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August 07, 2005


Dan Marino -- great quarterback, great guy -- will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame today. I'm proud to say that Dan once threw a pass to me. This was at a Miami charity event: Dan and I were standing on opposite sides of the stage, maybe 40 feet apart. Dan was holding a football, which was being auctioned off. He happened to look over at me, and our eyes met, and he raised his eyebrows just the slightest bit, which is the universal guy signal for "I am about to throw you the ball." One billionth of a second later -- Dan had the quickest release in football -- ZIPPP the point of the ball was striking me hard exactly in the center of my chest. I am proud to say that I managed to catch the ball, and I still wear the sternum bruise proudly today. I mention this exciting sports moment in case Dan, because of time constraints, is unable to cover it during his acceptance speech today.

Anyway, congrats to Dan.


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Dave, I think I saw that moment in the NFL highlight film I got when I paid for my Sports Illustrated ;-) I'm sure he'll bring it up in his speech today.

thank >insert your favorite diety here< that you caught the ball Dave.

i have a bruised right ear from NOT catching a foul ball hit off a Hideo Nomo pitch last night. Nomo (aptly named as he is no mo' in the Big Leagues)still has the old fashioned wind up he made famous since his debut with Dodgers in 1995.

but it's not like he threw the ball to me so i'm not embarassed that i missed it and landed on my ear.


Dave, you have such a cool life yet you associate with the likes of us, your lowly bloglits?


I'd like to catch a pass from Kurt Warner. You know, not anymore, but circa 1999, when he still he a deal with the devil (in that he would be an amazing quarterback for three years, and in return he had to marry the devil's sister).


Very cool story, and for any blogits who are not football fans, here is the very gorgeous Dan Marino who possibly is seen holding the VERY SAME football he threw to Dave!!

I only mention Kurt Warner, because he not only was also a very good quarterback ("was" as in very past tense), but he also won a Super Bowl. You younger Miami residents might want to Google that so you know what I'm talking about.

gfunksizzle --

Regarding your snide Super Bowl comment...

We Barry Bloggers and Dan-the-Man Fans have two words for you. One of the words is "you." No, the other is not "thank" or "bless." (I'll bet you can figure it out. [evil grin] )

I intended to agree with you about Warner. Not only was he a terrific quarterback for about one lucky season but he was a hottie as well.

But I won't. We're back to the "something-you" quote.

Dan Marino's already in the Hall of Fame? Geez, where did the time go?

Kurt hasn't been the same since getting his bell rung.

It's a shame we couldn't keep Warner around as a number two. He was great in the community. But now he's in Arizona... I just can't root for that.

Trystan - at least your Fish and my Rams will be equally medocre this year. But thanks for the "duck shoe." I'll add it to the one I got at a Tennessee-Chattanooga basketball game recently, and together they'll shoe an unshod duck.

Here in "the land of everything football", Stark County, Ohio. We will hold an enshrinement ceremony to induct not only Dan Marino but also Steve Young and a couple of very old, now deceased, football pioneers. I will not attend this ceremony, but I hope to take my carload of kids downtown later today to hear the band play and watch the fireworks.

gfunk, I wasn't thrilled about replacing Warner with Chandler; but isn't it nice to be able to listen to the radio without having to listen to the latest Brenda flap? Wonder how Bidwell is going to handle her if she gets as yappy in Arizona.

Hey, if Kurt was still any good he wouldn't have played for the Giants. (bada bing) Oh well, maybe Eli is finally getting the hang of it.

Plus, Dave, you were both in a movie where you competed for the role of "Himself".

as an older Miami (ex)-resident ,let me just add...

17-0, baby!!!!!

(I was also in the Orange Bowl when former Gables High star Joe Auer ran back the opening kickoff against the Raiders for a touchdown in the first regular season game, the rest of the game and the season was downhill from there.)

And Dave and Homer Simpson have both caught passes from Marino...

Dave's story makes clear why women pretended to be uninterested in sports for so long. We didn't want to be included, as your generous natures would doubtlessly have led you to do, in the slamming -a-ball-into-the-other-guy's-chest bonding ritual. If the slammer is a pro athlete of high repute, and the slammee manages to catch the ball, it's a proud moment to last a lifetime to a guy. If anybody slams anything into a woman's chest, except during the heat of actual competition, it just makes her testy. Go figure. But congrats to Dan and Dave.

Gfunk - In the midst of swirling testosterone, you devote a thought to shoeless ducks. That is so sweet.

62 - 7

hey jessica, i went to stark county on my honeymoon. at least, if that's where dover/new philly are, that's where we went. :)

dave, tell the jai alai story next, wouldja huh?

Click here to see a Dan Marino Morph-O-Matic.

While on haitus from various other colleges I attended before I finally decided I needed to actually graduate, I spent a term at Pitt.

Dan Marino was allegedly in one of my classes but I don't think he went on the same days I did.

"The Shoeless Ducks" WBAGNFARB!

just saw the speech. great guy that Dan!

'a fine man, dan.'
anagrams to
'Mad, inane fan.'

(ahem. this does not of course, mean any of us.)

judi, Dover/New Philly is in Tuscarawas County that county is immediately south of Stark County, but it is only a very short drive away. What made you want to take a once in a lifetime vacation to Dover/New Philly?

Congrat to Dan also. I remember when I was a VERY small child (I am really old) Bob Griese was my favorite player (I loved Dolphins and growing up in Utah we had no NFL team--they still don't and I am not surprised). Dan is cute and does a lot for charity. I hope no one minds (C'bol does it so I figured what the hell) but I created a weblog today for bowlers (I am one of those) so I hope you might want to check it out. Here is what I have done. Let me know what you think (honestly please!) Thanks!

Also I hope I don't get in trouble for linking this blog to mine.

Okay Scat the Morph-o-Matic is going to give me nightmares. Someone needs to do that with MANY people.

Okay I swear everyone must be taking their afternoon siesta. WAKE UP!!!!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *!


the siesta's over for me (never began, actually)
Congratulations to Dan Marino, Great Guy.

(Gee, do you think Dave'll send him this link and Dan will actually read what we've written?)

Hey, is that Rick H. from the Cubs-Dodgers game in 2000?????

There WERE on R"oids?? Remember my speculation?

Whaassupp. with you and Val??

I'm sure Marino's not on 'Roids.. wouldn't be great guy if he was....


Of course someone brought up that 17-0 stuff......but that's like talking about how many National Championships the Browns won (which is 4- Pre-Super Bowl days)........it don't mean Butkus, first name Dick.

oh, jessica, we were at kent, and broke, so we just went to new philly cause we had friends down there and at least it wasn't kent :) i spent a LOT of time in dover with my friend susie, actually, during my undergrad years. i loved it there. dated a guy from there... hey, if you would be willing to track him down for me, email me! lol i think his dad had a gas station in new philly...

woohoo. looks like nava fixed the clock (for those of us on the east coast)! sorry, west-coasters!

Congrads Dan you deserve this and so much more.

Dave, I'm sure you're (not your) proud "to day" because Dan was inducted into the HOF today, AND you're (not your) even prouder "to say" that Dan once threw a pass to you.

Oh...nice catch, by the way. Did you use stickum?

Yes, Kurt's season was "pretty good." But Kurt and the Greatest Show on Turf weren't "pretty good." That was an unbelieveable offense. And Kurt was many things, but definately not unbelieveable.

And slyeyes, I think htat's why Warner went to Phoenix. So that Brenda could flap that trap all she wants, and nobody would hear her, because NOBODY CARES about the football Cardinals...

Needless to say, I care a lot about football. Anybody want to do a Blogglet fantasy league? I'd commish it.

This one time, at band camp, tommy mcnichols beaned me with a wiffle ball.
It wasn't a football, and he's not a pro athlete, and I'm not Dave Barry, but the stories are quite similar.

Hey, judi...do you think you could link to the article Dave wrote about Dan Marino way back when? It was one of Dave's serious columns. Michelle put a bit of it into her column on Sunday.

What Day?

"I'm proud to day that Dan once threw a pass to me."

You mean "today"? "to this day"? "to say"? WHAT???!!!

Oh, *I* get it. It's a puzzle!

From Dave: Sorry. Typo. Fixed it.

yeah EB it's me. things are good here in central oHIo.

except, that is, that football season is on the horizon and this Hawkeye fan is smack dab in the middle of buckeye country.

i do get tired of their bluster.

Sept 24 is a day i AM looking forward to. when the Hawks beat the bucks here in Columbus. we popped 'em good in Iowa City last year so ...i've got my fingers crossed.

and yes that does make it difficult to type.

suzy, i'm afraid i can't; i don't know where it IS. i might be able to post it on the web site tho. if i can, i'll let you know.

suzy: it's up now: http://www.davebarry.com/gg/misccol.htm

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