HURRICANE COVERAGE. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

guess not

if springsteen was malaysian, he could store knish between his cheeks. or something like that. ewww.

oh maaaan. i missed the group lunch!
guess all the pastrami n knish are gone?
*sigh* carne asada burrito it is.
wait! oh hey! i think i can just make out cesar chavez's face!

*dashes off to e-bay*

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