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August 26, 2005



I found this company out here, and I really think it's an up-and-coming little outfit.


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Great shirt Dave!

Find out if we can buy stock!!!

Hooray! I was.

If you're standing under it, Dave, shouldn't that sign read Giggle Visitors?

Okay, Giggle Visitor Lobby.

So I says to my stockbroker Morty, I says, "Morty, whaddaya think about this little 'Google' outfit? Sounds kinds flaky to me."

So Morty says to me, he says,"I wouldn't bet the whole canoli on deez guys. They sound like a load of goombas."

So if I wuz you Davey boy, I'd put faith in a big time racket, like that Enron I hear so much about in the papers.

dave, if you're (not your) in sunny california why are you wearing long sleeves??

Hey, I did a search for 'google' in goole images, but this didn't come up. Don't you think it should have?

That's 'google images'.

Looks like Dave is *VERY* worried about hurricane approaching his home!

Ok, I've heard of "Google Earth", "Google Desktop" and "Google Talk"....

Now there's a "Google Vistor Lobby"? These guys really ARE taking over!

Hey Dave, give is a report on the food in the cafeteria there. It's supposed to be pretty spiffy.

lollyk- Because he isn't in Southern California, he's in Northern California (you know, the other part?), where it my be sunny but it isn't exactly warm. Ask someone about that Mark Twain quote the next time you're around here.

And by 'here', I meant the Bay Area, not the blog. Although that would be fine too.

Dave, you have a very nice smile. Do you know that? I had to grin just looking at that picture.

The last time I was in California, September 2003, it was so cold I had to put my underwear on with the ice tongs from the motel ice bucket. I got a big round of applause at noon in downtown Moro Bay when I was able to break a puppy loose from a fire hydrant.

What a surprise to see that His Daveness is quietly sneaking around, less than a mile from my office!


I see your Google and raise you an eBay!



Now if that sign were in Florida, it would be hanging from a palm tree.

Fed, you little quacker, *snork*

It may have long sleeves, but note that it is BLUE.

Stupendous Man, we know you're (not your) stretching the truth. There is no downtown in Morro Bay.

Dave, if you're out here on the left coast, you really ought to head north-east until you get to Lodi, the home of terror suspects and the place where Creedence Clearwater Revival got stuck. Then you, too, can be inspired lyrically.

layla -- CCR only got stuck in lodi. they began at portola jr. high school in el cerrito -- just north of berkeley, and in view of the bay. much more scenic!

although, if dave tries to go to portola [middle] school now, he'll find out the entire area is tied up, because "they" decided to tear up the sidewalk and make the already impossible intersection even worse, on all 4 corners, just as school is starting. [the "stuck" part fits, but it makes for a bad song...] [it would make a good crap cam photo, though.]

"doo doo doo, lookin' out my back door!"

Dave, you should pop over to Vegas and do some standup at the Improv....me and the Mr are going to be there next week and I would gladly throw some underwear at you!!! (granted it would be Mr Swooshies, but hey, I've got to get rid of them SOMEHOW)

Ya know, "Creedence Clearwater Revival" WBAGNFARB.

I just saw you perform here -- man, I knew you were funny, but I had no idea you were that funny!! =) Hope things worked out with your proofreader.

Y.B. - Yes, that would be a great NFARB, and here's an idea I have for an
album conver!

I just hope though, that if this plan works out and we make a ton of $$$$ that the lead singer doesn't get pissed off and leave the group!

I hate it when that happens!

**ka-pwwiinnggss!! in while putting his Truth Stretcher away**

bbescuela, I resent your allegation, and I resent the alligator. There is a downtown Moro Bay. You just can't see it 'cause of all the fog.

Dave looks VERY happy. Did his Google stock just split?

Probably.... If I had a stock that split, it would be because my broker ran off with the money to Brazil or something!!

EB Dave. Lucky B*%(^$#d.

Actually, he could get even richer if he'd just sell his "Youth Serum" to old ladies like ME...

anon y mom, Layla said 'stuck'

Hey, I recently installed Google Earth and one of the "sightseeing" spots is Google University. Very spiffy.

My mother lives in Gulfport. I live in SoCalif. I haven't heard from my mother in over 24 hours, which may not seem like a long time, but under the circumstances is a lifetime. She did not evacuate. Her house is(was?) only less than a mile from USHwy90. The Red Cross says to wait, that waiting is all I can do. I can't wait, she's my mother. I haven't had time to read your entire blog, and while I'm sure it isn't a missing persons forum, I am desperate.

To Christina Hope

Don't worry your mom will be just fine. I don't know if you believe in God, but I pray to Him everyday. I pray to Him to keep your mom sound and safe and to let you know of her wellbeing soon.

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