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August 29, 2005


If this is not a made-for-CBS movie, this blog does not know what is.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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This time crews snaked a high-pressure hose with a spiked end into a manhole to clear the sewer main, dislodging the corpse of the large dog

Hmmm... Sounds like my Sigmoidoscopy, but I don't think a dog was dislodged. Actually, I can't swear to that.

Has anyone checked an alibi for this guy?

"We're like the hurricane victims" (!)
Yes, having sewage back up into your house is exactly like having your roof blown off, your windows broken and all of your possesions washed away by floodwaters. I'm surprised FEMA hasn't moved in to do the cleanup.

Not a movie, a hit CBS Series: Last week's CSI had almost the exact same plot, except it was a person rather than a dog stuffed down the manhole:


Reason #3 to be proud of my Utah heritage.

First a victory in the Mullet Photo Contest (shameless self-promotion), then a victory in the Perky News Team contest ("it's awkward 4 Utah") and now this!

Even better, I grew up in the once exclusive Edgemont area of Provo. The only time I remember the sewer backing up on us was after my Dad ate some bad Mexican food. Oddly enough, I suspect that dog remains were to blame then too.

I like the woman who was enraged about the neighbors' sewage erupting into her house. Has she given up excretion herself?

That's always been my philosophy.....

Blame the dog!

What about those stories about the male inmate locking himself up with the female inmates and the urine-in-coffee cases on the same page? C'mon, y'all, how'd you miss those?

The most appropriate time ever to say, "Oh, sh*t!"

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