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August 26, 2005


British Women Extraordinarily Stupid!
British Professors Even Dumber

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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If you say so, it must be true. I read it someplace.

Professor Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Ulster, is no stranger to inflammatory conclusions...

This guy better have plenty of Preparation H on hand for the inflammation he's going to get when some woman crams this study up his a$$.

Dr. Irwing said..."I have been dragged in a direction that I don't particularly like...

Yeah. Out into the street where angry British women are waiting to pelt him with English pub food.


(This might have something to do with petards or something.)

I'll be leaving now, thank you very much.

He is going to soooo not wish he ever said that.

Well, no matter how ugly, the truth is the truth.

How can they conclude that because this is the case it's biological? Have they never heard of the nature/nurture dilemma? Unless these studies were all done on newborns, I'm not buying it. 'nuff said.

It's because when we're faced with a real conundrum, we can consult our dickbrain. It's unfair, really.

Oh, and this of course means that women are JUST AS SMART as men DURING sex.

Ergo, women should have more sex with men.

I know this, because my dickbrain helped me figure it out.

C-bol, I doubt many men will disagree with you on that last part. Not the dickbrain comment, the other one.

As a general statistic, I can believe that. But I can also think of lots of exceptions. It's an extreme generalization. I'm sure the man in my hometown known as "Underpass Joe" does not have a higher IQ than any woman posting or commenting on this blog.

A couple of things the article neglects to mention:
1. IQ is just a random measure some test writer pulled out of his or her (probably his) ass and has very little to do with actual, practical intelligence. (Don't believe me? Visit your local mensa chapter and count the morons.)
2. There may have been, I don't know, maybe some other factors preventing women reaching the kind of levels in their fields that get you the Nobel prize.
3. The ever-charming 'smarter people have bigger brains' theory was debunked decades ago, around the time when it was still used as proof that caucasians were superior to other races and therefore racism was a-ok.

Okay, I'm done ranting. We now return you to your regularly scheduled booger jokes.

Men like booger jokes.
Men have higher IQs.
Ergo: Booger jokes make you smarter.

so size does matter for brains, but it doesn't for Mr. Winky? and what about that vast unimportant area in-between?

insom~ Don't kid yourself. That part matters.

insom - don't kid yourself OR Mr. Winky - size matters!

*blushes and zips out*

so, cuz more men than women are nobel prize winners and chess masters, that means men are smarter??

couldn't be because women (and those of us males who are also apparently too stupid to be nobel prize winners and chess masters) might just have better things to do with their time? I mean, chess playing ability isn't a measure of intelligence so much as it's a measure of how long can you stand to play a mindnumbingly booooring game....

(except of course if you're playing strip chess while drinking tequila shooters - but I digress)

About right now, Professor Lynn has probably disappeared into that land occupied by the author who wrote The Satanic Verses. Poor guy! But questions of intelligence aside, guys, remember women have half the world's money and all of the world's p----y.

To get the blog nazis to accept that last post, I had to remove the author's name, substitute the book title and remove four asterisks from the naughty word "pussy."

I don't understand that, Stupendous Man. There's a post above this one that's just full of pussies. *looks innocent & puzzled*

I've never taken an IQ test and I never plan to. I'm smart enough not to measure myself and my potential based on an arbitrary number. My mother told me about the IQ test she took, and it had a question on it about which person was more beautiful. It then showed a sketch of a very Aryan woman, and a sketch of a very Eastern European woman.

I don't really care if that particular question is still on the test. To me, it's about the fact that questions like that are used to determine a person's intelligence.


Ours not to reason why,
Ours but to blog and cry.
(with apologies to Kipling)

I'm tempted to sneak that author's name, the one I had to omit above, in here...but I won't.

S.M. agree with the sentiment, but it's Tennyson...


Bumble - Thanks - I love that poem!

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon behind them

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time that happened to me.......

Insom, you're right! Sorry for my gaffe!

IQ tests have there uses but few Psycologist won't admit that they are not the end all be all as they have great gabing flaws that are near imposible to fix. Also how about the fact that the person with the highst IQ is female. And technicaly size of brain is not realy have as much corilation with IQ as many would think. so HA HA

Well sure, but women have bigger tits (on average)

That last comment certainly read like it was from an intelligent person of the female persuasion.

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