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August 29, 2005


Give it up for Li Yuchin, Mongolian Cow Yogurt Super Girl.


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"Super Girl owes its popularity to its raw authenticity."

I like mine well done.
*mumbles to self, what is raw authenticity?*

"This is totally new to Chinese people," says Wei Feng, a student from the Beijing Foreign Language Institute"

no sh*t. they must have meant supergirl singing weird music. or maybe they meant mongolian beef with rice noodles. you can never be too sure.

A Chinese chick singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina!


Crab Shacks of Shanghai wbagnafarb ,but not for a hotel chain.

At least Suge Knight didn't get shot at the awards party.

Being a rapper is a tough job!

*drew 400 million viewers here last Friday night, roughly equivalent to every person in the US and Britain*

China scares me.


In China, it's Mongolian Cow Sour Sour Yogurt Super Girl!

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)

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"The Mongolian Cows" would be a great name for an all-female rock band with an anti-fashionist worldview.

A Chinese friend tells me, "I have heard about this contest, but didn't care about it. I never watched "American Idol" here either. But now that I've known the title of this contest, it added some interest to it. 'Mongolian Cow' is a brand name for diary products, like 'Berkeley Farms' here. 'Sour Yogurt' is just one of their products, tastes like a plain yogurt. Mongolian Cow is so popular, they even give out sample CDs for their customers. Of course, they are the more expensive brand."

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