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August 30, 2005


We suspect E.T.
Or Imelda Marcos.
Or J. Edgar Hoover.

(Thanks to Bjorn of the message board)


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Couldn't the slippers just click themselves together to go home?

i like the plot summary of 'Wizard of Oz'for the younger readers...

from the local police chief...

It might be local strippers
Who've made off with the slippers
Or a pervert with a need.
If I could just solve this caper
I'd be on ev-er-y newspaper
If I only had a lead!

I may not be quite as lissome
As the girls who work with Grissom
Catching perps who bleed
If some joker tries to share 'em
Or, God forbid, to wear 'em
Then I'd truly have a lead!

Oh, I would find the guy
Or girl who nipped the ruby shoes
I'd be on CNN ,and then again
I'd make Mark Fuhrman, look like cat poohs!

The respect of all the nation
Would crown my reputation
My memoirs all would read
I'd be a bigger hit than 'Fargo' from
Alaska to Key Largo,
If I only had a lead!

Just wait till the idiot mounts them on matching settings......they'll be easy to find then....

I suspect the author of this story of being the thief. Clearly, he stole the slippers to sell for money to feed his drug habit, revealed by the fact that he hallucinated the wicked witch telling Dorothy, "in a mean and nasty voice," that she wasn't in Kansas anymore. That scene ain't in the movie.

The famous quote is from Dorothy telling Toto, when she takes a look around Munchkinland, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

who dun it?

I dun do it.

*gasp* ... but ... it's .... ooooooo


wesley snipes as noxeema jackson?

if my research is correct, this is the exact pair of missing slippers.*

*data source

They're on ebay. Item number 6797774396.

Jon jon_edwards@spanners4us.com

My take on this? The Friends of Dorothy are mobilizing. And it's not going to be pretty.

i'll bet the thief is that guy from the TGI Friday's commercial who gets caught by the waitress dancing in pee wee herman's shoes.

Did they steal the little dog too?

*zips in*

Officer, I don't know anything about red shoes, really!!! You can see that all my shoes are black!
What? The red ones on my feet right now??? They're just an old pair of bedroom slippers!!

*zips out in a flash*

brilliant insomniac.... this is a story brilliant with items to mine. but i wont go there.

Psh, she's just mad somebody dropped a house on her sister.

merely testing ...

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